An isolated ranch in Montana

Deep in the heart of Montana, the son of a ranch owner was emptying a bag of feed into a troff for his father's goats. Just hearing the pellets bounce off the metal sheet of the troff was enough to make the goats come running in for their share, some on two legs, some even thanking Isaac Cal for the food. "Ah, come on now, you know I still ain't used to hearing goats talk," he said. He never knew what his father did to the food to cause these mutations but since the goats didn't seem to upset about it, Isaac felt it wasn't any of his business. His father was all the family Isaac ever knew, hell, in his entire life he's only seen about six other people and never been with any of them for longer than a day. He'd do anything for his father and that included the special chores that come up every now and again.

The two way on Isaac's belt suddenly went off. "Isaac, boy! I can use yer help here!" his father's voice crackled out. A moment later, the roof of the barn suddenly exploded and what looked like a giant earthworm poked it's head out from the hole. "Better bring that help pronto!"

Isaac yanked the two way from his belt and pressed down the button. "On my way, pa!" Tossing the hunk of yellow plastic to the ground, Isaac dashed toward the barn, his body quickly freezing the air around him into a frost that coated his entire body. Once fully frozen, he began to skate on the ice he was forming on the ground to pick up speed. Isaac Cal, devoted son of former mad scientist Pa Sig Cal, was born to be a living doomsday weapon for his father's mad desire to destroy the world. His simple life would end the next day.

Kim Possible, Shego, Wade, Ron, Yori, and other characters from Kim Possible are property of Disney. Some characters are original. Kim Possible: Altered Destines is series of stories based off the events of Old Family Ties and New Beginnings, PRISM Predicament, and Awakenings.

Kim Possible: Altered Destinies

Cold Hearted.

Chapter 1

Isaac just stood there, scratching the back of his head. His father was fine but he wasn't able to freeze the mutant earthworm fast enough and the generator was crushed during the fight. "Gee pa, I'm awful sorry bout the generator. I lost sight of the head for just a second and..."

Dr. Sigmund Cal waved off his still defrosting son as he curbed a chunk of frozen earthworm aside with the tip of his boot. "Now you hush up, boy. You did good just like y'always do. Yer old man just needs to keep better track of his medicine, is all. I didn't even know what I was doing till I already pumped all them radioactive isotopes into that lil' grub. Just clean up while I go into town and pick up a new generator, kay?"

Isaac's faced beamed with joy when his father praised him and nodded frantically. "Oh sure pa, I'll have the barn shining like new before you get back. I'll even start fixin' the roof!"

Sig laughed and shook his head, always impressed with his son's eagerness. "Don't go overdoing it now, sweeping up these worm chunks is good enough. Now don't go eating anything, I'll be cooking some more of that chicken tonight."

"But we had chicken four days straight!"

"Boy that chicken was ten feet tall! We don't keep eatin' it, it'll go bad before you know it. Now just clean up here and I should be back long fore sundown."

Driving down the dirt road from his ranch, Dr. Cal adjusted his rearview mirror to take a look at himself. His hair has gone stark white, the grey stubble on his face just magnified the wrinkles on his face. He was old, too old to be making monsters and too old to be a proper father to his active son. Sig thought about sending his son out into the world, he was old enough, a nineteen year old man should see more of the world than just a house, a barn, and some animal pens. The sad truth was that the ranch was more a prison to Isaac than it was a chance for salvation them both all those years ago. As he merged to the paved street, he began to remember that turning point in his life, the birth of his son.

It was 1989, the Berlin Wall had been reduced to bricks and pebbles just a month ago and Pa Sig Cal was using the last bit of the money the Soviet government had given him to create what he thought would be the ultimate weapon against the all living things in the world. Deep in his underground laboratory in the jungles of South America, Cal was awaiting the completion of his doomsday weapon as the incubation chamber had reached the final stage of development. It was then that the blast doors to his lab sudden flew off it's hinges from a massive explosion and in the wake of it's destruction was his arch nemesis, Susan B. Allen and a teenage Betty Director at her side. "Well, well, Pa Sig Cal. Hasn't anyone told you yet that the Soviets have folded?" Susan asked, her blonde crew cut slowly having lost it's luster over the years.

Cal leaned over the railing of his control booth and leered down at the two uniformed agents of A.U.N.T.I.E. "Tan my hide, is that you Sue? I see you brought yer little cycloptic pet with you too. Ain't you never heard of child endangerment?"

Betty gritted her teeth and stamped her foot forward. "I'm her protégée, you corn-feed bumpkin!" she shouted.

Susan braced her arm over Betty's chest and slowly pushed her back. "Don't let him rile you up Betty, that's exactly what he wants," she warned before turning her attention back to the mad scientist. "It's over Sigmund! It's been a good twenty years but the game is over! The Soviets have lost, capitalism will soon take over Russia and China and you'll be rotting in a prison for your treasonist crimes. So tell me Siggy, how can someone from America's heartland fall so far from the amber waves of grain." Betty tried to hide her cringe; if there's one thing she hoped never to learn from her mentor, it was those corny sayings.

Dr. Cal gave out an old fashion country gut laugh. "I don't give two squats bout no Commies and I ain't got no love for my home neither. All I care about are my monsters and since the reds want me to make them so bad, I figure I'll make the best one yet as a little going away gift! But don't worry ladies, I got something for you, too!" he declared before pulling a switch.

Before they knew it, a net of lasers shot up in front of them, forming an impassable barrier between them and either Cal or the incubation chamber. Susan simply cracked a smile and unsheathed her knife. "Cal, this old trick again? You might be a whizz at monster making but your none too SHARP with security!" she quipped, punctuating her pun by tossing her knife in the gap between the lasers into a power box just a few feet away. The lasers fizzled out to nothing and Susan wasted no time in launching her grappling hook onto some pipes hung over Cal's control booth. "You try and stop that incubation chamber from hatching, I'll handle Siggy!" she instructed Betty before zipping off the ground.

Pa Sig tried to run back to his escape hatch but Susan tackled him to the ground with ease. "Yer too late! You might have me but you can't stop my monster!"

Susan grabbed him by the collar and yanked his face closer to her's. "What have you made, you mad man!?"

Cal laughed as the sirens sounded the end of the final phase of incubation. "Well, seeing as I ain't got to worry about stabbing my old bosses in the back anymore, I made this new monster to be a real world killer! Soon, every crop, animal, and soon person on this planet will keel over dead in the new ice age and your little sidekick is going to feel it first! It's great, I'm going to take out the whole dang planet, not with a bang, but with a burr!"

Susan looked over to the incubation chamber slowly opening with Betty looking into it, frozen with uncertainty. She slammed her old enemy against the metal floor and pulled him back up. "Tell me how to stop it!"

Cal groaned in pain but slowly chuckled. "It can't be stopped... it's all over for you!" There was a silence as Susan pulled her fist back to smash Sigmund's nose in until the sound of crying sent a strange chill up everyone's spine. "...What in tarnation is that?"

Susan pulled herself off of Sigmund and ran to the railing, amazed that Betty was carefully cradling what looked like a crying baby covered in ice from the incubation chamber. "Betty! What's going on down there?!"

Betty shook her head, never taking her eyes off the strange infant. "I... I don't know... I think this one's a dud!" she answered. Curious, Betty slowly brushed her gloved hand across the baby's forehead and the frost simply fell off it's skin. "It's just a baby! It's just covered in freezer flakes!"

It wasn't long until they were all gathered around the baby, looking at it as if it had five heads. With all the frost carefully brushed away, they saw that the baby was a boy and, for the most part, completely human. Dr. Cal didn't know what to think. "I... I guess some of... my hair or skin got into the chamber... and it ended up cloning me instead of making some big ice monster. My god... it's my son... I have a son..."

Sigmund reached out to take his new born boy but Betty cautiously clutched it close, not trusting her mentor's enemy. Susan spoke out. "It's ok Betty, I think he deserves to hold his son," she said. Betty slowly did so and when Sig held onto his son and watched as it slowly stopped crying, Susan saw the human side of Pa Sig that even he probably wasn't aware existed "You know Siggy, I don't feel right breaking up a family. So tell you what, instead of sending you to jail, I'm sending you home."

Both Sigmund and Betty looked at Susan as if she was the one with five heads. "What are you going on about, Sue?" Sig asked.

"Well, you're not getting anymore funding from the Commies so I think I can make this work. I'll set you and Junior here in a nice, isolated spot in Montana. You'll be taken care of by the government as long as you promise to stay on any medication we give you to keep those impulsive evil mannerisms of yours under control. I'm serious Sig, one more mutant monster army and you'll never see your son again."

Sigmund looked down at his son and nodded. "You got it Susan... and god bless you for the chance. I know it's only been a few minutes... but I can't see myself living without this boy of mine... my lil' Isaac. That's what I'll call him, Isaac Newton Cal."

All Susan could do was pull out her spy camera. "Well, end of an era. I say we take a picture to remember it."

Pa Sig chuckled to himself as he parked his car. It was such a strange twist of fate that his ultimate creation wasn't the death machine he had hoped for, but a new life that fixed his own. Everyday he was grateful for what Susan did for him but now he had to think about his son's well being. The government knew Isaac never stopped being the "Frost Fiend", it would be easy for satellites or federal agents to see him play around with his powers during their regular check ups on the ranch. He knew they wouldn't let Isaac have a normal life but there had to be someway to convince them. Just as he stepped out of the car, he heard a voice he hadn't heard in years. It was more mature but he recognized it on the spot. "Look at you, you old corn-feed bumpkin you. How's the bi-polar disorder treating you?"

Sig rolled out a laugh deep in his throat, he didn't have to turn around to see who it was. "Lil' Betty Director, what can I say, it has it's highs and lows. But dang, if the world ain't got the greatest sense of humor der ever was, I was just thinking bout you and Sue. You remember, our last lil' scrap in that god blasted jungle?"

Betty made her way toward him. "Oh, I remember. In fact, that's why I came looking for you. I want Isaac in my Liberty League."

Sig might not watch television anymore or read the papers but when you live almost twenty years as America's dirty little secret, you learn to pick up on some of the more important things going on in the outside world. He knew about the Liberty League but he never liked the idea. "Sorry, my son ain't gonna be in no super freak show. I appreciate the second chance but he deserves better, he deserves a normal life."

Betty laughed as she put her hand on Sigmund's shoulder. "You're still a funny little man, Siggy. You know that boy of yours can never be normal, but on my team, at least he would be helpful to this country."

Sigmund scowled and shrugged her hand off his person before turning around. "Nothing doin' Betty. I still can't believe what your doing, a super powered police force. If Susan was still in charge, she'd never let you do such a fool headed thing," he spat, trying to walk past her.

Without warning, Betty twisted Sigmund's arm behind his back and slammed him face down onto the hood of his car. "Two things, Siggy. One, I'm not with Global Justice anymore and two, that old battle ax is just some delusional throw back from the Cold War, just like you. And I wouldn't talk about fool headed if I were you. NORAD spotted you're pet worm busting your roof before your 'boy' took it out. That's in violation of your agreement to the government, we can lock you away for that. But I'm feeling generous. I'll let you off the hook as long as you tell you're FREAK of a son to join the Liberty League. Otherwise, I'll send your withered old ass into a nice, high security prison with lazy guards and long showers and have the Pentagon cut Isaac open and find out what makes him tick."

Sigmund tried to break free but he was old and Betty was trained to handle assailants twice her size. He tried to keep a strong front but the thought of losing his son made him tear up. "Damn it Betty... he's your godson."

"He's just another one of your petri dish abortions. I always thought it was funny you and Susan thought of him as a real person while I always considered him just another one of your monsters we should've taken down when we had the chance," Betty spat. She pulled Sigmund off the hood of his car and shoved him down to the ground, his shoulder ached terrible after it bounced off the asphalt of the parking lot. "Just think it over, Siggy. I'll be in touch."

It was almost midnight when Pa Sig finally got home. It took hours for him to finally calm down, he couldn't even muster the resolve to buy a generator like he planned. He looked at the house, no lights, Isaac must've gone to bed already. He turned off the ignition but his hands were still shaking badly; never in his life could he imagine sweet, young Betty to become such a monster. She might've spooked him but he wasn't going to give in to her. It was risky, but if he was going to give Isaac a normal life, it was time to break free from under America's thumb. He'd have to make some calls and cash in some old favors from some former KGB and maybe even a few old payers in the Chinese government but he was going to give Isaac his chance at living like a real human being even if it killed him. Once he finally got himself out of the car, he noticed there was a dim light coming from the barn. Making his way there, he saw a battery powered lantern set on top of a bale of hay and not to far from it, the back of a blonde woman. He slowly slipped his hand into his shirt. "Say, what'cha doin in my barn?"

The woman stood still but kept her back to him. "Oh, I was just lost and I saw this ranch. I was hoping to find a phone to call a taxi," she said.

Sig wasn't going to take any chances with women tonight, not after what Betty did to him. He pulled out a firearm of his own design from the shoulder holster under his shirt. "Lady, we're a good five miles from the main road and another fifteen from anything resembling civilization. Now don't pile on me this horse hockey and call it apple pie, whatcha doin here?" The woman moved her arms but that just made Sigmund get a firm grip on the trigger. "None of that now. Just turn real slowly and show me them pretty eyes of yours, then we'll talk."

She slowly turned herself around and if old Pa Sig was twenty years younger, that face would've knocked him for a loop. Instead, it was the whole package that made him forget he was even holding a gun. The woman looked good enough to be on late night television, the kind of womanly beauty that gives innocent boys their first impure thoughts. She was Marilyn Monroe, she was Betty Page. When Sig Cal finally pulled himself back to his senses, he finally knew better; she was the devil here for his soul. "Well, well farmer brown, aren't you the sweet talker. So you going to shoot me or you going to force yourself on me first?" she asked teasingly.

"Who sent you, woman."

"The Muffin Man. Maybe you know him, he lives down Drury Lane."

Sigmund scowled at the girl's insolence, it was as if staring down the wrong end of a gun didn't even worry her. "Was it the government?"

"Bingo grandpa. You're tax dollars hard at work, well, hardly working right now."

"Why? Cause of the earthworm? If you people just up my dosage like I told ya over seven years ago, maybe there wouldn't be this many slip ups."

"Sorry, but they sent me because of your precious boy. Doesn't matter anyway, all I know is that I'm under their thumb and only way I'm getting free is by killing you."

The direct approach, not even lying about what she was going to do. It made him nervous; there was no way she was walking out of there as long as he was still breathing. "Betty sent you, didn't she? I'll tell you what I told her; she ain't putting my boy in some freak show to be her dog!"

"Not your choice to make, old timer. Betty promised me this will be the last job I'll ever be forced to do for the government and I'm not going to let some old fart ruin it. See, I liked the idea at first about being released early from prison."

Sigmund fired but the death beam missed it's target. If he had made the thing to fire bullets, then her dodging it would've made some sense, even if she was only ten feet from him. But for her to dodge a shot going the speed of light, she must've been reading his body language the whole time, just waiting for her moment. She sprang up from under his field of vision and slapped the ray gun from his hand. "It's rude to interrupt someone's story," she scolded before slamming her knee into his solar plexus. After he dropped to the floor, clutching his badly aching body, she continued, walking around him like a vulture circling a dying animal. "See, before I was arrested, I was Adrena Lynn, the death defying extreme stunt girl extraordinaire... well, till Kim Possible exposed that little fear I had of actually putting my life in danger."

When Pa Sig tried to crawl away, his efforts were rewarded with a hard kick to the ribs that flipped him over to his back. "But that didn't stop Uncle Sam from making me useful. After they sprung me, they pumped me full of no fear juice, totally took away any feeling of anxiety and fear I would've normally had when it looked like my fat was about to go into the fryer. Should've known there would be a catch; they needed the fast reflexes and acrobatic agility I used to ham it up for the saps watching on T.V. to do their dirty work all over the world. About a year later, out of the blue, Betty shows up and tells me I have my chance at getting out, be a free woman."

Dr. Cal didn't attempt anything but Lynn kicked him across the face for good measure, knocking out a tooth. "I didn't believe her at first but after seeing the papers, I knew she was being on the level with me. And that, Dr. Cal, brings us here, you on the floor." She stomped down roughly on his sternum. "Me standing over you." She then crushed the stiletto heel of her shoe in the dead center of his throat, forcing blood to spurt out his mouth in a final gasp for air. "Having some wholesome fun until I do the deed. But I guess I better get started before you die of old age." She then pulled out a switch blade from her back pocket. "Now then, let's get frrrEAKY!

The next day, miles away at the Crooked D ranch, Slim Possible could only shake his head at the mess his daughter Joss made of his robotic horses. In her never ending obsession to follow in Kim and Ron's footsteps of being a world hopping hero, she had outfitted two broken hair dryers to shoot homemade impact shells filled with a super adhesive derived from chewing gum. In less than ten minutes, all the horses were entangled in a mess of pink gunk. "Dang it Joss, you're thirteen years old! I thought you'd be more responsible by now with this little game of yours!"

Joss pouted, she hated it when her father called it a game. "I ain't playing around daddy! I'm good, real good, good enough to go with Kim on her adventures if ya just let me!" she pleaded.

Slim shook his head and crossed his arms. "Nothin' doin' young lady. Saving the world just is too dangerous a pass time for a girl your age and I'm sure yer cousin would agree."

She thrust out her head with a defiant glare. "Well let's call her then and let her decide!"

"We ain't gonna bug yer cousin fer this nonsense! Now get some solvent or a bag of ice and a hammer and get this junk off my horses!"

Before Joss could continue arguing with her father, something cold tickled the end of her nose. Looking up, she saw snowflakes slowly falling from the sky. "It's snowing? But it's got to be near ninety degrees out here."

Slim looked up and noticed the cloud of snowflakes was actually coming from a single direction and when he noticed which direction it was, his heart skipped a beat. "Joss... maybe you should call yer cousin... and tell her to come down here right quick. I think something mighty horrible just happened at the Cal Ranch... and god help us if she don't come in time."