Title: Dark Link

Author: Reality Obscured

Author Notes: Normally, I prefer to keep the continuity in a fan fiction straight with what has happened in the coinciding game/movie/whatever. In this instance, however, I'm basing the major storyline on a dream I had. Undoubtedly I will get flames, because I know some of my comrades here didn't enjoy it too much, but I was urged to write and post it nonetheless.


Chapter I

He felt it when his body brushed up against the land. How long the underwater currents had tossed him about he didn't know, nor did he know how far they had carried him. He had been only half-conscious the entire time, his mind lingering somewhere between consciousness and the darkness of limbo. He slowly opened his eyes, only to shut them again when bright sunlight invaded his vision. Sunlight? Yes, it was the sun, which meant to him that he was outside. He rolled over so he was on his front instead of his back, pushing himself up with his hands so that he could gather his feet beneath him to stand.

He opened his eyes to gaze upon something that he had never seen before, and yet the memory of it was imprinted upon his mind as clearly as if he had known the field all of his life. He was on the bank of Lake Hylia, looking out over the water in amazement. He had never been out of the Water Temple before, and why he was out he didn't question it. What forces were at work, he didn't want to know. He was out, and that was all that mattered to him at the moment.

Dark Link. He had no other name. He needed no other name, for he was created with but one purpose: to destroy Link, the Hero of Time. He had been created to be Link's exact, imbedded with all the skills that Link possessed as well, in order to stop Link from going any farther into the Water Temple than he was supposed to. He was made to be Link's exact shadow, and hence he appeared as a shadow would. In the end, Link had defeated Dark Link, and Dark Link had been driven back into the depths of the Water Temple.

He didn't know who his creator was, but he didn't care, either. Whoever his creator was, though, Dark Link supposed that he was nothing less than a fool. Not only had he been given Link's appearance, sword, and shield, but he had also been given all of Link's memories up to the point in time when Link had made his appearance in the Water Temple. The only thing that he hadn't been given had been the magic that Link possessed. Magic isn't something that could be copied, and his creator should have known that, and it was the magic that had defeated him in the end.

The purpose that he had been given since his creation still flowed throughout him. The overwhelming urge to destroy Link clawed at every ounce of his being. It was his purpose, and he couldn't rest until he fulfilled it. His left hand tightened into a fist, and he looked down at it, tensing the muscles tighter and tighter until he was sure that, if he could bleed, he would have bled through even his glove. He had made his resolve, and he was going to accomplish it. He looked up past the rolling hill toward what he knew as the exit from the area of Lake Hylia to the Hyrule Field.


He had been walking for the entire day through Hyrule Field. Though he had most of Link's memories, the memories remained deep withdrawn into him, not allowing him to see any of them other than brief glances and feelings. Feelings. It was something new to Dark Link. He couldn't feel the cold, nor could he feel the heat. But it wasn't those kinds of feelings that he was beginning to know, though not understand. Since he had been walking a name had suddenly appeared inside his thoughts. Zelda. A few other names appeared. Saria. Shiek. Ganondorf. All of these names had different feelings

attached to them.

As it always would, day grew into night. Dark Link found himself walking under the light of the full moon now. The sound of obnoxious giggling filled the air. What looked like skeletal beings started to dig themselves out of the ground.

They were Stalchild, dead spirits of long since past that still remained within their skeletal bodies. The night was their territory, and anyone out in the night was an invader to them. Dark Link didn't draw his sword. He continued to walk, disgusted thoroughly by the creatures. Sure, they had bony bodies and red eyes that glowed, but did they really think that they were going to scare him?

Two Stalchild followed him for what seemed like over an hour, keeping their distance from him. They acted as if they didn't know what to make of this newcomer, and truly they were confused. Finally, it seemed unanimous among them. This newcomer had the body form of those things called Hylians. That was all that they needed to know. One of the Stalchild sunk back into the ground, only to come up again directly in front of Dark Link, it's right claw raised to strike. It got the business end of a sword through its skull for that maneuver.

Dark Link pulled the sword out of the Stalchild's skull, letting the Stalchild's body disintegrate back into the ground. He turned around, gracefully sending the sword blade through the body of the second Stalchild behind him. He didn't have time to be bothered by these things. But it seemed as if the Stalchild had other plans. Instead of the normal two Stalchild that usually appeared in the place of the fallen ones, three came up, limping toward Dark Link, their red eyes glowing menacingly, their skeletal claws brandished. All three were disposed of in less than a minute.

Then, the sound of a horse caught Dark Link's attention. The neighs of the horse were nearby, though Dark Link couldn't see it. Something coursed through him. Another one of those feelings that he had inherited from the memories of his better half. Pity, and the need to save this animal. Dark Link tried to turn and walk away, but the feeling nagged him all the harder the farther he walked from the sound. Growling to himself, he turned and began to walk toward the sound of the screaming horse.

After a minute, he found the horse. The horse was a beautiful black stallion, it's mane and tail black as well, looking as if every strand was made of smooth silk. The stallion almost blended in well with the night, and if it hadn't been for the full moon Dark Link was sure that the horse would have been looked over completely if it hadn't been making all that noise. Surrounding the stallion was its reason for all that noise. Twenty Stalchild stood around the horse, giggling their obnoxious laughter as they slashed at the animal. Every now and then a Stalchild would be struck down by one of the horse's hooves, or the horse would head-butt he creature, sending it flying backward.

At first, Dark Link wondered why the horse didn't just run, but then he saw why. There wasn't a chance of running.

The Stalchild had it backed into a corner, and some of the Stalchild that were surrounding it were easily the size of a grown man, or even taller. The horse didn't have a fair fight.

Dark Link jumped forward, brandishing his sword high in the air, slashing downward on the first Stalchild. The others turned and looked his way, though not for long. Several more received the blade of his sword through their skulls, and several were discombobulated, yet they still walked around, headless as they were. Though they were taller, Dark Link found that they were no stronger than their smaller halves. Soon all twenty Stalchild were sent back into the ground from whence they came.

Casually, Dark Link looked over to the horse, who's eyes were locked squarely on his. Strange thing... Dark Link felt this strange feeling of pride inside of him for saving this animal. He frowned, trying to force the feeling from him.

The only reason he did a good deed was because of the half of him that was Link. If there was a reward for saving this piece of horse flesh, he didn't want it. He turned and walked away, sheathing the Dark Master Sword back in its sheath on his back.

He stopped, realizing something. There was this feeling in his arms and legs that he hadn't felt before. He knew what it was, but he didn't understand why he felt it. If he was a shadow, then he shouldn't feel exhaustion or tiredness.

Yet here he was, feeling very much so tired. He felt...sleepy... He knew he needed somewhere to rest, but the Hyrule Field wasn't the safest of places at night. His eyes scanned the field. In the distance he caught the glimpse of light from what appeared to be windows. He started to walk that direction, but something made him take a quick glimpse over in the horse's direction.

The horse was not there. He had not even heard it when it had walked off.


Dark Link strode into Lon Lon Ranch, keeping looking over the buildings as he walked. The inside light was visible in the window, so it appeared that someone was awake inside. The building to his right, however, had no windows. He'd take his chance there. He opened the door and walked in. He found himself in a stable of some sort, yet the smell of it didn't fill his nostrils as it would any normal person. This confused him. He could feel exhaustion, yet he could not smell nor feel heat or cold? He was still a shadow but something else all the same. It confused him too much.

Finding some bales of hay in the corner, he sat on it, resting back on it with his hands clasped across his middle.

He'd sleep only for a couple of hours. He supposed that would be all he would need.