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I thought I'd try and see what they'd all be like as humans, living in Seattle, not sure how its going to go yet…good hopefully! Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Alice POV.

I had already been up for the last half an hour or so, picking out what I was going to wear to work that day. I would have usually decided the night before, but Rosalie and Bella had voted for a DVD night with a few bottles of wine, so my forward planning had been put on hold.

It was getting close to 7.45am already and Bella and Rosalie had yet surfaced. I wracked my brains thinking of a way to wake them up. I had already done the saucepan banging charade a few weeks ago. That hadn't gone down too well, I smiled at the memory of Bella, sprawled on her bedroom floor having fallen out of bed and Rosalie emerging wielding a baseball bat still half asleep. She looked livid and ready to do some serious damage. I wouldn't be doing that again in a hurry!

I finally came up with a new way to wake them, like it or not, they would be out of bed by the time I finished with them. I put on my best cheesy voice and bellowed,

"Good Morning everybody, this is Seattle radio, coming to you, on this fine October the 17th morning! A quick shout out to Bella and Rosalie from Alice- GET THE HELL OUT OF BED!!! And now a lively little tune by Chiodos 'Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork?'" I finished with a fake questioning voice. Living with those two could be so much fun! I thought to myself.

I could hear some shameless grumbling coming Rosalie's bedroom by my unusual wake up call. Maybe I should get a swear jar for Christmas? I thought as the grumbling persisted.

"Nobody likes Wednesday's Rosalie!" I hollered at her door, shaking my head as I made my way to my room to get dressed. As I passed Bella's room I heard a very distinctive thud. I winced at the sound, mentally picturing her falling out of bed, or walking into her bathroom door…both had been done before countless times.

Ten minutes later, showered and dressed, we all sat in the living room watching the news and eating breakfast. Right on cue the post arrived at its usual time so I got up and picked up the envelopes while chanting mainly to myself, "Bills, bills, bills, and one letter for Rosalie" My sentence finished on a downer when I mentioned the letter.

I handed her the note and registered the look of doom on both of their faces. I guessed that I had the same look on mine too. As Rosalie tore open the letter I thought back to the two that Bella and I had received on Monday and Yesterday.

We silently watched as Rosalie slipped her letter out of the envelope and opened it. Before our eyes was the third letter, matching the ones that Bella and I had already.

Rosalie silently handed it to Bella to take a look at and walked over to the phone. She dialled in a sequence of numbers and I watched her as she twirled her finger around the phone cord nervously. Someone on the other end picked up and I saw the look of relief on Rosalie's face as she talked. "Hi Jasper….that's what I wanted to talk to you about, we're fine, but could you come and help us with that problem I told you about a few weeks ago?...Yeah, well…its getting worse……so we'll see you soon then?...Ok bye, thank you!"

"Why did you call Jasper?" Bella asked curiously while discarding the letter and clearing up our abandoned breakfast dishes. It suddenly dawned on me "Jasper's been working as some sort of bodyguard or something with Edward at some club hasn't he?"

"Yes, he said that he'd sort something and try and make it here by the weekend. I'm fed up of all the calls and now the post!" Rosalie answered while she tied up her hair in front of a mirror. "It's just creepy; they know our full names and our parents' names. Who ever is doing this, isn't messing with my family!"

I watched Bella as she went around looking for her missing shoe while she said "True, at least we'll get to see Jasper again, I can't remember when we saw him last! Do you guys?"

I pointed out Bella's missing shoe which was hidden underneath a cushion while Rosalie answered, "We saw him when it was our birthdays back in June remember? Carlisle and Esme always have to have their little twins together for their birthday!" she ended waving her arms around in mock excitement with a goofy smile on her face.

"Well I think it's cute!" I laughed and headed towards the door, ready to leave for work. Bella and Rosalie soon followed me and we all took off in different directions to work.

Rosalie POV.

That night as I locked up, I wandered what Jasper would really be able to do to help? I soon gave up on that thought as I decided that it would just be nice to see him and get to spend some time with him to catch up. I realised that I missed my twin brother.

I turned, as usual, to wave at Old Man Jack before I headed home. Good Old Man Jack, always saying 'hi' in the morning and waving me goodbye at night! I thought as I saw him sitting across the road on his bench smoking a cigarette waving back at me.

I got into the house and headed for the shower. I heard Alice and Bella get in while I was getting dressed. When I made it into the living room, I found the two of them sprawled over the floor going through some photo albums. I joined them on the floor and realised that they were looking back over some old pictures of when we were kids.

After an hour or two off laughing and joking, the phone rang. Bella got up to answer it while Alice and I put away the photo albums. Even with our backs turned to her, we both knew that the thud behind us wasn't good. We both turned to see Bella ashen faced frozen with her hand still near her head where the phone was, before she dropped it.

I quickly ran over and hauled Bella to one of the sofas while Alice took the phone and put it back in its cradle. "Was it 'him' again Bella?" I asked anxiously. I watched her as she nodded her head and whispered out, "He said…..that he saw that we all made it home safely and that he liked the colour of your overalls today Rosalie."

I registered the look of horror in her eyes and said back to her firmly "Bella, don't panic, this weirdo didn't say what colour they were, he didn't see me and he just knows that we're usually home by now, look its 7pm already."

I rubbed her back as I text Jasper at the same time while Alice did what she did best when uncomfortable, she got busy and started setting up the TV for another DVD night with popcorn and take away pizza. I read back over the message and sent it.

Hey Bro, can you get here by the weekend? Had another scary phone call like I told you about before. Really shook Bella up. Let me know ASAP. Love you xRx

Within minutes I felt my cell vibrate on the sofa's arm and read over Jaspers reply.

Sure thing sis, be there Saturday, Sunday at the latest. Sorry can't make it there sooner. I'm bringing the cavalry with me-that's got to be a plus right?!?! Let Alice know that her big bro's on his way!

Love you too Rosie xJx

I read out the message to Bella and Alice and sent another quick reply thanking him.

Once we had all settled down I decided to get Alice exited in some girl talk, it never failed. "So, Jasper said that he's bringing the cavalry….you know what that means!! You get too see your big brother too!" I said sounding optimistic. Alice quickly took my bait and flew in, "Does that mean that he's bringing Edward and Emmett!"

I saw Bella nod looking uninterested, while Alice practically bounced on the sofa. I watched wearily as Alice turned her attention to me with a mischievous smile on her face. Damn, what's she going to do now!? Why'd I start with the girl talk? I asked myself.

Alice began "Aren't you interested in Emmett, Rosalie? Every time you see him, you can't stop talking about him for days after!" Ohhh it's like that is it? Try to make me blush…now it's personal!

"And what about you Alice? I only have to mention Jaspers name and I have your undivided attention!" I shot back, pleased with myself as I watched her squirm. "I'd have thought that years of living with him would have cushed your...crush for him!" I began to laugh as a slight blush came to Alice's cheeks.

Before Alice could retort, Bella held up her hands and said "Stop it you two, the both of you have enough ammo to use on each other so that this argument lasts until the weekend, but I for one don't want days of arguing…so shut it. I thought sisters were supposed to be nice to each other anyway?"

I nodded in agreement and I commend "Wow well said Bella, being impassive, how very Switzerland of you!" (Had to put that in!!) "But to answer your question, no, Alice and I don't have to be nice to each other 'cause we are adopted sisters, it doesn't apply!"

Seconds later, the door bell rang signalling the pizza boy's arrival. I got up and opened the door. I smiled when I saw Tyler in his cute uniform holding out our pizza. "Hey there favourite pizza boy!" I said brightly "Come on in!"

I shut the door behind him while I went to get some money. He went over and stood next to the sofa's chatting to Bella and Alice about how their day had been, and some other mumbo jumbo. I found some money in the kitchen in our take-away fund and handed him some cash and a tip while we all thanked him. He let himself out while the three of us snuggled together in front of the TV.

While the opening credits ran I wondered aloud "You'd think that Tyler could get a better job than working as a pizza delivery boy. He got good grades back in school didn't he?"

I looked over at Bella who was trying to manoeuvre a hot piece of pizza into her mouth, without dropping it onto her lap while she said "Yeah he had a class or two with me, he did ok. But I'm not complaining, he's a good delivery boy!"

Alice's laughter filled the room as she declared, "He's a good little delivery boy for us, because he's known us all our lives silly! It's called favouritism!"

The film soon started and the house phone only rang four times by the time we decided that we were ready for bed. Neither of us answered the phone, we had caller ID on it, so that you could see the caller's number. A worth while investment, saving us from having to answer the phone each time and listening to that creep churn out more crap.

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