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Chapter 2: The Forest Temple and the Wind Gem

"That's right you're the Hero of Destiny." Coltessa said. "So go somewhere and put those clothes on. The Hero can't wear what you're wearing. It's a tradition!"

Link knew it would be useless to argue with Coltessa. So he sighed and went somewhere to change. When he came back, everyone was in awe. Excluding Coltessa.

"Who knew Link was the legendary heor that has saved Hyrule in the Shadow War?" Rusl said.

"Now take this..." Coltessa handed Link the crown. "To make sure you don't lose it. I'm coming with you through the Forest Temple."

"Why the Forest Temple?" Link asked.

"We have to gather all seven gems to activate the Destiny Gem. The crown itself isn't magical, but the Destiny Gem is what can grant it's wielder infinite power. Only we have to keep it from the Lord of Darkness' hands and keep his Shadow Gem from entering the Light Gem slot. If the Shadow Gem is placed on the crown, in place of the Light Gem. The crown will grant Gannon infinte power."

"How did you know that I was the hero?"

"Because Link, the last hero's name was Link. Plus did you notice the Triforce symbol on your hand with the Triforce of Courge glowing?"

Link looked at his right hand. Indeed the Triforce appeared on his wrist. The Triforce of Courage was glowing even brighter than the entire Triforce.

"See the Hero of Destiny is the keeper of the Triforce of Courage. Princess Zelda is keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom and the Dark Messiah Gannondorf is the keeper of the Triforce of Power." Coltessa explained. "If Gannondorf captures the crown and adds the Shadow Gem, in place of the Light Gem, then he can use the crown to get your pieces of the Triforce. However he must kill you and Zelda to get those pieces. If someone with any of the Triforce kills another Triforce wielder, that person will get the Triforce the deceased once held. If all three Triforces are combined, then the user will live eternally and have one wish granted. Gannondorf's wish is to create eternal darkness over the entire world."

"How do you know all of this stuff?"

"Come on Link! You're talking to a Guardian Angel. I should know all of the stories and how things work! I was granted power by the seven angels!" Coltessa said. "Now we have to get the Wind Gem before Azazel or Gannondorf sends their minions here to get it themselves. Which is impossible, as you must hold the crown to retrieve the gems."

"Link we're heading back to the Aero Ship." Rusl said. "When you get done in there. Come back to the ship and we'll go back to Oocca City."

"I forgot to mention that Oocca City has been destroyed." Coltessa told the party. "Luckily the citizens, Princess Zelda and wounded soldiers escaped. They should be heading down here."

"We'll wait for them then." Auru said. "We best be setting up camp and try to signal the escapees."

The hunting party left Link and went back to Ordon Village. Link checked his equipment. He had two Clawshots, a Gale Boomerang, bow and arrows, bombs, iron boots, a slingshot given to him from one of the children, a lantern and oil, four bottles of red potion and even water bombs. Looks like his equipment is complete. He even has a Hyrulian Shield and a sword, both given to him when he joined the Resistence.

"Alright, I have everything." Link said. "Let's go Coltessa."

"Finally!" Coltessa entered the Forest Temple first, by phasing through the door. Link follwed by opening the door. Inside the foyer, which is covered with trees and other plant life, the two took in the sights. However something unnerved Coltessa.

"What's wrong?" Link asked.

"Just some bad vibes." Coltessa replied. "I can feel the Sage of Wind's presence just beyond that door, in front of us. But I cal also feel a evil presence here as well. Azazel must have sent his minions here to stop us. We have to save the Great Deku Tree! He's in serious danger!"

Link walks up to the alter's door and finds a big lock on it. "Looks like we have to find a key before we can move ahead."

"You're right... There are ten rooms. Five on the left side of the temple and five on the right side of the temple. I'll take the door on my right and you take the door on your left. Use that Seeing Stone that you have to contact me. I'll notify you on the Seeing Stone if I have found the key. Agreed?"


The two went their seperate ways in the temple. Link looked through the first room, but he found only a few spiders. Which he killed with his sword.


Coltessa found only a few spider creatures, which she dispatched with her bow and light arrows. She kept searching for the Big Key in each of the rooms. Third room she entered, actually led outside.

"Oh crud..."

Winds were blowing two sets of bridges. Two bridges on her side and two on Link's side. It looked like the five rooms came together to huge room in the back, which Coltessa was able to see from her position.

"It would make more sense to hide the key in that last room over there." Coltessa told herself and she flew over to the building, that was connected by the five rooms on either side.


Link didn't find the key in the five rooms he was searching for. He found monsters only. He went through the door leading to the hallway, that Coltessa would be waiting for him in. He opens it to find Coltessa waiting by the door to the last room of the temple.

"Couldn't find the key either?" he asked.

Coltessa replied. "Nope. But I think this would be the room with the key inside. Funny, I didn't know this building exsisted. I only thought there the five rooms on either side of the alter."

"I thought there was a extra building." Link said. "After I didn't find the key in my five rooms."

Coltessa breaks the lock on the door for Link and opens the door. "Well after you."

Link enters with Coltessa following behind. Inside the room was lit by several blue crystals. In the center was the blue crystal statue of a anthromorphic Chinese dragon. Link decided to get a closer look of it.

"Don't get to close Link!" Coltessa warned, but Link touched it anyway. The statue came to life to form the Azure Dragon Spirit of the Woods, Dragoona.

Cursed Azure Dragon: Dragoona

"Link!" Link drew his sword and prepared for a fight. The dragon's red eyes stared at Link before flying around the room. Even though it wore blue and gold armor and had no wings, it could still fly with magic. The dragon dives at Link with his sword out, but Link rolls our of the way and strikes a piece of armor off. The dragon keeps doing this and Link keeps taking pieces of armor off. Until the dragon humanoid was practically naked. Angry, Dragoona goes for the kill. However the dragon was blinded by rage, that Link aimed his bow and fired a arrow at the spirit, which freed the dragon of the curse placed upon him. Freed, the dragon falls to the ground and kneels before Link.

"Thank you Hero of Destiny." Dragoona said in a deep voice. "You have freed me from my curse. You have my many thanks. Now I shall open the door to the Great Deku Tree. He's safe, no one can enter the alter room of this temple. Plus take this key."

Dargoona handed Link a key with a sapphire in it. "This key will give you access in the most powerful weapon. So you can free our leader, the Golden Dragon. But you must release the remaining three spirits of their curse. Only then can they give you their keys."

The three were transported back to the main foyer and Dargoona takes out his sword. His sword is gold with a double edge cerrated blade. Along the middle of the blade is a line of sapphires. The gold hilt is also decorated with sapphires.

"Hero of Destiny, take my sword. It'll be of more use to you than me. Plus your sword doesn't seem to be as strong as mine. So use my sword instead." Link took the sword and got rid of his old one. "It will help you greatly. Until you retrieve the 'Sword of Evil's Bane'. The sword that the last Hero of Destiny wielded to end the Shadow War. Now follow me."

Dragoona walked up to the door and used his magic to break the lock on the door. It opened and the trio entered the sanctuary. Where there was nothing but a tree with a face on it. "Great Deku Tree! I am sorry! Please forgive me for what I've done!"

"Dragoona... Please don't apologize. I forgive you." the tree said. "Is this the person who broke your curse?"

"Yes Great Deku Tree." Dragoona said. "This is the Hero of Destiny, Link."

"Oh thank you Link." Deku Tree said. "Please hold out the crown you posses."

"You mean this?" Link takes the crown out of the satchel he put it in.

"Yes. That is it!" the Deku Tree concentrated on the crown. After a green glow appeared on a slot in the crown, a green gem was left. "There you now have the Wind Gem. You only need six more gems to complete the crown."

"That's it?" Link said. "That was quick."

"Yes it is. Now please find the other six gems."

"They're scattered all over Hyrule! Where do I being my search?"

"Head for Zoras' Domain. There you shall find the Black Tortoise Spirit of Water, Tortei and the Sage of Water, who will give you the Water Gem."

"I shall teleport you out of here." Dragoona said. The dragon used his magic once more teleport Link and Coltessa to the outside of the Forest Temple. Then Dragoona turned into a oriental dragon and flew away. Where he is going, no one knows. Not even the Great Deku Tree. Link and Coltessa decided to go to Ordon Village. To see how everyone is doing.


Zelda, Zant and Impai were the first to greet Link and Coltessa. Then everyone else did as well.

"We were worried that you two didn't make it." Rusl said.

"Her Higness is relieved that you two are well." Impai said.

Rusl led Link to the mayor's house, where Zelda is staying with Bo. "We have something that we found for you to use."

At the house, Link saw a horse and a old Aero Fighter. The horse had red fur with a silver tail and mane.

"We found this horse once the Shadow Land curse was lifted." Rusl explained. "It seems that when you got the Wind Gem, the curse over this area was lifted. However more areas of Hyrule are still cursed."

"It must have been when we broke the Azure Dragon's curse Link." Coltessa said. Link nodded in agreement with Coltessa.

"Well where are you off too next?"

"I have to go to Zoras' Domain." Link replied. "That is my next destination."

"Zoras' Domain huh?" Rusl said. "Well Link you may not be able to use the horse to get to Lake Hylia, but I can fix the Aero Fighter for you and Coltessa."

"Cane we think of a name for the horse?" Coltessa asked. "So we stop calling it Horse?"

"Well Link, what do you think?"

"I think I'll name it Epona."

"Nice name. Epona it is."


It was getting dark when Rusl and the Aero repair crew finished the repairs on Link's Aero Fighter. It was decided that Coltessa will work the gun with her light magic. That way they stood a better chance of defending themselves against the armies of the Shadow Lands.

"So you're ready for our trip tomorrow?" Coltessa asked Link inside Link's treehouse.

"I'm ready." Link said with a smile. "You know. It was kind of sudden that this all happened to me. I don't think I'm ready for all of this responsiblity."

"You don't have to shoulder the responsibility of Hyrule by yourself Link. I'll bear some of it with you." Coltessa said. "You will never so this alone."

"That's a relief." Both laughed at Link's statement. It's morning now and the two get into the Aero Fighter. Link starts it up and as everyone is wishing them good luck or saying goodbye. The Aero Fighter takes to the sky and flies to Lake Hylia, where Zoras' Domain and the Water Temple is located.

"Look down there Link!" Coltessa pointed down to the ground, still cursed by the Shadow Lands. Link looks down and to his surprise, sees the land of Hyrule as a actual Hell. The ground has no grass, but cover with brimstone. Sure the Ordon Village and the forest didn't look like that exactly. Probably because of the influence of the Wind Gem reached that area. There were lava flows and holes spewing lava and fire. The temperature increased a few degrees. Making it a bit unbearable for Link. Coltessa, can't stand the power of the Shadow Lands and longs for the power of the Water Gem or light to stay from dying. Yes angels can die. They usually become Soul Spheres or Daemon's like Azazel. Coltessa doesn't want either of those happening to her. She even knows why the sages posses the gems. It's because all seven angels are dead. She felt their pain when Azazel and Gannondorf slayed them all and took over Hyrule. Their deaths was the beginning of the end of Hyrule. Now Link and Coltessa are on a mission to restore Hyrule.

"We're nearing Lake Hylia, Coltessa." Link said. "Look at it!"

Coltessa knew it. Despite her heavy breathing and nearing death, she looks with a smile on her face. Lake Hylia is influenced by the Water Gem. It hasn't been cursed by the Shadow Lands.

"Let's hurry Link." Coltessa said. "I can't last one more minute in this cursed land."

Author's Comment: Well this chapter is done. Next up is the Water and Fire Temples respectively.