Kim Possible, Shego, Wade, Ron, Yori, and other characters from Kim Possible are property of Disney. Some characters are original. Kim Possible: Altered Destines is series of stories based off the events of Old Family Ties and New Beginnings, PRISM Predicament, and Awakenings.

Kim Possible: Altered Destinies

Cold Hearted.

Chapter 2

In his frost covered form, Isaac skated into the vast plains, away from his home. He'd never gone any farther than a mile from the barn and had no idea where he was heading but all he wanted to do was put as much distance between himself and his home as quickly as possible. His mind was a haze, his entire life was crumbling around him like a melting igloo. Pa Sig was killed in the barn and left on display for Isaac to find. In one day he lost the only real person he ever cared about, the only family he ever truly ever knew. For the second time that day, he finally broke down to the ground, crying uncontrollably, cursing the world for being so unfairly cruel to him. "Why... did they have to kill him... what did we ever do to anybody?"

He was alone, a soul with no one to reach out to and an island in a vast ocean of grass. Oddly enough, in the middle of nowhere, he could feel a soft hand on his shoulder and a soothing voice brush against his ear. "Isaac, you can't do this to yourself."

Isaac whipped himself around, back against the grass and dirt, looking up to this woman with a kind smile and an eyepatch. "Who... who are you... how do you know my name?" he asked, wiping what has iced over from his nose.

Betty laughed and reached into the breast pocket of her suit jacket. "You were too young to remember and I was always too busy to visit but I'm your godmother Isaac," she explained as she took out a picture. "See, this was from when you were born. I might've changed a bit but that's me on the right."

She handed the photo to him and he rubbed the tears from his eyes to examine it clearly. "Well I'll be... that is you... and me... and... daddy. Even Aunt Sue is there too."

That last part caught Director by surprise. She tried her best t suppress her reaction but she could feel her fingers twitch. "Aunt... Sue... you mean Susan visited you?"

He nodded, handing back the picture. "Yeah... she pops in every once in a while, claiming she was checking up on us. Daddy... daddy never told me but I think she works for the government."

Betty nodded. "She does, in fact, she's the reason why you and your father were forced to live on that ranch. Isaac, my name is Betty Director and I want to help you."

Isaac quickly looked away and curled up into himself. "No... you can't help me... no one can help me... my daddy is dead."

"I know Isaac, but I can help. I might not be able to bring your father back but I can help take the pain away. The way I see it, I can do two things for you. One; I can find the person who killed your father and bring them to justice. They'll be tried, sentenced, and spend a long time in jail."

He slowly looked back up to Betty. "And... what's the other thing you can do for me?"

A sudden, chilling grin stretched across her face. "I'll take you to your father's killer and you can have your revenge."

Kim, Ron, and Shego all came together, for a change, hitching a ride with the ninjas since it was the fastest thing they could find on such short notice. Despite all the surveillance she had Wade set up in their building, Kim still wasn't sure if Ron was keeping his hands off Yori and the helicopter ride wasn't helping to sooth her jealousy. Ron leaned in between the pilot and co-pilot seat as he talked to Yori. "So, what part of ninja training is flying an unlicensed stealth copter?" he asked.

Yori laughed. "Oh, Ron-san, always with your American style jokes. Naturally, I must train myself in many things so that I may always be prepared for any given situation. I only regret that the others and myself and already committed to a surveillance operation in Las Vegas. It seems two yakuza bosses are arriving for a leisurely vacation after a set of Yen printing plates had been reported stolen."

"Oh, well, gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. Maybe next time though," he offered before Kim yanked him back by his shirt collar.

"You heard her Ron, she's busy," she scowled.

Ron tugged at his collar after being released, trying to ease the pain from his neck. "Wow KP, what's got into you?" he asked before taking his seat.

Shego chimed in. "Yeah, you've been really on edge this last week. I thought you promised us you wouldn't let Director's Liberty League get to you."

Kim shook her head and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Yeah... I did. Sorry, I just haven't been sleeping well lately."

"Nightmares?" Shego asked with sincere concern.

Kim nodded. "Yeah... actually, just one nightmare, repeating itself. It's nothing."

"Last time you had a bad dream..."

"I'm not going to get killed again, Shego, trust me... no one's getting killed... not while I'm still around."

Suddenly the red light went off and Shego was the first on her feet, adjusting the straps of her parachute. "Alright princess, time to fly."

None of them hesitated, they all jumped out the side of the helicopter and started free falling to Earth until they pulled their ripcords. Directly below them, they could see a barn with a hole in the roof and surrounded by miles of snow. "Uncle Slim told me everything on the phone. Isaac has some kind of cold based power but he never uses them. He and his father just live here alone, just keeping to themselves. We know why the snow storm suddenly happened, we're here to figure out why Isaac made it happen and try and keep him from doing an encore."

Ron squinted his eyes. "Hey, it looks like there's a trail or something going off in that direction," he said, pointing to the edge of the snow field.

Kim turned her attention there and nodded. "Yeah, good eye Ron. I'm guessing if one of us follows that trail, we'll find Isaac."

"Cool, so who's going to follow the trail?" he asked. Kim just smiled at Ron and it eventually sank in. "What? Why me?"

"Finders keepers. You found the trail, you'll be the one keeping on Isaac's heel."

"That tanks, why can't Shego follow him, she's got fire power."

Shego smirked. "Because I got more balls than you to say no to Kimmie?"

Kim rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Shego might have the fire power but she's pretty lazy, not to mention slow," she said with a playful smile

Shego glared at the back of Kim's head and gnashed her teeth. "Hey!"

"But you have Mystic Monkey Power, you can follow that ice trail on foot faster than either of us and you have more restraint if you have to throw down also."

Ron nodded, the assessment made enough sense for him. "Alright Kim, I'll keep in touch if I find anything."

"Thanks Ron."

Once they hit the ground, or rather the snow covering the ground, Ron unlatched his parachute and went off running. He wasn't turning into a blur like Tara in her Velocity suit but he was fast enough to be the safe bet for a marathon. Shego and Kim, meanwhile, decided to check the barn first since the hole on the roof looked too mangled to be Pa Sig's future skylight window. Before they stepped past through the barn doors, Kim stopped suddenly and sighed. "Alright Joss, come on out." she said with her head thrown back.

Slowly, from around the corner of the barn, Joss stepped out into the open with her head hung low. "How did you know I was here?" she asked meekly

Kim shook her head. "You left footprints in the snow. Joss, what are you doing here?"

Joss perked her head back up, trying to put on a confident, serious face for her cousin. "Well, we might not visit these folk too much but the Crooked D is the closet thing the Cal Ranch has to neighbors and neighbors stick together! Besides, I've meet Isaac, he's too much of a push over to be any real danger."

Shego shook her head. "Kid, he just made a winter wonderland in the middle of Montana in the spring. You don't have a clue what he can do if he put his mind to it."

The smaller Possible glared at Shego. "At least he never brainwashed a bunch of scientists and locked me up in a jail cell!"

The former villainess rolled her eyes and tossed her head back. "Not gonna let that go, are you?"

Kim stood between the two, arms outstretched. "Alright, we can't change the past but we do need to check out the barn. Shego, you check the back and I'll check the front with Joss. You find anything, just call me over and I'll do the scanning, got that?"

Shego just waved her off and went inside the barn. "Whatever."

Kim sighed and followed her inside with Joss at their heels. "You know Kim, since I'm a lot older now and you were about my age when you stopped your first world domination plot, I was wondering if I could..."

Kim shook her head as she took out her Kimmunicator and set it on scan mode. "No."

"But Kim."

"No Joss."

"Why not?"

"Because you're inexperienced. You're not ready."

"How can you say that? I helped you during that whole Lazy C business. Besides being a cheerleader, what kind of training did you have?"

Even while scanning the area, Kim didn't miss a beat. "I had six years of martial arts before Nana Possible moved to Florida, twelve years of gymnastics if you count the Pre-K gym, and I had baby twin brothers to deal with for longer than I'd have liked. Trust me, when I was your age, stopping a world domination plot was cake. Besides, putting hypnotic messages in alphabet oatmeal was a horrible idea for world domination, serious D-list villainy."

Joss pouted. "You still stopped him..."

Kim suddenly stopped in her tracks. "Hmm... something's registering here. Looks organic... under the snow... it's leading to the icebox."

"What is it?"

Kim switched off the scanning function and slowly advanced toward the icebox. "Don't know. We're going to have to take a look and see." As Kim got closer, she noticed the icebox was already opened. She signed for Joss to stay where she was as she slowly approached the small refrigerator. Suddenly, the smell hit her like a wet towel, a foul stench like expired meat. It was bad but she shook it off and finally made it to the icebox. She wished she didn't. "Oh... my... god..." Inside was Pa Sig Cal, bones snapped and bent in order to make him fit inside such a cramped space. His body was covered in cuts, some so deep that it seemed that a few internal organs were barely able to remain inside his body. It was a nightmarish display of sadism.

"Kim... you alright? You look like you saw a ghost," Joss observed.

Realizing Joss was there, Kim snapped her attention away from the gruesome scene and toward her cousin. "Joss, stay where you are!" she cried out.

Naturally, being told to stay away only caused Joss to get closer. "What in tarnation has got you so riled up Kim?"

"Joss, get back! Do not look in the ice box!" Kim ordered.

"Why not?"

From the entrance of the barn, they heard a voice call out. "Because murder is never pretty to look at."

Joss swung herself around as Kim sprinted to her side. Their guest was a woman in a black coat. Her white hair was a sign of her age, the crew cut style was a sign of her military past, and the scars on her face was a sign that she was not a woman to be trifled with. "Who the heck are you?" Joss asked.

The stranger looked at her and then to Kim. "Let me guess, I'm too late?" she asked, ignoring Joss completely.

Kim gave her a distrusting look and stepped to Joss's side. "To save that man's life? Yeah, I'd say we're all a little late for that." she responded sadly.

The woman shook her head. "I mean Isaac, he's already gone, isn't he?"

Knowing Isaac's name was making Kim even more suspicious. "Who are you, how do you know these people?"

"Just think of me as their landlord. If Isaac's not here, I have to find him, quickly."

Kim snapped from the pressure. "Not until you tell me what's going on! A man was brutally murdered here, his son has run off doing god knows what! If you know something, I want to hear it!"

Despite the fit, the stranger just brushed her off. "Sorry, but I have to go," she said as she turned back toward the exit. As she took one step, the ground in front of her exploded in green fire. She turned back around. "Perhaps a few minutes of my time won't hurt."

Kim approached the woman as Shego made her own advance toward the action, her hands still glowing with power. "Now tell me what you know and who you are."

There was a pause and the woman slowly looked up to the hole in the ceiling. "It was so much simpler back then. It was hard work, but simple to comprehend. Now everything is so damn confusing... maybe it's old age or maybe we just all got too damn cynical for our own good."

Kim lost her patience and grabbed at the lapel of her coat. "What is going on here!?"

The woman just closed her eyes. "Kim Possible, I am slightly familiar with the technology your communication device has so I'll tell you what you would've found out eventually with your scans and your hacker friend rummaging through federal databases. Dr. Sigmund Cal was murdered by Adrena Lynn."

The response was a bit shocking to Kim. The only time she ran into Lynn, she didn't lacerate someone and stuffed them in an appliance. "How can she be the killer? Why would she even do that?"

"Because she was ordered to do so... by Betty Director."

Isaac looked up at his supposed godmother with a confused expression. "Revenge? I... I don't know... I don't even know where to start looking for whoever did it."

Betty slunk down to his side, down on one knee and resting her hand against his chest. "But that's why I'm here my boy. To help you. Just agree to my modest proposition and you'll personally have your chance at revenge to the person that killed your father."

Despite Isaac's anger and desperation, he knew he didn't have the heart to go down that path. "I'm... I'm sorry. I can't hurt another living person... it goes against everything daddy taught me. Even if he is dead... I can't just go against what he taught me."

Director's head twitched suddenly from his response but she merely ignored it. "Your father only taught you such things because he felt guilty, guilty about his past. But he did those things in madness, he wasn't well in the head. You'll be doing it with a purpose, a noble purpose. I'm sure a good, upstanding American father like Sigmund taught you what it says in the bible; an eye for an eye."

Isaac's expression was vacant for a moment and then he finally shrugged. "Can't say I ever heard of that expression, actually," he admitted. "Sounds like a down right silly lesson though, a good way to make everybody blind. My daddy just taught me live and let live."

Betty quickly lost patience and she clutched his face aggressively, her nails pressing hard through the thin layer of frost on his flesh. "Listen to me, you little pissant! You were never really his son, you're not even a real human being. Look at you, you're a freak! A weapon born to kill everyone and everything. You were in that ranch because everyone was afraid of you and now your fake daddy is dead and no one in this world gives two rat shits about you! You still want to be daddy's little pacifist?"

Isaac cringed in pain, despite his outer layer of frost, the nails were piercing into his flesh. "Stop that... you're hurting me..."

A wicked laugh burst forth from Betty before she buried an extended knuckle just under his sternum, causing him to curl into himself in severe pain. "Boy, you haven't even begun to feel pain," she hissed as he tried to turn away from her, panting. "You think reminding you that your father gave birth to you by accident is painful? You think my insults and assaults are the worst I can do to you? No, your pain has just begun. If you try to blend into the general population, I'll expose you, everyone will be hunting the evil Frost Fiend. Even in your human form your very face will make women and children scream in terror, everyone who can muster the resolve will stop at nothing to put your head on a pike," she predicted as she rose to her feet.

"No... that's not true..."

"Silence!" she barked before jabbing one of her electric probes into the back of his neck by hand. He grimaced in pain but couldn't find the strength to reach for it. "As I was saying; even if you don't seek refuge with normal people, I'll make sure that you'll be plucked up and carted away to some government lab. You'll be a giant science project, every great mind will want to slice you open and play with your insides to see what makes you tick. And you'll be alive through the whole thing. It's really amazing actually, the miracles of medical science. You can be alive and conscious while people yank out your lower intestine and weigh them on a scale. I think you'll find the experience quite surreal." Slowly, Isaac tried to pull himself up only to receive a shock to the neck. He collapsed to the ground and the frost covering his body shattered off from the impact.

She laughed and kicked the back of his head. "Look at you, worthless, like your old man. Do you want to know who killed your father? It was a woman named Adrena Lynn, a woman who I hired to kill your father."

Isaac weakly shook his head. "No... you wouldn't... that ain't possible."

Betty smirked as she pressed a button on her wrist guard to shock him again. "Oh, it's true. It's too bad too, if only he agreed to force you to join my Liberty League, he might be alive today. Actually, that's a lie, I hated that old bastard as much as I hate you, I would've killed him either way. And he died like a dog, too. Lynn told me how he begged and cried at her feet while she was kicking him around, it was pathetic. But I suppose that's something you and your father actually have in common; neither of you have any real balls to do anything." Hate and anger began to boil over in Isaac and an unnatural growl rumbled in his throat as his body slowly began to reform the frost. Betty smiled slyly at the sight. "That's right... get mad."

After running a few miles, Ron, winded and aching from the waist down, could just make out two figures at the end of the trail of ice. His eyes couldn't see very clearly who it was exactly at that distance but his training had improved his vision in ways that allowed him to see past the surface. What he did see, he didn't like. "This is bad... very bad."

"Wait, can we back up for a second?" Kim asked, the revelation that was dropped on her was difficult for her mind to process. "That... that makes no sense whatsoever! Betty being wound up against vigilantes after my accident, I can understand. Abandoning Global Justice to make a team of heroes for the government, that's comprehendible. Even staffing it with my friends if nothing else than to get my goat, a stretch but not impossible. But hiring a hit man for an old retired mad scientist? That's... that's just ridiculous!"

As Shego and Joss stood by Kim's side, their guest suddenly seemed stricken with distress. "I know... this... this isn't the Betty I remember. She might've been rough around the edges the last time we meet but for her to do this? It's... so out of character. I thought she considered Isaac to be her godson, I thought she was glad Pa Sig Cal was retired and not causing anymore trouble. It's like she's not herself."

That statement sparked something in Kim's head. Suddenly, everything began to fall into place and she knew what was happening. As strange as it sounded, it was the only solution that made any sense. "That's it! That's exactly it! Wait... Ron is going after Isaac and if I'm right, Dr. Director will be with him."

Everyone looked at Kim as if she grew another head; none of them knew what she was going on about. "Alright kid, you lost me. But let's skip all the messy details and just tell me why Betty would be here after taking the trouble of sending Lynn to do the dirty work?"

"Because this whole thing is a set up for Isaac, she's here for the finishing touch. We have to get to them as fast as we can before it's too late."

Shego shook her head, trying to rattle off her confusion. "Hey, wait a minute. Too late for what? Kim, what aren't you telling us?"

Kim started for the door. "There's no time! I'll explain on the way but now we need a ride, fast!"

The stranger shrugged as she followed Kim. "I got a bike. Someone can ride the bit- I mean back seat but that's all I can carry."

Joss suddenly smiled smugly. "Good thing I brought Ol' Tornado with me, he can put anything you got to shame." she proclaimed.

The unknown woman turned to her and just arched an eyebrow. "My, aren't you an arrogant brat?"

Joss's lips curled into a snarl but her expression snapped back to normal when Kim whipped herself around toward the others. "Alright, here's the plan. Shego, you go with our friend and I'll ride Tornado with Joss. If I am right and Ron's already gotten to Dr. Director... we might actually have to save her from him."