It's Been Eight Years

Chapter 3

It wasn't a bright night, it was rather dark. Henry wasn't quite sure how he had gotten Jimmy to come with him anyway, but either way, they were on the roof of St. Finnians. Eddie had described it as a gift to Gracie before entering school, but Jimmy knew it was just more shenanigans to pull.

Gracie wasn't starting St. Finnians for another two years but Henry had just graduated. Maybe that was why they were on the edge of the roof throwing Harry Potter posters, Satan paraphernalia, and a lefty stuff on the building and the ground.

Henry was throwing and taping posters and trash everywhere.

Eddie was watch-dog.

Jimmy was spray-painting from the roof. Maybe Henry could've stopped it, but there was a car that went by the school loudly, it honked it's horn at a cat in the road and Jimmy tumbled off in fright. Like a rag-doll.

Henry woke up from another bad dream.

AN: I'm not sure if I'll write much more, I can't remember the main story, it involved the school friends of Gracie's but I don't remember how. I did think I needed to tell you readers at least how Jimmy died.