I wrote this whilst in a rather jolly mood, apposed to my previous posting, For Reasons Unknown, where you can probably tell I was a bit depressed.

It starts off as you narrating in italics. You can be yourself, Rose, Martha, anyone at all. The character is ambiguous. The normal text is the 10th Doctor.

Summary: The Doctor rhymes a banana…

Disclaimer: Quote from Fawlty Towers(God bless you Manuel) "I know nothing! I am from Barcelona!"

The Doctor's Ode to Bananas

Bananas! He cried
Looking up with a grin
Not again, I dared sigh
Scratching my chin.

Obsessions he had
Although not like this
Would he get over it?
That I did wish.

Why do you love them?
I said, chewing my tongue
I wish I hadn't said it,
As the story begun…

Bananas are good
Bananas are great
Set me a trap
I'll take the bait

Descended from apes
Habits lie at the heart
Two in my case
Now that, is the start.

Double the hearts
Double the love
Whoopsee daisy
Banana please guv'!

Time Lord or not
I don't much like fruit
Bananas are best
And that is the truth

I don't like apples
I don't fancy pears
I despise fruit
With all the tiny, little hairs

Bananas are yellow
The colour of fun
With little brown speckles
When they've been out in the sun

A bit like you Doctor
I said with a pout
He frowned at me crossly
And got on with his account

And with a voice like thunder
He began to make a speech
About the true meaning of bananas
And how he wouldn't admit defeat

Deny me a banana
There'll be all hell to pay
I'll destroy the universe
To get my own way

So I exaggerate
I tell a small lie
I wouldn't really go
And rip out the sky

But do you see
Why I love them so
A source of potassium—
Yes, Doctor, we know!

Shush, let me finish
I've another verse to go
Otherwise I'll bore you with a new rhyme
About my big toe!

Alright I agree
I replied with a grin
Bananas aren't bad
Just quit all the din!

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