Neji's Dictionary

Disclaimer:I do not own Neji or the dictionary idea. The dictionary was thought of by puRpLebLuSh017, who wrote Sasuke's Dictionary. I got a PM that said I could use the idea. So enjoy my 11th story!

Tenten was wandering around the Hyuga house out of boredom. She decided to do something that no one had done before if they cherished their life… Enter Neji's room! Dun dun dun!

"Well, I'm in." thought Tenten. She found a book that stood out in his bookshelf. On the cover, it read, "Neji's book. Do not open. I'm watching you." It had 2 Byakugan eyes on the cover too.

That just got Tenten even more curious. "All right, Neji won't find out." Said Tenten.

When she opened it, the first page had names and places in a dictionary style.

These were the contents.

Konoha: This is where I live, baby! Yeah!

Naruto: A stupid, blonde haired idiot that says his lame catchphrase way too much.

Sasuke: A stupid emo tratair who is emo and a tratair.

Sakura: Whiney little baby that has a large forehead and likes the tratair.

Cookie: These are yummy! (I stole one from Gaara the other day.)

Byakugan: My bloodline trait. Therefore it is cool.It can see through clothes! Come here Tenten!

Tenten: HOT!!!

Lee: Little baby with weird shaped hair and he can't beat me in a fight. Ever. He sleeps with a blankie.

That's where it ended.

Tenten closed the book and put it back. She stood there for a few seconds and turned around. She opened her eyes and was face-to-face with Neji. "Ahh!" yelled Tenten. "Tenten, what are you doing?" asked Neji. "Um…er… I was uh…" Tenten didn't finish her sentence as a pair of lips came crashing down on hers. "The next time you want in my room, just ask." said Neji as he walked away.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed it. Review please, or no COOKIES for you!!! Remeber, the Dictionary was not my original idea, it was puRpLebLuSH017's.