Chapter 1-Of Dragons and Gods

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Summary: Not long after saving the world from destrcution Ares is on the move only he plans to take revenge against those who defeated him. Allied with another he puts his actions into motion in hopes to create New World Order with humans worshipping him once more. They key to bringing about the chain reaction? An enraged Nightwing and the darkness dragon Rijze. However, there is more going on then even Ares knows as a faction of superheros wants Nightwing locked away for the evil spirit he holds. Will Nightwing be able to fend off both friend and foe when he can;t tell from either one? Or will he be able to see the truth to keep what he has with Blackfire and maybe get more in the process?)

Several months had passed since the defeat of the Four Horsemen, the hooking up that Nightwing had done with Blackfire before, during, and after the incident happened. So far everything had gone back to normal with the Greek God of War Ares on the run after his loss of his Dark Angel. Not surprising since it was at the hands of the combined might of the Justice League, Teen Titans, and various other Superheroes throughout the world that fought him.

While the Superheroes had won the battle, the war was not over since Ares had not been stopped long enough to have him find a safe haven to plan his revenge. Revenge against the Titans, the Justice League, Wonder Woman, and more importantly that boy named Nightwing, who had his body possessed by the Darkness Dragon of the Shadowlands. That boy not only killed his Dark Angel, the fallen angel Asmodeus, but was responsible for defeat the majority of the Four Horsemen.

To defy a God was unthinkable back in the days when mortals prayed and begged for his or others to assist them in battle. At the moment, in his safe haven, Ares thought back to the old world he loved so much and how he hated as to how it changed as the years came to pass. He missed how all these mortal fought during the age of the shield, sword, spear, and arrows fighting in massive numbers against each other.

As Ares looked at them now, he saw how they fought like beasts fighting over a piece of meat on a bone and not in the way they used to when his name actually meant something. While he did like the fact that the bloody carnage was grand in its own defining way it just wasn't by any means as extravagant as it was in the old days with all the dead bodies laying everywhere.

In his haven, Ares sat in his comfy seat drinking his wine watching a roaring fire in front of him smiling as he looked at his new partner in crime in the flame. After his humiliating defeat, Ares searched for someone that had the power could help him fight off the dragon spirit inside Nightwing. It wasn't easy since there weren't many entities out in the world that could contend with the dark fire or much less defeat its incredible power, even if it was weakened by being sealed away in a human vessel. It was then that Ares had an idea and found the ally he had been searching for, who could match Nightwing with fire of his own.

The underworld fire of the Greek God Hades to be more exact.

"I am most fortunate you agreed to this partnership Hades. Normally you are difficult to make deals with unless you reap most of the rewards after victory," said Ares looking into the large circle of fire seeing his fellow kin looking back at him.

"From what you told me this Hero known as 'Nightwing', he seems to be quite an enemy to become a such a thorn in your sides with your plans to bring chaos and death to the world," said Hades sitting almost lazily on his throne.

"Our plan if you work with me on this. You know as well as I do that against the two of us such mortals shall fall before us like they did in the old days when people worshipped us for power," said Ares wanting his fell kin to fight with him in this knowing that only together could this plan work.

"It has been far too long that we Gods of days past have been silent in using our influence for our own pleasure or purposes. These foolish mortals have long forgotten us during the centuries, but soon they will be given the honor of being in our presence once more," said Hades knowing that eventually human kind would eventually out grow their dependence on the Gods they worshipped.

"I agree completely, which is why I came to you since I knew you would be interested in the plan," said Ares, which was true since practically every other God on Olympus was content and didn't care to intervene unless it involved the Amazon Princess.

"When this is over, they will once more build temples and statues in our likeness, giving us sacrifices if we call for it, and fighting in our name if we command them to," said Hades sitting on his throne in the Underworld with his fingers interlaced wanting nothing more then to be free from his prison of death.

"Yes I too would so very much like to rule over these pathetic creatures once again, but the problem lies in how to defeat our enemy? If he were too die, then the others would see that it is useless to fight and would fall one by one until they submitted to our power," said Ares frowning at the remembrance of his Dark Angel falling at the power of the dark dragon.

"I have found that with most heroes both past and present that their weakness lies not in them per say, but rather those...around them," said Hades smiling a devilish smile at Ares knowing the War God would get the hint.

"Ah yes the others. If I recall Nightwing was once part of a hero group called 'The Teen Titans' and like any group of heroes they had enemies. All we need to do is enlist them as our pawns to take the most valuable treasure this dark hero has in his possession," said Ares before taking a sip of his drink remembering what he saw and how the warrior seem very protective of that black haired girl that could fly like an Amazon.

"I don't think I need to tell how we need to be careful in utilizing this plan on account of the mortals 'guest' since the two have no doubt bonded together and have formed a type of mutual respect for the other. Everyday the two interact their spirits are interlocking tightly making them act more as one then two and as such Nightwing will inherit some of the dragons features, instincts, and most of its beliefs. If you take away something from a dragon such as this one, he will come down upon you with the strength that could rival Zeus himself, and I do not want to face such fury," said Hades knowing the rage of this particular dark dragon was not something to joke around with.

Against an infuriated Dark Dragon, even a God could die.

"I'm well aware of that, but I wasn't thinking of having that power aimed at us for what I have planned in terms of infuriating the Dark Dragon and its host body," said Ares with his smile growing more evil as he knew exactly, who to capture and who to pin the blame on when Nightwing learned of his treasure being lost to him.

"Oh? Just how do you plan on aiming this dragon's rage away from us when it comes out from his body along with his dark power? Sooner or later we will be discovered and the plan will be unfolded for all to see, who can see it," said Hades inquiring to the God of Wars unique strategy in the plan to destroy the heroes of the world and pave the path to their control over it.

"By the time Nightwing learns just who really took his prize it will be too late and in the confusion to follow will make those, who can stop us too weak to fight back. It will give us just enough time to kill them all before they realize that we help orchestrate the events that will lead to their doom. Then the plan will really get exciting," said Ares knowing that once Hades exited Tartarus wit his army of demons and undead to assist him it would be the beginning of the end.

"Just remember Ares that when this is over, my daughter is mine to deal with as I see fit, just like her Mother after you free me from this place," said Hades not wanting anything to happen to his love and the daughter they made together.

"Of course Hades. When this is over I will rule one half of the world while you rule the other half with your lover, and 'reeducated' daughter by your side," said Ares before the fire turned to normal and he set out to put his plans into motion.

(Los Angeles-Late at Night)

Richard Grayson A.K.A Nightwing in the Superhero world slowly sat up in the bed he was in so he wouldn't wake up a very content and tired Blackfire. They had been like this for several months now ever since Ares was defeated and Nightwing had returned to LA with the former Empress of Tamaran. Upon returning to her large Penthouse home they quickly engaged in lust and love filled intimacy that the two had set off in each other and were enjoying every minute of it.

However, like all heroes both normal and super, his duty called, and he was off to save the day when criminals decided to be bad. Blackfire of course knew this given his current profession and she was happy that despite his job as a crime fighter, that her man made sure they had plenty of time together before he went out on patrols. It showed her that he really cared about the relationship they were in to balance his personal and professional life.

The fact she got Nightwing over Raven and Starfire was also an added bonus since both women wanted her man as well on account of their past history with him.

Now that same man was getting dressed silently as he had done before in the past, kissed his lover on the forehead making her moan at the contact, and headed towards the large balcony window for him to leap off of. His uniform was still black, with the giant silver colored bird like symbol on his chest, which Blackfire adored when she traced her fingers on it, and his sword given to by the fallen angel Zauriel. Nightwing wanted to give the sword back to the angel, but the holy creature refused saying that even if he could take it, the taint around it from its transformation in the Shadowlands would prevent him from ever taking it back to Heaven with him to face God's Judgment, and should it be merciful to return to the Almighty's side once more.

'Thinking about the past for too long isn't healthy. Your former mentor should try to learn from that as should you,' said Rijze as his power pulsed out in Nightwing's right arm snapping the young warrior out of his thought in regards to the near end of the world.

'Sorry. I just feel the need to recently. As if something from the past is reappearing and my mind is trying to warn me of the potential danger lurking beyond my eyes,' thought Nightwing feeling the cold air of the night on his face cooling his body.

'Perhaps your eyes cannot see the darkness clearly, but mine are a different story due to being born from the darkness. However, because I am locked away in you, my sight is not as perfect as it once was when I had my original draconic body, and the images I see are not entirely clear,' said Rijze focusing on his power of foresight within his host bodies arm.

'What do you see?' thought Nightwing tensing when the darkness dragon let a rumble of uncertainty.

'Death, rage, and betrayal. Each one connected to someone or something leading up to one or two individuals, though I cannot identify the source, and I am tired as it is from looking so deep,' said Rijze growling as the spirit tried to stay awake knowing it a great deal of concentration, focus, and power to see deep into the future.

'It seems like something big is coming so I'll keep myself on my toes in case something happens during my patrols or during my 'normal' life for any unnatural activity,' thought Nightwing making a mental note to contact Raven back in Jump City and Dr. Fate in the Justice League to keep their eyes peeled for any spectral activity.

The thought of speaking to Raven or Starfire again made him pause, as he put his black combat boot on the balcony rail just as he was about to leap off, and wondered how his friends were all doing without him. He had thought about contacting them several times after his move to LA, but every time he tired he hesitated, and through his hesitation Nightwing put the opportunity away for another day. It was by no means easy detaching himself from them a second time just as it had been the first, and the thought of simply reattaching himself so soon only to possibly detach himself later a third time might be too much for his heart to take.

'Still thinking of the red head flyer and the half-demon sorceress? This is interesting even for you,' said Rijze sensing the thoughts of Nightwing and his friends in the Titans.

'What do you mean?' thought Nightwing finally leaping off the railing and onto the city below to do his patrols.

'Don't you remember what I told you about desires my boy? Everyone has them and just because you have sated one desire does not mean others won't come to take its place,' said Rijze wheezing out a laugh knowing that his vessel was sporting a decent sized blush.

'Desire? But I thought I love Blackfire? Wait what am I saying? Of course I love her! I mean what's not to love? Blackfire had always been there when I need her by my side, she's caring when it counts, and she doesn't sugar coat reality by getting right to the point of matters. Not to mention she has a beyond gorgeous body that I or anyone else couldn't resist and I know that from experience,' thought Nightwing smirking at the last part in his mind wondering if his love thought about him like that when he wasn't around.

'Ah of course, 'love' being the word of choice these days to describe such feelings you mortals have for each other when its not the lust. You are a lot like me then you know my boy, even before you knew of my existence in your body, and the fact remains that you hold certain characteristics that all dragons have. You have pride in your abilities that when contradicted make you enraged, you are possessive like a dragon when it comes to things or people you treasure the most, you possess a lot of rage for all your enemies knowing that they deserve to be punished for their crimes, and like most of us dragons I sense you possess a form of grace that makes you considered a 'high flyer' among us. This means you can take to the sky easily if you could fly and be at peace there as if it were a second home to you,' said Rijze, as he found it amusing that Merlin would put him in a body with a soul that he could get along so well with since he did not believe the old wizard had anticipated such a thing happening.

'That still doesn't explain how I feel right now in terms of Raven and Starfire. I thought I made what I felt clear months ago when all three women were fighting over me?' thought Nightwing frowning slightly, as he leaped over a roof top of an apartment complex, as he looked around for trouble.

He soon found it in terms of a woman screaming for help ending the conversation for the moment.

"Come on lady we don't mean anything bad by what were asking. Our friend needs a kidney soon or he'll die so all I ask is that you at least lend us one of your now to save him," said a thug with his group of 7 men drawing a knife on the young woman, who backed away from them into a wall.

"Leave me alone! I don't deserve this please stop," said the woman wondering what she had done to be attacked today of all days.

"Sorry lady, but its majority rules here and right now were the majority," said the Thug Leader moving in for the kill while his men came closer smiling knowing that this kidney would get them a lot of cash on the black market.

There smiles left when a black and navy blue object hit the Thug Leader's hand holding the knife freeing the weapon from its holder.

"What he hell?" said the Thug Leader grabbing his sore hand knowing it was now slowly starting to swell.

"The minority now has a much bigger position for protesting gentlemen so I suggest you give up now or I'll send you either to jail or the Hospital. Choose," said Nightwing from his position above them on the roof looking down on them with his bo staff in hand and jumped down kicking the leader in mid-air with a swift spin kick knocking the man onto the ground making him lose a few teeth.

"Get the bastard!" said the Thug Leader spitting out some blood before getting up to attack Nightwing.

'You can't dodge this problem forever by fighting these fools all the time since there are worse criminals out there then organ stealers,' said Rijze deciding to once more talk to his vessel about the man's or rather their personal life.

'I still don't know what to do or why I feel this way for them. You didn't exactly answer the question either,' thought Nightwing while landing an uppercut to one criminal and threw another into a nearby brick wall using the majority of his bo staff.

'You feel this way because the more we bond the more your hunger for certain things grows and because of this feeling, it created a desire for more. You want more of things then what you already have, or in this case more people in your life then you already have, and of the female variety at that,' said Rijze, as Nightwing kneed one of the men in the gut before performing a spinning vertical axe kick sending the man's skull into the pavement hard.

'That's absurd Rijze! I could never feel that way about Starfire or Raven now that I have Blackfire in my life,' thought Nightwing finishing the last two thugs with a single bo spin strike to both their skulls sending them flying with a concussion per head.

'I find it very hard to believe that you don't feel something for those two women, who were originally in love with you before Blackfire was. As I recall you regretted never telling the one named Starfire how you felt before I came along, as for the half-demon daughter of Trigon, she has always been bonded to you through your link with her, and is a kindred spirit to the dark path that we walk. Not only that, but between you and me her demon side she keeps locked away also finds you quite attractive in terms of when it comes to mating,' thought Rijze smiling his draconic smile in his vessels right arm.

'That just proves she lust for me not loves me,' thought Nightwing before turning to the frightened woman, who was grateful for her saviors interference in what fate originally had in store for her.

'That is true to an extent, but her demon side has more in her heart for you then just the part that lusts to be with you every single night. When a demon wants to mate with you it is considered another form of loving as it binds the two 'lovers' together in way that is just like what you humans call marriage only with demons its more...impacting. Not only that, but her human side also cares for you in the same manner ever since her Father's control over her was broken and she could express herself without fear of the possibility of destroying things around her. Remember she was the only Titan that was willing to trust and support you after the others were afraid to even be near you for a minute after learning of my existence residing in your arm. You may try to hide it, but its there and its not going away anytime soon no matter how much you want it to right now since your with Blackfire,' said Rijze, as Nightwing accepted the woman's thanks before taking off to fight crime elsewhere in the various places of LA.

'What do I tell Blackfire? If I say anything she'll feel heartbroken and if I don't she feel I don't trust her at all thus making things worse for me since she may leak out, who I am under the mask. What do you think I should do? What would a dragon like yourself do in my position?' thought Nightwing wondering how the great dragon inside of him would handle such problems.

'You're asking as if I would know. Today's times involving the courting of women are much different from the days I knew, where you saw a woman you wanted, you would take her, and she would accept it without question. Alas those days are no more. Such a pity. As for what I would do if I were in your human footwear? Simple my still naïve child, I would find a way to have all three women and tame the wild fires that scream for you even now in their sleep,' thought Rijze letting out a laugh at the boy's gaping fish like expression on his face at hearing the response.

'You mean have...multiple lovers? Like polygamy?' thought Nightwing wondering if that would even be tolerated knowing the current governmental stance on that current issue of legislature being illegal.

'Why not? You can't simply take one and leave the other two broken hearted after all you have been through with them. Besides, every dragon of all form and elements in the past have each taken multiple mates to make their species strength grow. Ever since we could first look into the future with our eyes we made sure that the next generation of dragons would live on because of us. Many human have both love and hated us so in case of later we as a whole agreed to breed with as many of the female gender that would willingly embrace it. I highly doubt Starfire and Raven would mind being with you in such an intimate manner whether for the rest of their life or if just for one night to feel what it is that Blackfire feels when you are with her,'thought Rijze knowing how the women feel for his vessel from his experience with the various maidens he had been with during the more golden years when dragons ruled the skies.

'I don't know about this yet. I want to hold out on these feelings as long as possible and I don't want to simply give into my desires because you suggest I do. Remember Rijze that your way of handling criminals and women are much different from mine. I like to send all the criminals if not most of them to jail if not the Hospital rather then the morgue thank you very much,' thought Nightwing before he hit a button on the side of his utility belt, which brought out his "Night-cycle" from its hiding spot driving on auto pilot until it stopped by a nearby building.

'Like I told you earlier my child, you are becoming more draconic with each passing day and night as my power fills your body with my spirit intertwining with your soul. As such you will want to embrace your inner desires rather then reject them, unless it conflicts with your morals of what you consider to be right and wrong with my voice to guide you from time to time,' said Rijze knowing that Nightwing would have to make choices that could conflict with what he already believed in.

'Yeah I seem to remember you telling me something about that,' thought Nightwing as he jumped down from the building grabbed a railing of a fire escape on the one next door before going back and forth until he landed safely on his cycle before speeding off.

(Jump City-Titans Tower)

It had been a peaceful night for the great and growing city protected by the Teen Titans, who had unfortunately been unable to replace their previous leader now residing in LA. They had tried recruiting several potential to make a team of five rather then four, but the process of teamwork with each individual who was chosen did not hold well. Each of the candidates had "Lone Wolf" complexes that none of the Titans liked since the team had always revolved around strong teamwork and friendship.

Rave and Starfire were possibly suffering the hardest out of the four members since they had missed Nightwing dearly considering what he brought to the Titans. Starfire had felt something for the nimble warrior the instant her lips touched his allowing her to speak the English language. When a Tamaran "kissed" a species whether it was human or other, the two minds meld together in terms of knowledge of how to speak and understand the words of a culture. That day had opened Starfire up to new things that she never felt in her life and as time passed she felt this strange phenomenon transform not only her way of thinking, but her heart as well. Honor, integrity, fortitude, loyalty, and duty to ones job in protecting those, who cannot protect themselves being some of the important parts she had embraced.

Now as Starfire lay on her pink bed, she proceeded to squirm once more as she had many times before since returning to LA thinking of the boy she once called hers. Oh how she missed Nightwing being there to give her advice. To explain things she didn't understand when she asked questions about Earth culture. They had been so close only to have it torn away when the darkness dragon was made known to the team making her feel cautious around him out of fear for the dragon itself. When he was Robin, he had taken her out on what could be considered a date to see a romantic comedy movie only for her to be wary of his presence. She was one of the reasons that he had left in the first place allowing her older sister to steal him away from her and now the two were being "deeply intimate" as it was called by Cyborg.

Finally unable to sleep, Starfire got up from her bed and went to the one person she knew was feeling just as bad right now as she was, even if the girl didn't show it.


Raven had bonded quite deeply with Starfire after they had been through each other's bodies after the fiasco with the Puppet King and had become almost like sisters to each other. Both could be annoying sometimes, but they trusted the other with secrets and shared things that they couldn't do with the boy's. They went shopping together, though Starfire reaped more out of it then Raven did, but the dark girl did get to enjoy eating ice cream whenever they went out. One of the little secrets the daughter of Trigon had was that her sweet tooth was her one major weakness that drew her to the mall when with the emotional alien girl.

Now the sorceress of the Titans sat up in her room waiting for Starfire to enter, as she had been feeling the same way as the Tamaran native. Raven's bond with Nightwing did not change in the slightest after he left the Titans to be with the darker of the alien sisters. It wasn't like she simply accepted the relationship like she felt nothing for him mind you, but it wasn't like she could just simply protest it either. Her demon side protested telling her to destroy everything and everyone around her until she was able to claim Nightwing as her own. That the boy was the alpha male they had been looking for in their life, a man that was of the darkness even before the dragon was discovered with that itself being an actual bonus in her mind, and he was a deadly warrior that could breed strong children of the purest quality if not balance.

Raven had to shake her head to remove the last thought and forced down a bush as the rest of her emotions were all thinking the same thing. Well all, but Timid, who fainted at the thought of being so "intertwined" as her Intelligence side called it with Nightwing.

There was soon at knock on the door, which Raven opened to let the worried faced alien in to discuss what was on their minds and figure our what to do.

"Friend Rave I am most worried. In my dreams lately I have been experiencing strange feelings involving Nightwing and myself, which I do not fully understand," said Starfire sitting on the other girl's bed since there was no safe place to sit other then floating.

"Why don't you try to explain to me what it is you feel in these dreams and describe what is happening between the two of you so I can help," said Raven sitting on her large bed in her usual cross-legged position right before meditating.

"Well...its a little embarrassing so please do not laugh. You see in my dreams I am with Nightwing on a bed and we are kissing each other while we are intertwining out hands together or down the others body, and feeling all sorts of pleasure," said Starfire blushing as she had never had such detailed dreams before Nightwing originally left them.

"Okay that's an image burned deeply into my brain…go on," said Raven thanking herself for making the room dark to hide her own blush since she didn't know just how Starfire's reaction would be if she saw it knowing the girl wasn't exactly the cleverest out of the all the Titans.

That was reserved for Nightwing...if he were still on the team.

"Well as you know Nightwing and I are, from what I can determine, on the bed, but the strange thing is that as we do such a thing I notice is we are not in the Tower or any other room meant for such acts that I know of. The room is what you would possibly call 'fancy', but not so much as to call it that in terms of royalty, but still even then it was very beautiful looking. There was a large open door leading to what you humans call a 'balcony' with the wind blowing, and the moon shining down on us as we embraced each other," said Starfire remembering how the sheer pleasure she felt was beyond anything she had ever imagined.

As Starfire held herself close with her eyes closed remembering the dream, a now heavily blushing Raven looked at the young alien slightly jealous at having such an incredibly good dream that involved Nightwing, and at the same time curious about the dream itself.

Raven was curious because that was how half of her dreams went and happened to play out with Nightwing that were created by her human side. As for her demon side's version of Raven's dreaming of Nightwing? Well...let's just say silence is golden when it comes to describing just what went on in those versions of them being "intimate" as one would say with such love and lust turned demonic.

Even as she thought about Starfire's dilemma the demon side of Raven was demanding that she find Nightwing right now to take him away from Blackfire. After hearing of the experience from the alien girl's dream the other emotions were getting impatient as well and it was only through Raven explaining to them that would make Nightwing hate her for such betrayal that they didn't possess her body to do it for her.

"Starfire, what you were experiencing in that dream was what you yourself wanted with Nightwing if you two got together, but as to why your dream is anywhere, but here in the Tower I think that's because that is your fantasy. Its sexual romance at its finest and that is how you want it to be with Nightwing," said Raven wishing she could tell her friend that she also had those exact dreams, but decided not to for the moment since Starfire had been a little distant at first because of the discovery of another liking Nightwing.

"But I still want to be with Nightwing and it hurts when I wake up knowing he's in the arms of my fiendish sister. Are you sure she did not put some spell on him to get him to fall in love with her?" said Starfire having asked this question to Raven about 200 times if counting tonight's.

"I'm sure Starfire. I checked several times during that event during and after our little trip into the Shadowlands. The dragon may have pulled him to her, but as we were told by the fallen angel Zauriel, it was Nightwing's original desires being brought out by the dark entity. It was Nightwing's choice to act upon them and he did," said Raven feeling the sense of depression at her words knowing she had a chance to help the young hero, but held back.

The one time Raven's demon side was right and she didn't listen. What are the odds?

"We failed to express how we felt about him and now his heart belongs to my sister now, who I fear may try to manipulate him to her own schemes. She is not a good woman to be with no matter how much she may change under Nightwing's guidance," said Starfire not wanting to speak the truth about her sister considering the betrayals, the exiling, and the near marriage to that liquid snot creature back on their home planet didn't quite make the two bond as sisters in any sense of the word.

Raven was actually glad that Starfire could outwardly admit that they both had feelings for Nightwing and while Starfire had to find out in one of the more awkward of moments, it was by no means meant to deliberately betray Starfire. In actuality, Starfire wouldn't have had it any other way if she couldn't have the boy she loved then Raven would have been the best choice, and add to the ironic fact that it was Raven, who was in love with Nightwing, was in a way a good thing. It wasn't some silly weak girl, who would rely on him to be her knight in shining armor and could at times keep the dark hero in line should he fall from his own morals to remind him of them.

'Poor Starfire, she really was trying so hard to be with him before the events that led up to the near destruction of the planet, but now it's not possible since he's with Blackfire. Maybe one day he'll see that trash he's with for what she truly is, leave her, come back to the Titans, to Starfire, and maybe, if given the chance...come back to me,' thought Raven blushing even more at the memory of her previous dream flooding her mind yet again that caused several things in the Tower to go boom.

Namely the closet in Beast Boy's room flooding it with his dirty laundry...with him in the room.

(Undisclosed Location)

"You want me to find Nightwing's girlfriend and make it seem as if the Justice League or someone within was involved in some way?" said the figure in the shadows his one eye the only thing showing where he was in the dark room.

"Yes that is correct. I know fully well of your past history with this mortal so I know that you know where he is. Do this for me and I'll forget the fact that you fought beside him the last time I tried to end the world," said Ares wearing the appearance of a business man to make it seem he was being polite to this mortal before him.

"You think I am a fool to simply make deals with someone like you. I have learned from my past dealings that when dealing with people like you, going back on a deal is a form of habit, and have had enough betrayals in my life," said the figure his eye narrowing to what would be a scowl if the eye had a face to go with it.

"Then you have two choices Slade. You can side with the God of War or be in his way when I come to conquer your puny race making them the obedient servants they were in centuries past," said Ares frowning at the mortal before him knowing of the man's deal with the demon that was Trigon and how it did not go well for the man in the end.

"When you put it like that, how can I refuse?" said Slade knowing that facing a demon was one thing, but even he would not tempt fate, and fight the God of War.

Still, if time allowed, Slade would make sure this deal went back to bite Ares just in case he was betrayed yet again.

"You can't Slade. Remember that," said Ares throwing a small bag to the man, who had easily caught it with his right hand.

"What's this?" said Slade looking at the small bag before opening it that revealed black metal shaped like a bat.

"The deceptive tool needed to break the bonds of trust between a former teacher and his student. I trust a mortal with your intelligence will know how to use them considering your designed task," said Ares before leaving the mortal since his presence and the mere thought of being near beings lower then him was making him feel filthy.

(Space-Justice League HQ)

"Is there any old or new business left for today?" said Superman looking around at other original founders to see if there was anything left to handle before the meeting was over.

"There is one thing that some of the magic side of the League have been trying to petition for some time concerning Batman's former student," said Wonder Woman looking at the Dark Knight with sad eyes knowing what this was about.

"This old thing again? Come on! Okay so the kid has a dark spirit in him, so what if he does? I mean we have Etrigan and no one complains about him or when Jason Blood switches with him in front of them. Besides if it wasn't for Nightwing or his dark dragon inside of him, Ares might have beaten us with Dark Angel, and that fallen angel that was allied with," said Flash having been around the young warrior before and while he may have become like Batman there was a form of humor in Nightwing that Bruce just didn't have.

"Nonetheless it is still an issue after all these months so we have no choice to go over their petition concerning Nightwing, which in itself seems more like punishment to the kid. They want him to be removed from our list of recognized heroes among the League, the Teen Titans, then have his power sealed up permanently, and after that have him locked away to ensure no one will try to undo the sealing," said John Stewart looking at the Petition and those that signed it finding it was quite the list.

"Well I for one don't want it to happen. Even if the power inside of him is dark it doesn't mean that Nightwing will turn evil and betray us. If we did that with him then anyone in the League, Titans, Young Justice, and any other hero affiliated organization would be under the same persecution. That girl when he was with the Titans known as Raven is the daughter of demon Trigon, yet she fought against her Father and was instrumental in his downfall. Something like that could only have happened because of Nightwing, after he saved from the depths of her Father's Hell. She is an example of such a thing happening to her if we go through with this petition then what is to stop governments or the religious sects and organizations from handing down petitions of their own?" said Wonder Woman knowing there were various dark powered people, who used their abilities for good rather then the evil that they possessed.

"Diana is right. Whatever we do will set a standard for others to follow and I doubt that certain government leaders will be as thoughtful of such petitions as we are. I for one will not follow through with petition concerning Nightwing," said Superman having met the boy, who was like Batman when it came to honor and trusted in the young hero not to lose it.

The other founding members nodded having all met the kid at least once and could see that he wasn't going to turn out a rotten apple, like certain members of the magic side of the League feared.

'Why do I have the feeling this matter won't be resolved so easily?' thought Batman, as they all left the room to carry on with the rest of their day life and work.

(2 Weeks Later-LA-Wayne Hotel's-Penthouse Suite)

Richard Grayson and Blackfire made there way to their apartment laughing and kissing as they went down the hallway to their room. They had been out partying at a dance club called "The Devil's Heaven" having one of those "days off" that Blackfire insisted her boyfriend have. She didn't mind him wanting to help LA have less crime, but Blackfire also didn't want her lover burning out from being his other persona when he went out on patrols both day and night times.

Richard didn't mind since it would be a good way for him to follow his own path that was truly his own away from Batman's shadow. The whole "all business" way of being a hero was something that would be a hindrance on his life and as Nightwing he had to be careful when it came to having a life with Blackfire knowing his enemies would do just about anything to see him suffer. Granted Blackfire was no pushover, but there were also people in the world and throughout the Universe that weren't either. that she may have upset at some point.

"I love partying with you Richard. When I'm with you I feel as if my soul is on fire and not a the bad way either," said Blackfire snuggling up against him with her hand tracing over the dragon scar on his arm as they walked.

"Considering I have a dark fiery dragon in me that can make things hot I'm not surprised at what you're feeling, though I'm pretty confident, that even without the dragon, I could still make you feel this way, and more," said Richard kissing her and bringing her closer to his body while making all sorts of growling rumbling noises that made Blackfire moan in delight as she seemed to become intoxicated by the noise.

"Bring something to drink from downstairs and while I get ready in our room when you return," said Blackfire, as she grinded her body against his and licked his ear lobe in a sensual manner that made Richard roll his eyes into the back of his head.

Richard grabbed her rear from behind giving it a firm squeeze telling her he heard before they both let go each being hot, heavy, and filled with desire.

"I'll be right back," said Richard rushing off at a quick semi-above average human speed to the lobby to see if they could spare some refreshments for him and Blackfire to have.

"I can't wait," said Blackfire feeling the desire in her increase several fold and her mind was now telling her what possessed her to have him get drinks when they could both be "drinking" from each other.

Blackfire entered the Penthouse Suite before shitting the door behind and floated over to the bed letting it feel good on her skin as she sank onto the silky sheets. It felt strange at first having this incredible warrior and hero sleep beside her at night when they didn't go at it when making sweet love to the other. Everyone moment she spent with him made her happy beyond words of every known language she knew how to speak. His eyes held no deceit in them when he looked at her with or without the mask and she knew already that he would die to protect her and she him if it came down to it. The exiled Tamaran Princess felt more like a Queen then anything when she was around him and knew that deep in her heart what she felt was true love.

"Thinking about a certain bird dragon hybrid are we?" said a voice in the shadows that made Blackfire sit up instantly her eyes focused with her feelings tucked away.

"I know that voice. Come on out Slade or are you just a sissy when it comes to fighting a Tamaran that's not as shy or innocent as her little sister?" said Blackfire her hands now charged with energy ready to make enough noise to draw her lover back to the room to combat this less then invited or friendly guest.

"You're lucky you are worthy more alive then dead right now or otherwise...I'd turn you into a corpse to lay down at Nightwing's feet," said Slade quickly throwing a gas bomb at Blackfire that held a potent form of knockout gas that could knock out even her.

"Now to make the illusion complete, said Slade picking up Blackfire before he motioned for several of his robotic servants hidden away in the shadows to come out and wreck the room while planting key evidence that would point Nightwing away from Deathstroke.

When Slade along with his robot squad were at a safe unnoticeable distance, he pulled a long range detonator out of his utility belt and pressed the button making the balcony in the room explode from the outside. With such a noise it was going to attract his former apprentice to the room wondering what had happened to his sweet love that was this alien girl.

'Ares is a fool for messing with my former apprentice when considering the dark power that is locked away in him at the moment. A power that he uses against meta-humans and other super powered beings that if pushed to its limits could even make a God fall to his or her knees in fear. Nightwing is not some fool one can simply lead on and eventually he will catch on to this game Ares is playing with him. When Nightwing does catch on he'll want to direct all his anger at the one, who tried to deceive him, and I will not be around for when the true rage of the dragon comes out,' thought Slade knowing that even with his hellfire like powers it would be pointless to use them at the moment since it would give away the deception already set in motion.

(Back at the Penthouse)

Richard ran back up to the room the instant he had heard the explosion knowing the exact place the sound came from and while he knew Blackfire could handle herself, he didn't want to take chances. Kicking the door in, Richard looked around seeing what looked like a small battle that ended before it had started with furniture knocked over, the remains of the balcony caused by the explosion, and more importantly the fact that Blackfire was not in the room.

'Who could have done this? No one knows were here except Bruce, but he wouldn't tell anyone where Blackfire and I live or put such information in the Justice League system. Would he?' thought Richard looking around for clues and came upon a shocking piece of evidence he never thought would be in this room as long as he lived here.

It was a batarang that came from Batman's utility belt.

'Something is amiss here my boy. The bat's stench on this weapon is not here, yet this is his standard weapon of choice that you hold in your hand. More importantly your mate is gone as well meaning that someone has most likely kidnapped her and as we all know if any normal human could do it quickly it would be the Dark Knight,' thought Rijze feeling his vessels instant anger at loosing his love before he could get to her in time.

'He would never do such a thing to me after all we've been through. We came to a silent agreement and we've both honored it for the past couple of months since we saved the world. Why now?' thought Richard before heading towards a secret compartment he had installed holding his Nightwing uniform with equipment next to it.

'Why indeed? You've heard what the Superheroes that use 'goody-goody' magic think of you and me interacting with each other. They know that we've been becoming quite a pair you and I, which to them may bring disaster to the world if not the Universe. Not to mention that you are in love with an exiled Tamaran Princess, who doesn't exactly have a golden halo over her head prior to your current relationship,' said Rijze, as he had seen how humans fear what they don't understand and try to destroy it rather then learn from it.

'Batman isn't like that. He's around all sorts of people that have multiple powers and is friends with people like Etrigan for god sake. He's the last person, who would do this,' thought Richard now dressed fully as Nightwing before closing off the secret room so the cops wouldn't find it when they arrived.

'Unless of course...the other members of the Justice League signed off on this little incursion via majority of its rulers that ran that organization. You know what they say in this Country when it comes to the majority of anything that had power. I believe the term is 'majority rules' if I recall correctly,' said Rijze wondering what his vessel will do now that his love has been taken from him.

With Rijze to guide him it would not be pretty for anyone who crossed him.

(Wayne Manor-The Bat Cave)

Batman was in front of the Bat Computer looking up at the screen reading certain police reports of criminal that had escaped prison to see where they were headed. His thoughts on finding the criminal was interrupted by the light sounds of the footsteps of his most trusted as well as loyal confidant and butler Alfred Pennyworth, who strangely looked like he was slightly distressed at the moment.

"Something bothering you Alfred?" said Batman not even looking to face the man, who had been with him since he was a child.

"There is a news report I think you should watch sir. It involves one of your Hotels in LA," said Alfred knowing that this concerned more then a simple building.

Batman frowned behind his mask and looked at the news report playing out in front of him recognizing the building before he understood what Alfred was talking about.

"We have received several bits of information from the Los Angles Police as they survey the scene around Wayne Hotel, but so far have not determined what the cause of the explosion is. However, we have heard from Police that they are considering arson and possible kidnapping since the whereabouts of the people living in the room are currently unknown,"said the news reporter using her hand to point to the room with the smoke coming out of it with the camera showing light traces of it blowing into the wind.

"Isn't that the Wayne Hotel Penthouse Suite that Master Grayson was staying at with that alien girl?" said Alfred looking at the Dark Knight wishing that the two would mend the rift that still existed between them.

"I'm going to LA," said Batman not saying anything and heading for the Bat Jet.

"I will be sure to tell the stockholders Master Bruce that Mr. Wayne has decided to take a few days off in LA should anyone ask for you sir," said Alfred knowing that the only way people were going to be kept in the dark about the man's secret identity was to find away for both sides to be in the same state at the same time.

(Titans Tower)

Raven was in her room in deep meditation focusing her powers, as she usually did when not with the other Titans, and looked into the future in the hopes of finding some form of balance to her life.

What she saw was chaos.

It wasn't like the old nightmares or the evil visions she had before with the prophecy of her Father coming into this world, oh no these were far worse, and by far more violent. Raven's eyes opened to their maximum limit as horrible images of dark fire covering the ground around her nearly touching her feet, there was death everywhere that appeared before her sight, and the most terrifying thing she had ever heard beyond her own Father was the roaring howl of a great black scaled dragon above her. This beast was larger by far then Trigon, howling in anger in the blood red covered sky, as it breathed down fire on the mortals below it, and before she even had a chance to do anything the great dragon tuned to look directly at her with its glowing red eyes.

"Raven!" said the dragon its eyes pulsing for a brief moment before heading straight for her petrified form, its mouth opened, and ready to devour her whole.

All Raven could do was scream right before the dragon's mouth consumed her.

"Raven! Raven!" said Starfire trying to contain her friend, who was in the med-lab of the tower right after the others heard her screaming and found her on the floor screaming as if she were in pain.

Raven snapped out of her trance looking around her sweating up a storm, fear now etched upon her face, and she was breathing heavily from the intense vision.

"Raven what happened? You were screaming like you were possessed," said Beast Boy worried for his friend like the other two were.

"I saw a horrible vision. I think it may be connected to Nightwing," said Raven getting everyone's full attention.

"Nightwing? Are you sure Rae? How is your vision connected to him? Is he in some kind of danger?" said Cyborg looking at Raven and seeing the same look she had when they were all told that Trigon was her dear old dad.

"I'm not sure. When I looked into the future using my powers I found myself in the near future that was filled with fire and death that is beyond anything my Father could create," said Raven knowing that her Father had every right to be afraid of the darkness dragon, but never knew how much fear there was until now.

"How does this relate Nightwing friend Raven?" said Starfire hoping that her telepathic friend was wrong for once when it came to these things since she believed Nightwing would never be the source of the end of the world.

"I saw the sky had turned from blue to blood red with the clouds turning from white to a darkness as black as the shadows themselves. Before I could scream I saw a giant black scaled dragon destroying everything in sight and when he looked at me, he called out my name saying Raven before trying to devour me whole," said Raven holding her arms together shivering in fear at being in front of that great beast again.

"Do you think the dragon is trying to free itself from Nightwing?" said Cyborg looking at Raven knowing that she was the only one at the moment, who had some knowledge about this dragon in terms of its imprisonment.

"No it wasn't like that. In the vision the dragon was filled with so much pain and hate just like one does when we have lost someone closed to us right before it spoke my name. I can't fully explain it, but in my vision I saw an angry dragon that could only have come from Nightwing," said Raven wondering what had created such a strange transformation to occur in Nightwing to begin with.

"So we head to LA and make sure Nightwing doesn't go psycho dragon on us! Shouldn't be too hard to do right?" said Beast Boy trying to bring what glimmer of hope he could to the team.

"It's not that simple BB. We have to find him or Blackfire first to get to him and from what Raven saw in her vision, who knows what is happening right now," said Cyborg since they had tried to respect Nightwing's privacy in LA and let him handle the crime there.

"It doesn't matter, we have to find Nightwing and if we must, my sister as well. It is our duty as their friends that we prevent this new end to the world from coming true," said Starfire, who was slightly happy inside at the prospect of seeing Nightwing again while slightly peeved at her sister being there to rub it in her face...again.

"Starfire is right. We know Nightwing and we trust him so whatever it is that is causing him to do what I see in my vision is from an outside source. Cyborg I need you to check for any recent news coming from LA and see what you can find while the rest of us get ready," said Raven knowing that when it came to gathering specific information Cyborg was the one to get it.

The Teen Titans were headed to LA.

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