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Kaito pondered the path his life had taken as he sat sprawled out on the beach chair. Multi-colored juggling balls rose and fell around him in increasingly intricate patterns. The magician had always thought better with something in his hands.

It had been a difficult road to walk, but he had made it. The Pandora Gem was gone, the elite of the Black Organization was in prison, and amazingly as it enough, Kaito had gotten away with it unscathed.

Of course, the media had caused a huge hubbub upon his return. It was to be expected. The Kaitou Kid was famous after all. The frenzy was already starting to subside though. The magician suspected the reporters were getting frustrated with their inability to catch him. No pun intended. It was hard to interview someone who could vanish in a literal heartbeat.

Idly the ex-thief considered starting his PI business back up before disregarding the idea. His actions would be far more closely scrutinized than they had been in the United States. It would take all the fun out of it.

Or perhaps he should fulfill his childhood dream and become a professional stage magician. Kaito certainly had the skills. He could even take on an apprentice; pass on his knowledge to the next generation. The magician would always treasure the expression on his three favorite tantei's faces when they had come upon their former prey teaching their children how to juggle.

Kaito grinned as a third option presented itself. The Task Force could certainly use someone of his skills. Wouldn't that be ironic, an ex-thief working with the group that bore his name. He doubted they would turn him down. The ex-kaitou would be an asset to any theft investigation, which was what Nakamori's men specialized in.

Oh well, it wasn't as if he had to decide now. The world was wide open. The magician could do anything he chose. Kaito's juggling balls disappeared into an unseen pocket as the magician stretched back to gaze at the sky. It was the same color as his Father's eyes had been.

"Do you see me Dad?" Kaito murmured. "I did it." He only wished the first Kaitou Kid was there to witness his victory. Then again, perhaps his spirit was.


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