Metallic boots clanked nosily on a metallic floor as a figure, looking very much like a small android in armor, walked down the hall of a large metal structure on a darkened planet. The clanking stopped for a moment as the figure paused to check its bearings. Was this the place? Or did it have to walk a little further? A map appeared in the figures vision and zeroed in on the right location. Ah! It still had to walk a few more feet.

The clanking began again as the figure closed the remaining distance and came toward a rather large, intimidating metal door. It stopped at the door and waited for it to open. The door slid open and the figure stepped into the room, also dark and intimidating, and stood before a much larger machine like figure sitting in a metal chair.

"I am here," the smaller figure said. looking up at the larger being. "and so are my services."

The giant mech, with a slightly humanoid body structure and sporting many scars from numerous battles leaned forward in it's chair, its hands grasping the arm rests with dark silver and rust colored fingers. the wings on its back, once a silver color and now tarnished and bent scraped the low ceiling as the figure leaned toward the speaker. Two red optics, dimmed slightly from age and disrepair, searched the shadows for a moment for the speaker. They finally came to rest on a small robotic figure in red and yellow colors. The larger figures dark metal face brightened slightly and the lip components turned up slightly in a smirk. "Ah, so you did received my message, bounty hunter," it said in a low grating voice.

The figure nodded. "What is it that you want?" it asked in a voice devoid of any gender. "I received your call for a bounty hunter's services. There is just one thing before I completely agree. I would like to know what or who you want me to deal with."

The larger figure didn't beat around the bush. It leaned closer to the smaller figure and spoke its specific need in slow clear tones. "I want you to find and retrieve my creation," it answered. "I will pay you half in advance."

The bounty hunter said nothing as he thought about the proposal. Half in advance. That sort of deal was never handed to him before. It was very tempting but... "What if I cannot bring him back to you?" the hunter asked. "What if he is able to get away?"

The mech did not like the question but answered politely, though there was impatients in his voice. "You can keep the money," he said. "But, from your reputation, it is unlikely that you won't succeed."

Yes, the hunter,s reputation said a lot of things. But such flattery never scoured any points with him. He lifted his head and met the taller mech's optics, blood red and showing a form of desperation. "I shall do the best I can," the hunter promised, it's left hand absently playing with the mechanics on its right.

The mech's optics filled with relief and it slowly pushed itself out of the chair and stepped down toward the smaller figure. The closer he got the smaller it looked but that didn't matter. The hunter's size was not an issue. It had tangled with many creatures more than ten times its size. It would be doing it again, though it did not know it at the time. "Thank you," the giant mech said, leaning down and bringing his face to the bounty hunters eye level. "You shall not regret this."

The bounty hunter had heard that line before but did not react to it. Instead it changed the subject to the matter of its visit. "Tell me about your creation," he said. "I need to know something about him so he'll be easier for me to find. What does he look like and where am I most likely going to find him?"

The mech rose to his full height once more and turned from the hunter, facing a large blank screen built into the left wall. He pressed the power button and a recording began to play. "This is my creation," the mech explained as another metallic figure appeared on the recording. This figure had a more graceful body structure than the old mech, less bulky in built. Sleek. Deadly. Its colors consisting of red, white, and blue. The only other colors on the figure was a dark gray head and a yellow area on its chest that looked like the cockpit of a military like jet. "His name is Starscream. He is the Air Commander for the Decepticon army and works for the Decepticon leader Megatron."

The bounty hunter didn't look at the mech as he explained further. "From the information I have been able to obtain, Starscream's last known location is on a planet inhabited by organic beings. The planet is called Earth."

"Earth," the hunter said thoughtfully, never tearing its gaze off the robot on the screen.

The mech noticed the strange tone in the hunter's voice and glanced down at him curiously. "Have you been there before?"

"Not in many years," the hunter replied. "But this gives me a good excuse to go back and see how things have changed since I was last there."

The recording ended there and the mech turned off the screen. He ejected a disc from the console and handed it to the hunter. "This will have everything you need on it," he told the hunter. "and will also enable you to communicate with me about your progress."

The hunter took the disk without a word. He looked up at the mech a moment then turned to go. "I shall contact you when I arrive," he said, starting out of the room.

"Wait!" the mech called after him.

The bounty hunter stopped and turned back to the giant mech. He looked up at its dark metal face. "Yes?"
"If you have any trouble capturing him and have to resort to violence promise me one thing," the mech said, holding up its hand. "Don't damage him too much. I want him brought back alive."

The hunter smirked, though the mech could not see the expression. "I will bring him back alive," he assured his client. "and I promise not to damage him- much."

"See that you don't," the mech called after the hunter as the smaller figure stepped out of the room and retraced its steps back down the hall and into the docking bay where its ship waited.

Don't worry, Silverblade, you shall have your creation. Together or in pieces.


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