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Bella POV

"Bella, you have mail!" Stupid, annoying, receptionist…why couldn't she have called me before I started walking up the steps!? It's probably just another Christmas card! I ranted in my mind as I beckoned Edward to go and open up before me.

"Thanks" I took the letter and opened it. Euchhh staff party! Guests welcome…I read as I slowly made my way up the steps. That's it then…if I have to go, then Edward is as well…and Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose…I wonder if they'll have a free bar the same as year!? I thought back to last year's drab party as I got to the top of the steps.

"Hey Edward! P-A-R-T-Y time's coming-" my shout was cut of by a blood curling cry and thud. I ran as fast as I could to Edward who was sprawled on the floor next to the desk. "Edward! Are you all right…what happened!?" my voice broke at the last word as I reached him.

I stroked his hair back from his face before raining panicked kisses over his face. "Maybe I should shock myself more often?" He answered my question groggily while he tried to sit himself up.

"Wow…should you be getting up? Do you need an ambulance?" I questioned him as he pushed against my hand that was trying to hold him down.

He looked at me, and then shook his head. Pulling me into a hug he whispered, "Bella…stop worrying, I'm fine, I jumped back before I got properly hit by the electric." From not hearing a response from me he added, "I'm fine, I promise."

"Do you think that was the last attempt?" I asked nervously as the both of us got off the hard floor, to the chairs.

I looked at Edward, who simply looked at me with a confused look on his face. "Last…? You mean the stalker!?" I nodded in conformation. "Bella…" he continued nervously, "that might not have been his doing…it could have just been some faulty wiring…"

I nodded in agreement at the fact that I had been denying. It made sense, that it could have been a coincidence. "I'll ask Mike to check all the other computer's wiring, be back in a few." I offered, giving him another kiss as I got up.

I made my way down stairs to the computer room where I could usually find Mike, tinkering with some computer chips or something. "Mike?" I called out to the seemingly empty room.

"Hey Bella…what brings you here?" I picked up the confused, yet surprised tone in his voice.

I headed towards him as I answered, "I was wondering if you could check all of the computers?" at the confused look on his face I continued, "it's just…Edward got an electric shock a few minutes ago when he turned the computer on…" I couldn't help but notice the funny look that crossed his face as I spoke.

"Sure I'll check them…maybe the earth wire got loose or something?" he replied as he turned back to the computer that he was working on. I turned to leave when Mike asked eagerly, "Are you going to the staff party tomorrow night?"

I gave him a small smile before I said, "Yeah probably…I'll see you around anyway…I need to get back to Edward." I turned and headed back up to Edward, stopping at the coffee machine on the way.

The rest of the day went by pretty uneventfully, seeing that Edward and I had to shut up our department after the computer 'malfunction'. The rest of our morning then consisted of Edward going over the incident in agonising detail with Julie in the hotel while I sat in our room waiting for him as I watched TV.

"Jeez Louise, she really know how to drag information out of you." Edward collapsed on the sofa, resting his head on my lap, looking tired. I handed him the party invite that I had been slowly tearing inch by inch in my boredom. "Cool! Free bar!" Edward half shouted as he pointed out the small print at the bottom of the invite.

"I guess we could drag Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose along with us, make a night of it?" I offered as I twirled my fingers in his silky hair.

Turning his head to look up at me, Edward questioned in an astonished voice, "Drag? No, no, no…" he trailed off laughing before he continued, "With a free bar, you won't have to drag Emmett or Jasper anywhere…they'll come gladly!"

I laughed as I remembered the state that Emmett got into when Jacob visited. I sunk down in my seat a little, getting comfy as I started flipping through the channels. I set a plump cushion on my lap which Edward gladly settled his head back down onto, this time facing away from the TV, towards me. As he wrapped his arms around my torso, I slipped my fingers into his hair once again, which emitted a satisfied sigh from Edwards lips.


"Nope…lalalalalala…I'm not listening" Emmett's voice woke me up as they all made their way into our room.

"Emmett…all I'm saying is that Mystique is a pretty cool X-Men character…that's it!" Rosalie's annoyed voice grew louder as she drew closer. "Ohhh hey shut up, Eddies sleeping!" Rosalie's command was followed by a few shushing sounds.

"It's Edward…not Eddie Rose." Edward grumbled against my stomach before he burrowed closer to me, holding on tightly.

"Sorry…my mistake…that you caught me!" she laughed at her correction while nudging Edwards legs over to sit down.

"What happened this time? You two don't look injured at all." Jasper queried as he gently eased himself down to another sofa, careful to avoid hitting his healing, yet sensitive back.

Edward showed sign of life once more as he mumbled, "Looks can be deceiving." I rubbed a hand over his back while I went over the morning's events.

"That's it then…game over?" Alice asked with a hopeful tone in her voice. Neither of us said anything, but she understood. This probably wasn't the end.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, I chucked the party invite into the middle of the room for them all to read in turn. "Free bar…I'm there!" Emmett called out excitedly as he went to pass it to Jasper.

"I don't need to read it…free bar, enough said!" Jasper laughed as he bypassed the invite, giving it to Alice.

Looking around at all of us Alice asked, referring to Julie, "Will Cruella De Vil let us go?"

"I'll just invite her along too" I joked. Actually…that's not a bad idea...I decided as I thought it over.


Next night

"Can I fake a seizure or something…this is sooo lame without the guys! Rosalie begged me as the speech dragged on. Alice meanwhile was being creative in her hour of boredom. She was making animals out of the bits of foil which covered the complementary sweets.

"No you can't fake a seizure…and I miss the guys too" I answered Rose glumly, before turning to Alice, "How's the farm going?" I asked as I motioned to the little animal figures.

"Not bad…I've got a chicken, a horse, a pig, a lamb and a lion" she answered me as she pointed to each of them in turn looking very pleased with herself.

I recited her list in my mind, confused before I dared to ask, "Alice…how can you have a farm…which has a lion in with a lamb?"

"Simple" she stated, smiling at me as if I was the simple one, "Its my farm, I can have any animals I want…plus…it was supposed to be a cat…but it ended up being bigger than the pig…so…" she trailed off after her random explanation, to start on her next animal…Probably a unicorn or a sloth…I mocked while silently regretted not having snatched a few of the foil wrappers for myself.

After a good ten minutes, and a crick in the neck from staring at the ceiling, people began to clap. I had been wondering how the guys night was going? We had found out this morning that we could move back into our house, so they decided to prepare it while we all went to my staff party. Lucky beggars…

Rosalie, Alice and I joined in half heartedly, we clapped in relief that it had finished more than anything, before we not so gracefully slipped to the bar for a much needed alcohol fix.

I held back my groan of frustration at the tap on my shoulder. I knew who it would be. Mike. "Mike…what's up…" my sentence turned to real curious sincerity as I took in the worried look in his face.

"I don't know how to say this…you guys better come with me to that corner over there." He pointed to a quieter, empty corner near the exit door. The three of us followed, genuinely nervous as to what he had to say.

We stood in a sort of circle while Mike explained, "I just got a call from Tyler…'cause you know…he works opposite your garage" he nodded to Rosalie and continued, "Anyway…he called me to tell me that he saw some kids in hoodies break into your garage a few minutes ago…" he finished looking scared.

"Let's go…I want to check out the damage!" Rosalie hissed at us as she grabbed hold of to mine and Alice's hand.

"Do you have your keys? It's just…Tyler said that the kids broke a window and got through a small hole…it might be better to use a door…just in case you cant fit…or get cut or something" he offered logically.

Still marching on, us trailing behind, Rosalie called out over her shoulder, "Got my keys, lets go!"

As we jogged, getting closer to the garage Alice asked nervously, "Do you think that we should call Julie…or the guys?"

I thought it over before I answered, "Nahh their having a good night…and we'll call Julie later if she's needed." I turned to Mike who was wheezing beside us, "Are the kids still in there?"

He just managed to answer, "No…they left…a few minutes…after getting…in" I felt sorry for him being so out of breath, but we needed to get to the garage. I held back my laugh as Mike trailed back a few short feet after having over exerted himself with jogging and talking. Having thought about it, I decided to send Edward a quick text, knowing that he'd rather we let them know what was going on,

Hey love, on our way to Rose's, been a break in, Mike and Tyler with us, left Cruella at party. Love to you all from RxAxB xxx

"Tyler! Hi…where's the broken window?" Alice asked as we got to the front of the garage where Tyler was waiting for us, pacing back and forth like a caged animal.

"Around the side…there's glass everywhere…" he answered as he stepped towards the main door of the garage.

"Those little…" Rosalie's words were drowned out by the sound of her opening the big heavy door. We all stepped inside and walked around while Rosalie turned on the lights. I noticed Mike closing the door as I took a walk around the garage, reading Edward's reply,

Be there ASAP, you should have waited for us! be safe, love you so much it hurts, EmxJxEd xxxxxxxxxxx 3xxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Hey Ty…I can't see a broken window…" Rosalie's voice trailed off as she walked back towards them. Just what I was thinking…I said to myself as Alice and I both drew up to Mike and Tyler at the door.

The three of us took a step back as we caught the funny look that Tyler threw Mike just before the both of them drew out a sharp, gleaming knife each. "Phones now, and keep quiet!" Mike ordered with a menacing look in his eyes.

"What the hell! Put those away guys! Why would you…" Rose chocked on her words as she looked at them disbelievingly. "You!?" she half screamed as Tyler lurched forward to grab her phone.

We all heard the 'swish' sound of a blade just before Rosalie's curling scream. Her phone clanked to the floor as she grabbed hold of her right arm. Blood gushed from the top of her forearm, sickeningly dripping to the concrete floor. Needless to say, Alice and I silently handed our phones over.

"Don't mess with us…if you just do what we say…we'll kill you that little less painfully!" Tyler growled the last part as both he and Mike shoved the three of us to the far corner next to the sink.

Rosalie snatched the tea towel from the hook before sitting down. I tried my best to breathe evenly as the rusty smell from the blood ambushed my senses. I crouched down with my head between my legs while Alice, holding back her sobs, tried her best to help Rosalie with the bleeding.

"Why…why us?" I asked, as I looked up at the both of them who were stood a little distance away, looking completely unstable.

"Why?!" Mike began, but abruptly stopped to laugh. "It's you because you always rejected me…I just wanted you to be my girlfriend…I was always nice to you, but ohhh no…I was never good enough for you was I!" he spat at me as he crouched down in front of me, wielding his knife in a dangerous manner.

I pushed myself back against the wall best I could as Mike started to lean in closer towards me, the knife gleamed between the both of us. "Mike…I'm sorry…I never knew…" I could feel the tears involuntary escaping from my eyes as the knife came ever closer to my face.

"Mike, enough!" Tyler shouted, calling Mike away from me. I felt Alice's hand slip into mine as I wiped my eyes with the back of my other hand. "Then there was you…" I looked up to Tyler, confused as he stared hard down at Rosalie.

"Ohh and what did I ever do to crush your ego?" Her voice rang around the room from the force of her anger. Both Tyler and Mike looked slightly taken aback for a few moments.

I watched as Tyler hardened his face before he snarled, "Don't act all dumb…you know what you did! Always laughing at me behind my back, always ignoring me when I tried to talk to you…you were always so high and mighty!"

"Then why did you even bother little boy?" Rose shouted back with great valour considering that she looked drained and weak from all of her blood loss. "Why don't you fruitcake's just let Alice go, she hasn't apparently done anything to deserve this!"

"Don't answer me back!" Tyler threatened as he stabbed his knife in thin air, threatening her with the fake act. "And Alice does deserve to be here, just as much as you two do!" his face was lined in his angered frown as he shouted back at Rose with just as much force.

"Of course she does, silly me!" Rose laughed back at Tyler as if they were the best of friends. I began to wonder if the blood loss was starting to affect Rosalie's courage, or if she was simply highly pissed off.

I wondered when the lap dog would start talking again, when Mike voiced his anger, "Shut the hell up! Don't laugh at us unless you want another mark on your pretty little face to match the one on your arm!"

Rosalie wisely shut up, but I guessed by the look of her that it was mainly because she was tired from the blood loss more than having been subdued by their threat.

"Dear little Alice is here because she's a stupid, conniving little tease!" Mike growled out while glaring at Alice.

I couldn't hold my tongue any longer, "What the hell! You two are crazy!" I couldn't help but feel even more scared as the two of them laughed together, shaking their heads.

"Actually Bella…there's also Lauren…how else did you think that Mike and I could have slipped those notes to you on Halloween when we were on the other side of the dance floor…clever huhh?" Mike asked as he smiled, he toyed with the knife in his hands at the same time.

"Clever? Twisted more like, you nut jobs!" Alice spoke up for the first time, her voice full of hatred and conviction.

A commotion at the door drew all of our attention. The shadows moved beyond the window for a few moments before they stepped inside.

"YOU?!" Jasper shouted out, fuming as Emmett passed him a hammer. My eyes darted to Edward who looked absolutely seething as he grasped a large heavy looking metal rod. I gave him a weak smile of relief before looking to Emmett. He had rolled his sleeves up, showing his threateningly muscular forearms which tensed as he gripped his choice of weapon, a wrench.

I looked back to Mike and Tyler who both had identical panicked looks on their faces. I began to shift myself slowly towards Edward who was slowly advancing towards us with Emmett and Jasper, until I felt an arm wrap itself tightly around my throat.

I faintly heard screams and shouts of protest as Mike dragged me further away, closer to Tyler, holding the knife close to my throat with one hand, while he held me tightly around the waist with the other.

Jasper quickly threw his hammer down as he spotted Rosalie propped up against the wall, blood stained. He held Alice close to him while he tried desperately to keep Rosalie awake and alert at the same time.

"Let her go Mike…" I picked up the desperate plea in Edwards voice as he tried his best to threaten him.

"No...I don't think I will…" I felt Mike's slimy breath at my ear. I flinched as little as I could as he pressed his lips to my cheek. Edwards's angry growl only seemed to excite Mike as he sickeningly bent his head and slobbered over my neck. I couldn't hold back my whimper as the hand that held me to him around my waist, began to move itself up towards my breasts.

I stood paralyzed, petrified as my mind screamed at me to try and elbow him in the stomach, or stamp on his foot, risking my chance of being cut with the knife.

The tears ran freely as Mike's hand found my breast and started to grope painfully as he cackled in my ear. A commotion behind us thankfully stilled Mike's hand as we turned and watched Tyler roughly push Alice off of him. I gasped as Emmett passed us and pummelled his fist into Tyler's stomach, making him drop the knife and bend over in pain.

I realised that Alice had launched herself at Tyler in order to distract Mike at the same time that I heard a painful sounding 'smack' just before I felt two strong arms wrap around me, pushing Mike's tumbling body away from me.

I clung to Edward the best I could, desperately trying to get closer to him. Thankfully he gabbed hold of my legs, pulling me up to him. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as I cried into his shoulder, while he whispered reassurances into my ear.

As always, the police turned up too late. Both Mike and Tyler were taken away to the hospital due to the fact that the guys had knocked them out with blows to their heads. The police went to the hospital, ready to arest them once they'd come around. Rosalie meanwhile adamantly refused to go to the hospital. She demanded that she have her gash stitched up in the back of the ambulance and be allowed to go home, which she got.

I remained at Edwards's side throughout the whole time, through the police questioning, the paramedic's queries and all. I refused to be separated from him just as much as he refused to have me taken from his sight.

We were thankfully given a ride home by the police. Emmett carried Rosalie up, while Jasper did the same for Alice and Edward for me. "Edward…you can put me down you know…I can walk…" I told him as he started up the stairs. I shut up and snuggled closer when he shook his head at me.

Once inside, Emmett lay Rosalie down on one of the sofa's before he joined her, he stroked her face lovingly, and kissed her adoringly while being careful not to touch her bandaged arm.

Edward sat me on his lap as he lowered himself to sit on the other sofa. I felt exhausted and ready to sleep as Edwards hands ran over my back, holding me securely to him. Alice and Jasper came back in moments later, heavily laden with blankets and pillows. After they handed them out to us all, they both settled down next to Edward and me.

"At least it's all over and done with now" Alice yawned as Jasper pulled her tighter to him, burying his face in her neck. We all mumbled our relieved agreements.

"Does this mean that our services will no longer be required?" Emmett joked before leaning down to consume Rosalie's mouth with his for a few moments.

Once they broke apart, Rosalie answered Emmett, "Actually…seeing as it's the Christmas holidays; you might as well come back home with us and meet my parents."

While Emmett and Rosalie continued down their avenue of conversation, I sat silently, as I relished over the feeling of Edwards lips as he swooped his head down to randomly kiss me, on my nose, head or even in my hair. I turned my head up to him, catching a tender, loving kiss to my lips. "Maybe you could pop over some day to see Charlie and Renee?" I offered.

I watched a delighted smile cross his face before he whispered, "Try and stop me."

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