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Chapter 17

Hinata scrambled out of the cafeteria towards the bathrooms. No one was inside, which she was thankful for. As soon as she closed the stall door, she burst into tears, realizing what had just happened, and wondering why she wasn't as happy as she thought she would be. She knew Naruto wasn't right for her, and yet, her heart still felt like it was breaking even after it was over, and she didn't really know why. She was so confused, and hurt, and just…

Hinata stopped crying immediately when she heard the door open and footsteps walking through the bathroom. Black shoes stopped right where her stall door stood.

"Hinata? What happened?" a familiar voice asked, worry in her tone. She knocked on the door frantically.

Hinata wiped her tears on her sleeve and nodded. "I'm… I'm alr-right, S-sakura…" She whispered. Hinata unlocked the latch and opened the door, revealing a very worried looking Sakura.

Sakura stared up at Hinata's puffy red eyes. "I saw you darting through the cafeteria… I-"

"We broke up." Hinata said quietly, staring down at the tiles on the bathroom floor.

Sakura nodded. "I thought that'd be the case." Deep inside, Sakura was glad. She knew well enough that this would be the last time Hinata would ever cry because of Naruto, but she couldn't but feel sorry for her friend. "What happened?"

Hinata walked out of the stall and towards the bathroom sink, staring at her reflection through the mirror. "It felt like everything was happening really fast…" she turned on the water faucet and washed her face with the cold water.

"Was he the one that broke up with you?" Sakura asked, coming out of the stall and closing the door behind her.

Hinata shook her head. "I did." she replied, turning to Sakura. Sakura almost smiled.


Sasuke stared down at the white counter top in front of him. He was in his own kitchen, book bag on the floor, guilt in his expression, hands fisted by his sides.

Itachi stared at him coldly on the other side of the counter top, hair in curlers, fresh lip gloss on his lips, nail polish bottle in his hand. Not for a minute did Itachi leave his glare.

Sasuke looked up at his brother. "Just say something, Ita." Sasuke demanded.

Sasuke shook his head and placed his palm on his forehead. "You're an idiot, Sasuke… What you did was so… so.."

Sasuke laughed coldly. "It's just a week, Ita. It's not a big deal."

Itachi frowned. "Not a big deal?" he yelled, arms flailing. He set the nail polish hard on the counter. "Getting a speeding ticket is not a big deal. Leaving the cookies in the over for too long isn't a big deal. But this…" Itachi went around the countertop and grabbed his brother's arms. "This is… this is like a broken nail big deal, Sasuke."

Sasuke smirked. His brother over reacted about everything.

"Don't look at me like that, Sasuke!" Itachi frowned. "Being suspended is bad! I mean… you can be suspended today, but what about the next day? What if getting suspended isn't enough, Sasuke? What if the next day you decide to rob a bank!" Itachi began to cry. "My poor little brother is a delinquent!"

Sasuke laughed. "Ita, don't cry, you'll ruin your make-up." Sasuke smiled when Itachi immediately stopped. "I'm not going to rob a bank any time soon."

"You better not," Itachi warned.

Sasuke shook his head.

Itachi smiled and hugged his brother. "I don't want you getting suspended again, no matter how much of a badass it'll make you look, you hear me?"

Sasuke nodded and got off of the stool, grabbing his book bag in the process. "You better pack your bags before oka-san and otou-san get here, Ita."

Itachi nodded. "I have to get ready, too. Are your little friends coming to the parade?"

Sasuke nodded, "I'll pick them up after school."

Itachi smiled and ruffled up his little brother's hair. "This better be the end of your life in crime."

Sasuke laughed and walked out the door.


The library was empty. Hinata watched as Sakura stacked books upon books all over the table they sat at. She sighed. "What are you doing?" she finally asked.

Sakura leaned on the stack of books and smiled at her friend. "Stacking books." she said, matter-of-factly.

Hinata rolled her eyes. "I can see that, but why are you stacking books?"

Sakura thought about it for a while and then shrugged. "So the librarian will think we're in here for a reason instead of just skipping Geometry?"

Hinata stared out through a crack between two stacks of heavy books and watched as the librarian spied on them, probably questioning the why they were there. She sighed and got off the chair, grabbing books and putting them in a neat stack in front of her. She stared up at Sakura, and watched as she played with the pages of one of the books. She didn't want to stack books. She didn't want to do anything besides sleep. Actually, she didn't even want to do that. What she wanted to do was leave the school, go home, crawl under her bed and stay there. Forever.

"I don't want to stack books," Hinata finally said. "Why'd we skip geometry, again?"

Sakura stopped playing with the book that seemed like it was falling apart and shrugged. "I don't really remember."

Hinata thought about geometry class and the teacher and she thought about the students in the class and that somehow she never really bothered learning any of their names or even bothering to remember their faces. Then she thought about the class it's self. It's bright lights and cluttered desks, white walls and the smell of markers. "Didn't we have a test today?" Hinata finally said, trying to remember if her teacher had said Monday or the day after.

Sakura stared at Hinata and smiled. "Oh, yeah. Now I remember."

Hinata rolled her eyes and was about to suggest that they go to class but then remembered about crawling under the bed and not doing anything, so she just stared at the book that was at the tip top of the stack. "Can we do something else besides stack books? Can we go somewhere else and not do anything there?"

Sakura stayed silent for a while, her emerald eyes staring down at the books, deep in thought. "Let's go to the bathroom." She finally said.

"We were just there, remember?"

Sakura nodded, "I know, but there's something I've been meaning to do."

Hinata sighed and bent down to grab her book bags. She followed Sakura out the library door and waved good bye to the librarian who watched them leave through the corners of their eyes.


Sasuke waited outside the school gates, wondering if where he was parked was over 50 meters from the campus. He didn't think so, but he didn't think that it would matter anyways, as long as he wasn't on the school campus. He opened the window and let the fresh air enter the car. And waited, listening to the school bell ring for the end of the day.

He watched as hoards of students in blue uniforms walked off and as cars began parking by the gates, parents waiting for their children. He wasn't sure how he'd be able to tell apart Hinata and Kiba from the rest of them, but when he noticed a boy with messy brown hair run towards his car, he realized it would be pretty easy. He locked the door and watched as Kiba fidgeted with the door.

Kiba began banging on the window and yelling that Sasuke had pressed the wrong button. Sasuke laughed and watched as Kiba tried opening the door again. After a while, Sasuke got tired and pressed the button which unlocked the door and Kiba happily slid into the back seats, laying down and using his book bag as a pillow.

Sasuke grabbed his cell phone and dialed Hinata's number and waited until she finally answered.


Sasuke's heart began to beat faster as he heard her soft voice. He hadn't seen her all day and all he wanted to do now was have her sit down in his car and just be with her and listen to her talk and smell the sweet scent of her lavender perfume.

"Hinata," he finally managed to say, "We're outside the school gates. Dog boy's asleep in the back seat, we're just waiting for you."

Hinata stayed quiet. "…what are you talking about, Sasuke?"

Sasuke laughed, "The Gay Pride parade my brother's going to be in. You said you'd come, didn't you?"

Hinata laughed a bit. "I kind of forgot about that.."

Sasuke smiled. He knew she'd forget about something like this so soon. "Well, can you come? We're just waiting for you."

"I'm on my way, but, Sasuke…?" she said, quietly.

"What is it?"

"Why didn't I see you at school today? I was sure you came today."

Sasuke stayed quiet and he didn't know what to say just then, so he decided he'd wait till she got there. "We'll talk about that later, when you get here."

Hinata stayed quiet but finally said okay and then hung up.

When Hinata was finally in the car, Kiba woke up and began to hug the backseat. Hinata smiled and stared at Sasuke, eyeing his expression.

Sasuke felt like he had stopped breathing, and suddenly he felt so sorry for getting suspended. He tried to smile, but couldn't, he just stared at her. Her warm smile, pearly eyes, her red cheeks. He'd missed her in the span of only a few hours.

Hinata stared at Sasuke, silently making out his expression and wondering why he'd said nothing since she got in the car.

Before either of them spoke, Kiba poked his head in between the two seats and hugged Hinata.

"Hina-chan, did you hear? Sasuke got suspended!"

Hinata stared at Kiba, eyes wide and then turned to Sasuke who was glaring at the dog boy. Kiba giggled and threw himself in the backseat, rummaging through his book bag and pulling out a bag of Cheetos and munched on them happily, saying something about having his 12th bag this day.

Sasuke turned back to Hinata, but suddenly wished he hadn't. He stared at her angry pale eyes and tried giving her a weak smile.

Hinata sighed and turned her head towards the window. "What did he do, Kiba?"

Kiba laughed and sat up once more. "He was choking Naruto." he smiled at Hinata and then turned to Sasuke, almost giddy. "I think we should get suspended with Sasuke!

Sasuke nearly banged his head against the wheel.


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