Robin and Marian didn't have much time to breath as the Arab man, furious at his warrior's defeat ordered his other soldiers to kill them all.

The women hesitated. Inside their minds, which had been drugged into obedience so many times, something was stirring.

Marian fighting the potion had given them hope – they could do it too. As the battle of wills and brew's took place in their heads, the women remained still.

Marian quickly stood. She and Robin had been watching the man as he barked orders at his girl. She knew what she had to do.

'Yelah! Bahá'í' She called in Arabic 'Forward! Evil devil!'. Marian let out the shrill cry of Saracen warriors and urged her the women onwards.

Encouraged by her words, the girls leapt forward onto their master, punching and kicking and laughing. This man had taken them from their home, forced them to kill. Now was their turn.

After untying the gang, and watching the girls beat up their master for a while, everyone felt they should have to pull them off before they actually killed him.

Suddenly the Saracens stopped their brawl and stood back. The man was begging, pleading his innocence, but everyone knew better. This man was evil.

Amani stepped forward and gave him a final punch to knock him out. The gang let out a cheer – they had won.


The Saracen group had let a few minutes ago after thanking Marian relentlessly for their help. They were finally free.

Robin had offered them a spot in the gang, as they were such brilliant fighters, but they refused. They wanted to get back to their own country and families. Marian knew it was also because they had never wanted to be killers or fighters in the first place.

The gang had returned the sleeping Gisborne and Vaisley to the castle and were sitting around the fire in the cool evening of the forest.

'You really kicked Robins but!' joked Alan.

'I've never seen anyone do that before' Will joined in.

'I have' Much smiled. 'When they were kids, Marian used to beat him up all the time!' The outlaws all laughed.

'That was just for fun' Marian explained modestly, sitting on Robins lap.

'Oh?' Robin asked raising his eyebrows. 'What about when I told you I was going to war? You kicked me out of your house and beat me in front of all of Knighton!' This caused an even greater uproar from the gang.

'Careful Robin' John joined in, 'You don't want to get Marian mad, she might do it again!'

'I don't think my body could handle it twice in one day' Robin said once they'd all calmed down.

'Oww poor thing!' Marian cooed. But feeling bad about what she'd done to him while under drugs, she bent down and kissed him. The gang let out whistles and sighs, teasing.

'All right you lot' Robin reluctantly broke from the kiss. 'I best get Marian home, and you children should go to bed'.


After saying goodbye to everyone, Robin and Marian begun their walk back to Knighton. They had used her horse to transport the Sherriff back to the castle and the creature was too tired to go to Knighton. They walked in the moonlight, hand in hand, talking about the day.

When they reached Knighton, Marian wished him goodbye and walked up to her room. She had hoped to stay the night with them in the woods, but her father would be worried. She went and checked on him, he was sleeping so she turned and went to her room.

Upon entering she saw Robin standing in the middle of the room.

'What took you so long?' he asked. She ran into his arms and kissed him passionately, despite it only being about two minutes since they last kissed.

'I missed you' she smiled and went to kiss him again but robin leaned back a little. 'What?'

'I all most lost you today' he said, placing his hand on her cheek and admiring her. 'I was scared'.

Marian couldn't believe her ears - Robin never said such things. A tear trickled down her cheek. Robin wiped it away with his finger – she was so beautiful. His hands went down to her necklace. If it wasn't for this, Marian could have killed him or vice versa.

'Thanks for not killing me' he said.

'Same here' she replied. Feeling the longing between the two of them, Marian knew they should part before they did something they'd both regret. She pulled from his arms.

Robin watched her as she went to her desk and oped the draws. Marian would never let him stay and it was probably for the best. She pulled out a letter with the Sherriff's seal.

'The err… Nightwatchman found this in Locksley' she smiled.

Robin took the letter and read it.

'It seems a good deal of money will be travelling through Nessleton tomorrow…' She hinted.

'Sounds like fun' Robin grinned. 'Will the Nightwatchman be joining us?'

'Always' she answered.

They met once more in a passionate embrace that led into a hug.

Pulling away after some minutes, Robin climbed out the window and out onto the front garden. He looked back up at Marian who was still watching him. With the promise of tomorrow still fresh in his mind, Robin found the will power to return to the woods.

'Until then my Perfect Rose' he whispered before disappearing from site.

To Be Continued…