The Beginning

Hinata's paces were fast. Her long, dark hair swayed in the breeze as she ran outside of the main school building and walked towards the gym. "I've got to get going. I'm almost late for class!" She thought to herself as she pushed open the doors and looked around. "Where is he?!" She fiddled with the envelope between her index finger and thumb. She finally saw the face she was looking for.

"Coach Kakashi!" she yelled as she ran towards her P.E. coach. She quickly looked at another direction as she gave him the envelope.

Her coach opened it, read the words quietly and then glared at the poor girl. "…You're switching this class for home ec?"

"Y-yes.." she said quietly, turning towards her teacher, but looking down at her feet. Her cheeks turned a light pink. She knew she was okay in PE but she couldn't stand the people there. There also was some other reason, though…

Hinata was able to hear the school bell ring and took a glimpse at her wrist watch. The bell was late..

"I don't understand, Hinata. I thought you liked this class." Her coach said, still staring at the dark haired girl in front of him.

"I- I did! I m-mean…I do…b-but it's just…th-the people here…" Hinata knew the real reason she changed classes. "Naruto is in home ec…" (A/N: lmao. Naruto in home ec?!)

I suppose, Hinata.." Kakashi said, slightly annoyed.

Hinata turned and walked towards the door, her cheeks still pink.

"Oy! Bye, Hinata-chan! I'll see ya in the halls!" Tenten called out, just before Hinata left.

Hinata smiled at her friend and walked out. "I'm gonna miss Tenten… Gym was the only class I had with her… Oh least I'll be with Naruto-kun…" Hinata smiled to herself as she held her books close to her chest.



"Room A185." Hinata whispered as she stood in front of her new home ec class. She took a deep breath and opened the door.