Chapter 7-

Chapter 7-Decisions

Nightwing struggled to open his eyes, as his mind came back from the depths of the ways of unconsciousness, and the echo of aching pain that pulsed through his body. He felt like he went 15 rounds with Superman in an all out brawl and lost after having a tall building dropped on his head.

At least that was what it felt like anyway.

Trying to rise, Nightwing felt a weight on his body that belonged to not one, but three women in his life, and saw they were resting their heads on his chest. It was clear that they had been patched up from whatever injuries they sustained faster then him and were waiting for him to wake up.

"Finally awake I see," said Jason Blood in his human form smiling down at the young man with a smile, who noticed that Jason's smile seemed to have more life to it now, then when they previously met.

"Don't try to wake them. The combined hug from these three will most likely kill me," said Nightwing knowing one Tamaran he could handle when it came to being hugged, but two of them, and that of Raven's possible hugging power may do him in where Ares could not.

Jason let out a small laugh at the joke along with Nightwing's reaction, as the recovering hero noticed his voice was back to normal, and that the island itself looked to be back to normal too. Jason explained that during their time recovering from the multiple, as well as serious injuries they sustained in battle, the Greek Gods Zeus, Hera, and Athena had come down from Mount Olympus to grace the people of Themyscira with their presence concerning the confirmed death of Ares. Now normally, a God could not be killed unless it was at the hands of another God of equal or greater strength, but this case was different. In this case, it came from Nightwing's draconic sword that was originally given to him by an angel, who had received it from another God to give to Nightwing to use it as the hero saw fit.

A prime example was the sword piercing Ares's chest and into his heart.

Now while Zeus had no love for his son's ambition, he was still the man's son, and was saddened by the God of War's death. However, he could not punish the warrior, who did it since Ares had brought it on himself for what would be the God's last time, and would take his son back to Mount Olympus to be buried there. Hera and Athena were not so sad though, but they did show signs of sadness if only for that of Zeus's heart for the loss of his son.

Even if the said son was the late God of War.

Hera soon informed them that while Ares death was a surprise, it was actually a blessing in disguise, as the world could finally slow down, and catch a much needed breather to the constant fighting. When Hippolyta asked how the world would function without Ares influencing it since wars were needed from time to time, Hera told them that Zeus was going to have another child that would one day grow up to be the new God of War. Only this one was going to be more responsible then Ares ever was when pushing for all out chaos in the Universe. Until then, the title would temporarily given to Athena until Zeus's next offspring could take the up the title.

"Of course Nightwing, I'll let you have that distinct honor. As you may have notice your voice now sounds human, which I believe happened after you used up all of the darkness dragon's power thus freeing the draconic hold its power had on your voice. It will come back eventually, but this time I think you can turn it on, and off when you please so you won't have to worry about losing your human identity. However, I'm not here to talk to you about your personal life," said Jason Blood knowing it was time for seriousness.

"I think I can guess what this is about Jason. The Justice League wants me to stand trial for what I did right?" said Nightwing seeing Jason nod grimly.

"They know it wasn't your fault overall due to outside sources messing with you, added to the dragon like persona you acquired from interacting with your dragon sealed away in your arm, and being manipulated by Ares to keep everyone away from his plan to free Hades. Still, they can't let you go with a slap on the wrist either, as they don't want a repeat of what happened, and in addition you've gotten a relationship with three women that has some of the males of the Justice League as well as Titans quite intimidated," said Jason laughing at the last part with Nightwing smiling as well since any man worth his masculinity would be upset.

"How are things with you? I mean with killing your past love and all?" said Nightwing, who couldn't imagine doing that at all, and wondered what was going through the man's mind.

"It hurts a little. The past I had with Morgaine Le Fey was one that was filled with love and ended with hate. Nothing will change that. The Morgaine Le Fey I knew and thought I loved was a fraud disguised as a witch that lusted for power. In my shame, I betrayed all those, who had trusted with their lives, and in the end I too had been betrayed by her only to have my soul bound by a demon. I do not know if Morgaine loved me or not, but I do like to think that apart of her did before she marched on her quest for absolute power. If such apart of her existed, then that is the part I will miss, and nothing more," said Jason, who had made peace with that part of his wounded heart long ago, and found closure in what he had done for those he had betrayed centuries ago.

"I noticed during the fight in the throne room you and Hippolyta had a...moment with each other. Anything I should know about?" said Nightwing smirking playfully at the man, who had the decency to blush at the comment since he, and the Queen had talked after he recovered from his injuries.

"Yes how do you feel?" said Jason rubbing the back of his head and had decided to change the subject.

"Good. The Amazons didn't give us any trouble when he our injuries did they?" said Nightwing knowing that the Amazons and their distrust if not hate for men was a serious matter given their current predicament.

"The Queen, as well as many of the other Amazons have acknowledged that if it weren't for your contribution, as well as mine later on, Themyscira would have been lost, and are not going to kick us out of here just yet. Though the Bana tribe side of the women seem to be sharpening their swords every time I see one of them," said Jason rubbing the back of his head sheepishly since he knew that the Bana tribe were more hostile towards men then the Greek one.

"I wouldn't worry about the Bana tribe. They know if they kill me, they have to deal with three angry women currently sleeping on me," said Nightwing laughing along with Jason since the fury of the three women sleeping on Nightwing were by no means a pushover.

Or rather the three women that had been sleeping on Nightwing.

"NIGHTWING!" they all yelled at the same time crushing him in a hug that would have killed any normal man.

"I'll leave you four alone," said Jason seeing the mixed emotions of pain and pleasure on Nightwing's face from the hugging.

"You have no idea how good it feels to hug you like this," said Blackfire before locking her lips with his and giving him a passionate kiss tongue and all.

Raven and Starfire followed right after her.

"And I am loving every second of this. After I stabbed Ares, the last thing I thought was I was going to die without telling each of you how much I love you three, and that I was sorry for making you feel sorrow upon my death," said Nightwing hugging them all at once and brining them closer to him.

"You're alive now and that's what matters," said Starfire, as she now began crying tears of joy on his shoulder.

"I agree with my sister on this. You're alive, Ares is dead, and were going to be one big happy family," said Blackfire since she didn't really care about having Nightwing all to herself due to the fact she nearly lost him from the very beginning.

"No one can stop us from loving you Nightwing and were not going to stop loving you no matter what," said Raven kissing him on the forehead and letting her bond with him do all the talking for her.

"Thank you. All three of you. You're love for me is more then I will ever deserve, but I will never abuse it, never betray it, and I will do everything in my power protect it with every fiber of my being," said Nightwing knowing he was going to have to talk to Bruce to help get them a place large enough to house all four of them.

The Grayson family would be reborn through him.

"Hello Nightwing," said Diana walking in to seeing the warrior resting with his three lovers beside him though she sensed a territorial feeling from the three as if she should keep her distance.

"Hey Diana. How's everything going on the main part of the island? Those guys really made a mess of things and a lot of your sisters were injured or killed in battle against them," said Nightwing seeing the damage when he arrived on the scene.

"Better since other members of the Justice League are helping. It took some persuading, but I convinced my Mother to let men from the League that could help rebuild come to Themyscira," said Diana smiling slightly at that part since the appearance of the Flash had several of her sisters believe he was a descendent of Hermes himself.

Even Superman himself was considered to be Hercules reborn or at the very least demi god that was one of Zeus's secret offspring with many of her sisters secretly being drawn to him.

"That's good. It will show them that not all men are evil. At least not within the Justice League anyway," said Nightwing wondering what the Amazons would think of Green Lantern or even Batman in seeing them in action.

"Yes. However, the Bana tribe isn't exactly being nice, but at the same time they're not being hostile either, and I fear for your safety since they will no doubt blame you," said Diana sitting in a nearby chair.

"We'll I don't intend on making myself a permanent guest on the island, if that is what they are afraid of, and when I leave I hope it will be on good terms with the Queen," said Nightwing knowing that if the Queen invited them back wouldn't be a bad thing.

"I know, but I thought would give you a warning. Artemis is already rallying several of her Bana tribe members against you and may attempt to attack you," said Diana knowing that the more zealous members of the Bana tribe would try to kill Nightwing faster then one's own heart could beat.

"Thanks Diana," said Nightwing nodding his head towards her as a sign of respect.

"You're welcome Nightwing. Now if you'll excuse me I intend to speak to my Mother about her growing affection for Jason Blood," said Diana with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes that would not favor Hippolyta.

The rest of the days Nightwing spent recovering went very well and soon he was able to walk around again with his three lovers making sure he didn't overdue it. Rij'ze was still out of it, which was no surprise since the dragon had pushed its vessel so hard that the backlash from it was unavoidable, and the darkness dragon itself would require its own time to rest within Nightwing.

Nightwing himself didn't mind the silence from the darkness dragon since it would give the warrior time to spend with his three lovers without any interruptions from the dark draconic entity. As for the Amazons themselves, they didn't question or interfere in the relationship between the four since it was none of their business, and decided to leave them alone.

After a solid week recovering, it was finally time to leave on the Invisible Jet provided by Wonder Woman, and the four heroes extended their gratitude to Hippolyta for bending certain rules of the island. Hippolyta herself appreciated their words and wished them a safe journey home back to Man's World with Jason Blood. The former King of Camelot and partner of a demon magically attached to his soul by Merlin wished to stay longer to be with Hippolyta, but duty called for his return into the ranks of the Justice League. He did promise however, to return one day to see her again soon, and keep the flame that had been ignited within them alive.

For Diana, it made her heart swell at seeing her Mother fall in love again after so many years alone, and this time it was with someone that would never betray her. The two in all sense completed each other and the right thing to do now was to help this newly founded relationship grow.

"If you ever need help defending your home, please do not hesitate to ask for help, as I could not stand to lose you, and be alone again," said Jason Blood at the ramp of the Invisible Jet staring at Hippolyta with loving eyes.

"Yes I will. And please, should I ask of you to visit me, if only for a short time, do come back to Themyscira, and allow us to get to know each other better," said Hippolyta, who had found her time with Jason Blood most interesting, as he talked about his days as King Arthur, and the many enemies he along with his Knights of the Round Table had slain in the name of all things good.

"All you have to do is command me and I will be here," said Jason, who practically loved being around this woman of strength, integrity, honor, and beauty so few would be even remotely considered be worthy of seeing her.

Walking up the ramp, Jason looked back at the Queen seeing sadness in her eyes already at seeing him leaving, and felt he needed to do something to remove the loneliness from her heart. Deciding forget everything else, as this may be his only time to do it, Jason quickly rushed down the ramp, gently grabbed Hippolyta's shocked face, and gave her a kiss right on the lips that not only shocked the Queen, but everyone else watching.

'Oh boy, the Bana tribe looks pretty angry,' thought Nightwing before looking over at Raven and signaled her to use her powers to reel in Jason to prevent the man from being killed.

"I will return Hippolyta. I swear it," said Jason Blood before slowly letting go of the still dazed Queen with some of the Amazons around them unsure whether to attack the man or not considering he just did what no man had ever done to their Queen since...well the beginning of Themyscira!

"I know," said Hippolyta caressing his face finding the touch of his face was sending a lost sensation through her body she had not experienced in so many years.

An enraged Artemis having just seeing a man whose soul had been attached to a demon through sorcery no less, kissing their Queen, was unacceptable in her eyes, and tried to attack the man for it. However, before the Bana woman or her followers could get within striking range, black energy grabbed Jason Blood, and pulled him right up the ramp of Invisible Jet with Nightwing giving the Queen an apologetic smile.

"Sorry Queen Hippolyta, but judging from some of your sisters' reactions just now, I'm afraid we have to go, but don't worry Jason will come back, and we will make sure he does," said Nightwing before shoving Jason into out of view before telling Diana quickly get the aircraft high off the ground.

"What strange men your daughter surrounds herself with in Man's World," said Phillipus seeing her Queen stare at the aircraft flying back to the World of men.

"Men are indeed strange creatures Phillipus, but I am finding that one of them has proven to be interesting none the less," said Hippolyta with a faint smile on her face and a hand to her lips remembering the kiss that had awakened a fire in her heart.

"My Queen, surely you are not falling for a man whose soul is connected to a demon are you? After what happened with Hades...," said Artemis, but was silenced by a fierce glare that made even the most outspoken hater of men among the Bana tribe flinch away, and make her realize she had said too much.

"That is enough Artemis! It was because of that man that your Queen is even alive. For that little outburst and attempting to attack him, I hereby order you to clean up all of the stables for the next 3 seasons from top to bottom, and should you refuse I will have you whipped for your disobedience," said Hippolyta making Artemis flinch at the Queen's punishment since most Bana women preferred to train then do stable work of any kind.

Artemis was one such Bana tribe member and the Amazon woman had a feeling it was going to be a LONG 3 seasons cleaning.

(Watchtower-30 Minutes Later)

The Invisible Jet landed gracefully in one of the many docking bays of the massive space station with the group of Superheroes leaving it after landing. It didn't take long for eyes to focus on Nightwing, who he noticed had quite a few female superheroes looking at his body with pure lust since he was missing the upper part of his uniform having lost it during his time in Tartarus. Some of the males were looking at him with jealousy at the physic the kid had. It was understandable since his body mass according to Superman using his X-ray vision had doubled in size as well as density. His bone mass had become stronger then that of a normal human's and brain activity had increased several times over.

In short, Nightwing's body got a major upgrade, and from the looks he was getting right now from the female populous of the League, it was not a disappointing improvement.

Starfire, Blackfire, and Raven seemed to mind though, as they were now in a triangle like formation around him, and gave glares to any female that would wink or look at him with a flirtatious smile. He was there's and no one was going to be added to this family since the three of them being in love with Nightwing was enough as it was without the trio of women trying to kill each other. They didn't need other women looking at him for a one night stand and made sure their feelings in the manner were known that he was off limits to them.

In his head, Nightwing could hear the tired laugh of Rij'ze saying how he was one of the dominant males on this station and if he wanted could have every female on it. Nightwing told the darkness dragon to shut up and go back to sleep since the draconic being still needed to regain its lost strength from the fight. Rij'ze grumbled something about "not having fun" and humans being too serious" before heading back to sleep.

It wasn't long before Nightwing met Batman one more time making the two a bit uneasy considering how the two interacted with each other the last time. Still, Batman was never one to hold a grudge against a family member when he knew that he was wrong. Though the Dark Knight would never say he was wrong, but rather he would show it in his own way, and he did now by offering Nightwing a suitcase with a replacement uniform for the his current one that looked like he had been in a war.

That and a handshake meaning that the bad blood between them was now water under the bridge.

After taking a nice relaxing shower (alone) and putting on his fresh uniform, Nightwing walked out now ready to face the Original Seven for the consequences he may have to face for his action. Rij'ze didn't like the whole "trial and judgment" before the Justice League since it was unfair for these Superheroes to judge him when they know that the reasons were justified and should be left at that.

"This is insulting! Is this really necessary? For a dragon such as myself along with my vessel to be judged by mere mortals is ludicrous! If I had the strength to possess you and make them tremble at the sheer strength that is at the peak of my power I would do it in a heartbeat," said Rij'ze snarling afterwards, as they were close to the entrance to the doors that would lead him to face the original seven founders of the Justice League.

'All the more reason for you to keep quiet since the less hostility we give the less of a punishment we will get,' thought Nightwing while the darkness dragon snorted at the thought of being so submissive to mortals like them.

Any further discussions within his mind with Rij'ze were put on hold, as the doors slid open, and he entered the meeting room to face his destiny good or bad.

(With Raven, Blackfire, and Starfire)

The trio of women were ordered (or forced if you count Blackfire mouthing off to Green Arrow) to a waiting room where they sat and waited for their lovers' fate to be decided. Of course they were not pleased with the waiting itself since any number of things from the most outrageous ones coming for Starfire to the more possible scenarios via Raven's superior intellect.

"Starfire I don't think they will do that to Nightwing," said Raven for what felt like the tenth time in the room with the two sisters.

"But it is customary to do that to criminals on some planets in order to keep them calm," said Starfire while her sister was now getting angry at such thoughts happening to their lover.

"Sister, this isn't one of those planets, and even if they did by some chance do that here on some parts of the Earth to punish criminals, there is no way in Hell I'm letting them take that part of Nightwing's anatomy away from him," said Blackfire, who had shivered at the very idea of them taking away one of the many qualities Nightwing had that she had adored in her time with him.

Especially, since this was apart of him that made her happy at night.

"I'm going to agree with Blackfire on this one Star. We have to trust the League to hand down whatever reasonable punishment they give to Nightwing is befitting of his crimes," said Raven though she too shivered at Starfire's imaginary taboo of a punishment that the trio hoped was never handed down to Nightwing...ever!

"You would think after all that happened with me being kidnapped, Slade's partnership with Ares, and the near destruction of that 'women's only' island being saved they would let him along with us go," said Blackfire fidgeting a little at being in the Watchtower with so many superheroes around.

"You seem awfully nervous Blackfire. Afraid someone is going to throw you jail?" said Raven with a smirk that made the exiled Tamaran growl back in irritation.

"What about you? Aiding and abetting a felon is a crime you shared with me remember? You don't exactly have quite a spotless record since you and my dear sister helped free Nightwing from his prison earlier. Not only that, but from what I remember earlier with that Zatanna woman, you are not well liked around here, and its got me a bit curious," said Blackfire hitting home where it hurt and Raven growled back for her own response.

"Let's just say my Father isn't the most likeable of...individuals," said Raven leaving it alone at that since she would rather not discuss it with anyone let alone Blackfire.

"Fair enough I suppose. We all have skeletons in our closets we don't like other people seeing," said Blackfire though she would eventually learn more hopefully in time.

"Indeed," said Raven before she went into her mediation to find Nightwing and was glad to sense his presence with him glad to sense her own.

"Don't worry Raven. No matter what happens, I won't leave you or the others. I promise you I won't," said Nightwing through their link and it made Raven smile at his words.

It was then that Raven realized that there was no reason to be worried.

(The Meeting Room of the Original Seven)

Nightwing casually, but cautiously entered the room where the seven original founders of the Justice League sat in a round table not unlike King Arthur and his Knights during the age of Camelot. That part of how this room was setup was probably Jason's idea now that Nightwing thought about it since the former King would know how to design such a very room for such an important organization. He noticed others were in the room as well like Zatanna and a bandaged up Dr. Fate to name such a few though he was surprised to see the infamous Constantine in the room fidgeting since the man was not smoking another one of his cigs.

"I assume that you know why you are here?" said Green Lantern his hands covering each other while his arms rest on the table.

"Because of all the damaged I caused along with the various egos in and out of this room that I deflated when I kicked several of you out of the sky or onto the ground when I was attacked?" said Nightwing giving a slightly arrogant yet truthful answer when he spoke.

It was a dragon's answer if anything.

"Despite your answer, you are in fact correct Nightwing. You were brought here to face judgment by us for what you did after Blackfire had been kidnapped by Slade at the request of Ares," said Superman wishing the man before him would take this a little bit more seriously.

"So I'm guilty of fighting for the one I love, so what?" said Nightwing scowling at the Man of Steel feeling his draconic traits sparking up again along with the question of his own judgment.

"The damage you did to LA was extensive to say the least Nightwing. We were lucky that you didn't put any pressure on the fault line or else California itself would be its own Country by now," said Shayera, who had her mace hidden by the side of her chair hidden from Nightwing's view should he decide to do anything rash at the behest of his guest.

"Says the hot tempered Thanagarian woman with a magic disrupting mace hidden under her chair, who uses it whenever someone looks at her wrong. Don't look so surprised, I can practically smell the energy that comes out of that thing, and for the record it doesn't frighten me in the slightest," said Nightwing, who saw the woman narrow her eyes at him carefully while he smirked at her, as if to say "I caught you by surprise this time", and was enjoying it.

"Nightwing you must understand, we don't want to put you in this position at all, but its difficult not to considering just how many lives were ruined during your...rampage," said Diana, who wanted nothing more then to let Bruce's surrogate son leave without even punishing him at all as a token of thanks for saving Themyscira from the God of War.

The now dead God of War.

"Diana, I respect you so I'm not going to say something witty or insulting, and rather ask you to understand that I did what I did because I thought I had lost Blackfire. I thought that those I called friends had betrayed me for my decisions after the Four Horsemen, Ares, and Dark Angel were defeated. I came to believe that I was not welcome on either side of the fence since I did not support evil, yet I had something that was evil sealed inside of me, and soon after I felt that the only side I could trust from then on out was my own," said Nightwing simply since there was no reason to lie to her or the others.

"You make me sound like I'm some kind of disease in that little speech," said Rij'ze sounding quite offended by his vessel's choice of words.

'Are you telling me you're not evil or is it just that you do bad things in the name of the side of good?' thought Nightwing making the darkness dragon silent since his vessel did have a point.

"Just because I am 'evil' doesn't mean I don't know what it means to do good in the world when it is needed. I know what it means to have balance in the worlds and the other realms throughout the cosmos. Why do you think I helped you before with the Four Horsemen, Dark Angel, and Ares in the Shadowlands? Without me in you to help keep the balance, there would be NO balance, and the cosmos would have ripped itself apart one dimension at a time before even Ares himself had fallen victim to his own ambition," said Rij'ze letting out a huff at his vessel before becoming silent once more.

"Nightwing, I know you got upset, heck I would be to if someone kidnapped my love, and then made me believe I lost her. However, you have to realize that while you did help stop the world from ending again, and in a much worse way you still have to be punished for it," said Flash surprising several people, as he was showing some form of maturity, and was actually acting like an adult rather then a child.

For once.

"Okay. Say I 'plead guilty' to whatever charges you throw at me. What's my punishment exactly? You going to lock me up and throw away the key until my sentence is over? Are you going to have Fate redo the sealing process and cut off the dragon from me?" said Nightwing scowling at the group and turned his head slightly to get a better look at the sorcerer, who didn't look like he could do anything, but then again looks of being weak can be deceiving.

"Given the circumstances of what led up to your...roguish behavior, we believe that such a punishment won't be necessary Nightwing. After you arrived we all sat down to discuss a proper punishment and finally came to an agreement on what it is you should do as a form of a second chance," said Superman calmly, though he wasn't going to say out loud that specific punishment was shot down immediately before it even got off the ground.

"Go on," said Nightwing looking at them all carefully wondering what it was exactly they had planned.

"We've decided that a second Teen Titan's superhero unit should be positioned in your area of LA to help relieve some of the work the one you were in of crime. Cyborg and Beast Boy will continue to stay as part of Jump City's Teen Titans with Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Super Boy being the new additions. Since it's clear that Raven and Starfire do not want to be away from you then they currently are, they are going to become a part of your new Titans team with Blackfire. However, you need to recruit another member of your choice that you know you can trust, and keep in line should things get out of hand," said Batman seeing the surprise on Nightwing's face, as he clearly wasn't expecting this.

"So this will be kind of like probation while I help keep LA safe right?" said Nightwing getting a nod from Batman, who knew his surrogate son would instantly figure it out.

"Yes. Since Blackfire, Starfire, and Raven were apart of your...escape if you will, they will also be given probation while assisting you in fighting crime, and recruiting one more member of your team," said J'onn since it was standard procedure to have a team of five per Titans team.

"I have an idea of who I want to recruit, but I have to catch him first. He's pretty elusive when he has to be so it may take some time to get him over to our side. He's not really into the whole hero thing," said Nightwing knowing who to contact when he got out of this place.

"If he doesn't like being a hero, then why try to recruit him?" said Shayera now raising an eyebrow at the man unorthodox behavior.

"Because I keep things entertaining for him and what's more is from what I remember, he does know how to play a hero, but not so often as I would like him to. That along with the fact that he and I are a lot alike might be useful in recruiting him," said Nightwing since the man he had in mind was almost as stubborn as the dragon vessel himself.

On the planet, Red X suddenly shivered, as he felt some strange vibe hitting him, and wasn't sure if he should be happy...or afraid.

(Waiting Room-10 Minutes Later)

"The trial is over," said Raven from her meditative state smiling, as she sensed her love sending her a reassuring signal through their bond that everything was all right.

"All is well?" said Starfire hopefully with her sister looking at Raven as well with equal hope in her eyes.

"All is well," said Raven her smile ending any possible fears the other two women had.

(Los Angeles-3 Weeks Later)

"The life of a thief is so satisfying," said Red X on a rooftop admiring the jewels he had just stolen in a recent robbery no more then 30 minutes ago.

"Not so much as you would think X," said Nightwing appearing from the shadows with Raven beside him, Starfire to his far left, and Blackfire to the far right.

After Nightwing was released on "probation", as he was officially under, the construction of a new Titans Tower was underway, and while that was happening, the four got setup at a nice hotel. It was only recently that the tower was recently completed to a point where they could actually live there only two days ago. During that time of waiting Blackfire, Starfire, and Raven finally got their chance to spend some uninterrupted "quality time" with Nightwing. During that quality time, he made sweet love to each woman, as if it was their last day on Earth.

Even now the Hotel Manager along with the maids assigned to clean up the room were still having nightmares about seeing the horrible aftermath of the bed room, shower, and the kitchen.

Though the kitchen was mess for another reasons.

"Wanna bet?" said Red X before rushing to make an escape only to find his legs were trapped by Raven's magic, Nightwing now standing in front of him, and the superhero giving him a hard right to the gut.

"No," said Nightwing before removing the belt that powered the suit he designed himself.

"Okay you got me, but I take it since I'm not being taken to the cops at the moment, you want to discuss something with me, and depending on my answer I go to prison," said Red X getting a nod from Nightwing.

"A new Titans team is being created and needs a fifth member. We want you to be that person X," said Nightwing making Red X laugh at the offer as if it were a joke.

"Didn't I tell you that I'm not the hero type?" said Red X lazily looking at the four, as if the offer was no big deal to him, and it was boring like watching paint dry.

"I also remember you telling me that it doesn't mean you don't know how. I told you the last time we discussed this that you would make a good hero and Titan on any team you were on. Your skills would be put to good use when stealing was needed should we have to take something important off a villain. I'm giving you this offer one last time before Raven here sends you to the cops without your mask. Hell, we might as well take the suit from you all together before I destroy it," said Nightwing smirking at the last part while Red X's eyes went wide and knew it would be embarrassing to no end if he was sent to the cops like that!

"Say I join your group. What's in it for me?" said Red X raising an eyebrow.

"Besides making the world a better place? Rubbing it into bad guys you stole their stuff and making a name for yourself in a good way rather then being hunted down ruthlessly by other Titans or the Justice League themselves. Trust me when I say this X, they really do mean business when it means locking people away, and throwing away the key into some vault made of indestructible metal," said Nightwing since that could have happened to him originally had not certain events come into play.

"Well...I suppose robbing some villains would be kind of cool. That and I hang out with you more, which will probably help me when it comes to marital arts training. Rubbing it in villain's face that I can steal from them you say?" said Red X smiling behind his mask while thinking of all the things he could steal from various villains throughout the world.

"Are you in or out?" said Nightwing getting slightly impatient with the master thief.

"I'm in," said Red X seeing how there was no way around it.

"Welcome to the team X," said Nightwing reaching out with his hand and Red X taking it thus solidifying the agreement.

"So...who evil group do we steal from first?" said Red X getting back his belt to further continue powering his suit.

"I hear Brother Blood got his hands on some black market tech that uses advanced high powered lasers that can cut through several inches of solid steel within seconds and plans to use it for one of his "school projects". The thing is without the power source, which just so happens to be in the shape of rare diamonds that radiate a certain energies, the lasers are as harmless as the ones in a light show, and just to make sure he can't screw around with it were going to destroy the actual weapon along with the blueprints," said Nightwing knowing that would really upset the Headmaster greatly.

"Rare diamonds you say? Cool! When do we strike?" said Red X knowing that important evidence was always stored in the Titans tower itself meaning they didn't have to turn it into the authorities since some other would-be thief would steal them if they did.

"3 hours," said Nightwing smirking at Red X's eager expression.

"I can practically imagine his Brother Blood's face when he sees his precious diamond stolen before his toy goes "boom" on him," said Red X rubbing his hands together at the thought of doing some evil to ironically someone else who was evil.

"So can I. Raven, would you do the honors?" said Nightwing turning to sorceress among his three loves since she could get them to the strike point easily.

"Gladly," said Raven taking them to their first official mission, as the new Titans Central.

The evil in the world was about to get a swift kick in the ass.

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