I require your help. I have already planed out Return of Namikaze 2 and my un-named story that you saw earlier in this story. Now I always plan my story out before I write it, so I have set up a poll to see what you want of me after I finish those two Naruto story. So in-order to help you vote I have prepared clips form each of the stories.

Now all these are un-edited so forgive any mistakes.

The Un-named Naruto that will be written after Return of Namikaze 2

"I summon you through fire and flames, through rock and stone. To unleash your unending power." yelled the black ninja as a giant gust of wind blew them back. "Now honor our convent and show yourself." With that the wind became hurricane strength as the fire shot up into the air and started to dance. The Dancing flames became the image of a huge red fox.

"It can't be?" said Sasuke as he looked at the beast that started to take form as he looked at the strange ninja.

"I Naruto Namikaze summon you Kyuubi the nine tails fox!" yelled Naruto as he ripped off his mask showing his face to his stunned former friends.

Now for the ones you can vote between.

Avatar the Last Air Bender-Aang was killed by the Fire Lord and Katara didn't win against Azula and now 15 years in the future a New Avatar is in search of his former selves masters.

"You water tribe member why didn't you report for inspection with the other filth of this village!" yelled a fire Nation soldier.

"I don't have to report." said the man

"Yes, you do." Yelled the soldier as he threw a fire ball at the man. Nikta (Nikta is the new avatar.) watched as the strange man turned around and broke the fire ball before launching to fire balls of his own causing the soldier to fall on his but.

"See I am not water tribe I am fire nation." said the man.

"What is your name." asked Muza (Azula's son)

"My name is un-important to some brat." said the man as Muza glared.

"Brat I will show you." yelled Muza as he charged up some lightening "Take that!" he yelled as he fired the lightening toward the man. However suddenly the man took Muza's lightening into one hand before coming out the other.

"That is him!" yelled Aang in Nikta's head "That's Zuko."

Avatar the Last Air Bender/Naruto-Naruto, Sakura and Sai chases Sasuke as he chases Itachi to a world beyond the ninja world.

"So where did Sasuke and Itachi go?" asked Sakura as she placed her hand on the side of the mountain where the seal was placed.

"I can answer that kit." Said Kyuubi in Naruto's mind

"What are you talking about fox?" asked Naruto back

"This is the demon door." Said Kyuubi "It is the way into the sprit world where demons and others power creatures live."

"What would Itachi want in the sprit world, the Akatsuki are dead so there is no reason to go there." Said Naruto

"Yes, there is. See there is another world where Itachi could cause a lot of trouble." Said Kyuubi

"What world is that?" asked Naruto

"The world of the elements where instead of chakra they control the elements themselves and one of them controls them all." said Kyuubi "With Itachi's eyes and ninja skills he could rule that world."

Battlestar Galactica/Stargate-SGA meets up with the Battlestar Galactica

"This better be good McKay" yawned John Sheppard as he stood along with the rest of his team looking at Dr. Rodney McKay's computer in the Atlantis's control room.

"Believe me it is." said McKay as he pushed a button and a Stargate address appeared on the screen. "This is P5X151."

"You woke us up at 5 in the morning to look at a gate address." said Ronon Dex as he glared at McKay.

"I am sure he has a good reason." said Teyla Emmagan as she put a hand on Ronon's shoulder.

"He better." said Ronon.

"Ok then this I think you will like." said McKay "It took as months to get this out of the Ancient database. Apparently this was one of the ancients main planets and"

"Cut to the chase Rodney I am haven't had my coffee this morning." said Sheppard

"It was the base for their entire fleet. The whole planet was turned into a military base when the war with the wraith started. It was also the last planet to fall to the wraith." Said McKay

"Alright I am interested so you're saying this planet may have some interesting weapons that we could use." said Sheppard

"Not could does." said McKay "According to the database before the ancient abounded the planet after the Wraith lied siege to it, they made a bunker to hid weapons if they where able to return."

"Now that is cool so what are we dealing with drones and puddle jumpers?" asked Sheppard

"How does a fleet sound to you?" asked McKay as their eyes went wide.

"A fleet of Ancient Warships?" asked Sheppard

"Is there an echo in here, yes a fleet of warships and they should be all ready to go." said McKay "15 warships all waiting for us to go get them."

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek-the Federation starship USS Voyager comes across the Battlestar Galactica

"What do you have Seven?" asked Chakotay as he and the Captain walked into the Astrometrics bay.

"I have detected a group of ships on long range sensors; they are a day ahead of us." Said Seven as the screen zoomed in on a sector of space.

"I see or first contact with the locals of this side of the Delta quadrant." Said Janeway

"Captain that isn't the reason I called you both here. I installed some sensors upgrades based on Admiral Janeway's shuttle sensors and the reviled this." Said Seven as she touched the screen and a chart appeared next to the group of ships.

"What are we looking at?" asked Chakotay

"This is a bio energy scan" said Seven as she folded her hands behind her back "With this I can tell what spies is on these ships".

"So you saying that you can tell me based on this who is on those ships." Asked Janeway

"Yes and according to the Borg database on bio energy of all assimilated races." Said Seven "They are all members of species 5618 Human."


"Now listen up Clyons. This is Admiral Adama and I have someone here who would like to talk to you." said Adama over the wireless.

"We don't care about what you have to say Adama because you are about to be destroyed." Said the three

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Said a new voice over the wireless.

"Who is this?" asked the three

"I am Admiral Church on the USS Yorktown flag ship of the UNSC 17th fleet. We have made contact with the Adama and we demand that you leave the planet peaceful or we will remove you by force."

"Adama stop joking around there is no other ships on dradus so stop playing us for fools."

"So you will not leave peacefully." Said Church

"How about you just drop the act and surrender the Galactica Adama and we will let your people join the rest on the surface."

"I will never give up the Galactica to a toaster." Said Adama

"Then you will be destroyed." Said the three.

"No you will. Admiral Church to all ships the time is now." Said Church as suddenly 12 ships appeared on the dardus screen. The three's eyes widened at the size of the ships before them as more dots appeared as fighters shot out of the new ships. "Now you know the truth Cylons you can't win against us now what do you say?"

"I see 10 ships less then ours true they are big but we can solve that problem. Send the virus." Ordered the three as a four sent the virus only to see no change in power reading or movement.

"I am not sorry to say this but we are better with computers then you. Now stand down or we will sweep you away." Ordered Church

"We will never stand down." Yelled the three into the wireless.

"So be it, Admiral Church to all ships. In the name of Earth and all her colines attack."

Battlestar/Dr. Who

"Who are you?" asked the three as she looked at the strange looking man wearing a suit with an-over coat and what looked like running shoes. Who was standing in front of a blue box with the words police on it.

"I could ask you the same question." Said the man "Something had to draw the tarus here."

"I will be the one asking the questions." Said the three as the near by cylon centurion's hands became guns. "Now start talking or I give the orders to kill you."

"Now what would be the fun in killing little old me." Said the man

"That's it." Yelled the old man twos "Fire!" The bullets ripped through the air but somehow nothing happened.

"What?" said the three

"Oh, did I forget to mention that my ship put up a force field to protect me." Said the man "Sorry to stop you from killing me."

"Who are you?" asked the two

"I am the Doctor."

Naruto-I have a general idea for a Shikamaru/Temari story with Naruto/Sakura on the side.

23 year old Shikamaru Nara leaned his head against the titled wall of his shower as the warm water ran down his body. "It's over." Thought Shikamaru as he put a hand one the wall as well "But at what cost." With that he punched the title wall breaking a few of the titles. The Sharp edges of those titles caused his blood to flow down into the water before going down the drain.

"Troublesome." Said Shikamaru as he looked at his blood covered knuckles. He turned off the water before stepping out of the shower after drying off and putting on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt he wrapped his knuckles. No one will ask about the small injury since there were a lot of people walking around with injuries like his. After he finished with the wrapping he walked down the hallway of his small house on the Nara clan compound. However before he entered his bedroom he stopped and looked at the picture on a small table. "Of the 12 people in the picture four would never return to the ANBU core and one wouldn't come back because of the lost of another." The picture was off four groups of three people each. They where each a ANBU squad and normally they wouldn't of worked together but these four teams worked so well together it was allowed during the war with the cloud village. In fact they where the team that ended the three year long war. The 23 year old eyes of Shikamaru looked at the masked faces but knew who was really behind those masks. The Eagle mask, Neji Hyuuga stood next to the rat masked female also known as Tenten Hyuuga. The last member of that squad was Lee and his horse mask that wouldn't be worn again.

"I should have stayed with you Lee. I am sorry." said Shikamaru as he remembered finding Lee's body with dozens of kunais in his chest and one in his head. Next in the picture came himself in a raven mask, Ino in a cat mask and Chouji in his bear mask. He found out after the battle was won that Chouji had thrown himself in front of a fire ball to save his girlfriend Ino.

"I can't believe he is gone." Thought Shikamaru as he looked at his the picture of his dead friend. However his eyes moved on to the next team of ANBU, Shino in a beetle mask, Kiba Inuzuka in a dog mask and finally Hinata Inuzuka in a bunny. Now neither of these three had taken part of the battle because just a week before the final battle the Hinata had given her life in order to bring hers and Kiba's little girl into the world.

Kiba had said he wouldn't be coming back to the ANBU, he wanted to raise his daughter, he still would go on missions but as a regular jonnin. Lastly there was Sai in a crow mask and the two masked foxes. It wasn't normal for a squad to have two of the same animal masked ninjas but when your student of the Hokage and when you have been dating for the lack of a better term the grandson of the Hokage for two years some of those small rules can be bent. Sakura Haruno had on the fox mask with the pink on the side and was called vixen, Naruto's fox mask was orange on the sides and he was the one called fox because of the Kyuubi with in him. Sai had given his life in order to Naruto the shot to finish the cloud kage and end the war.

These are the ones you can vote for. So please go out and vote.