Return of Namikaze

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Chapter 1 Spies

Sakura Haruno walked down the street of Konoha on one of her few days off from the hospital. The 20 year old Sakura was a bombshell anomy the female population, all the male population of the village who weren't already with someone would have been after her. However she down right scared most of them, she was third in charge of all medical ninja, she also had a mess with me and I will kick your ass to next week personality and she had the super human strength to back it up, because of that she was alone even at age 20. Her old team had fallen apart; four years ago her teammate Naruto had brought back Sasuke Uchiha. However Sasuke hadn't changed much he was still as dark as ever. "Sasuke-kun" thought Sakura as she lowered her head "Why her?" When Naruto brought Sasuke back however she never got the time of day from him but Ino had somehow captured his dark eyes. They had been dating now for two and half years. To make things worst Naruto had left just after he brought Sasuke back on a long term S rank mission with Jiraiya and Kakashi. All she knew about the mission was they went to hunt down a group of S class ninja. Suddenly Ino appeared at her side.

"Hay forehead guess what I just saw?" said Ino

"What?" asked Sakura as she rolled her eyes at her friend.

"I just saw the perfect man for you." Said Ino

"So you saw Sasuke-kun." Asked Sakura as her blond hair friend glared at her.

"Sasuke-kun is mine forehead girl and has been mine for almost three years." Said Ino with hate in her voice. "And here I was trying to be a good friend by finding you a man. However when I try to help, you try to get my man."

"Fine, fine I will come with you." Said Sakura as Ino grabbed her hand and dragged her away. Soon Sakura found herself by one of the bath houses. "Why are we here?"

"Like I said forehead girl I am showing you your perfect man." Said Ino as she jumped up into one of the high trees that surrounded the bath house. Sakura followed her friend up to the tree what she saw stunned her. There was the most heavenly man she had ever seen. The man was sitting down in the steaming water, she could see his muscles even at this distance, his wild blonde hair and a hot towel covered his eyes and his face. Who ever this guy was he was best looking guy she had ever seen, he even beat Sasuke-kun. Suddenly a something that looked like a giant red dog appeared next to the man.

"Well kit it seams that we have some females looking at us." Said the Kyuubi making sure that the two female couldn't here him.

"What is this we part about?" Responded Naruto

"Without me kit, your body would be covered in scars from all those battle against Akatsuki." Responded Kyuubi

"They where only after me because of you." Said Naruto back to the fox

"Well it doesn't matter now, they are all gone." Said the Fox "When do you need to meet the Hokage?"

"In about half and hour" said Naruto as he took the towel away from his face. Reveling to the girls his bright blue eyes and now whiskerless face. Naruto had lost his birth marks after he made a deal with the fox in return for the foxes freedom from Naruto, the fox would become a summon creature that only Naruto and his children (when he had some) could use. It wasn't so bad losing the marks they had always worked against him in inflation missions anyway. Most of the time now the Kyuubi would be at Naruto's side because they had grown very close over the years of training and fighting together.

"My God look at those eyes." Said Sakura as she started at those bright blue eyes that seamed so warm.

"I knew that you would like him." Said Ino with a smirk as she watched her friend drool over the man. Suddenly steam filled the air when the steam dissipated the man had disappeared. "Where did he go?"

"I don't know?" said Sakura unwire that they where being watched.

"Well, well I would never think those two would be spying on me" thought Naruto with a smirk as he stood full dressed in a nearby tree. Naruto just stood their taking in the sight of Sakura. She had grown in more then one way. She was a little bit taller and her hair was also a little longer still no where near the length of Ino. She was beautiful beyond Naruto's dreams. He couldn't even think of words that could example her beauty. "Well I have to go meet Tsunade." With that Naruto turned toward the Hokage's tower and disappeared in a golden flash.

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