One of my main interests is the porn industry; how everything works behind the scenes and who is pulling the strings. I wanted to try a story that is located in that word, although I focus on the relationships between people and not the industry itself. Anyway, tell me what you think! It means a lot to me

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.


Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: In the world of the adult film industry you are not free to love. You use people and they equally use you. Do not mix plain sex with feelings. Ever. What if you did just that[SasuNaru, rated M for SEX and language

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

Gonna Make You Sweat

- Please, Mr. bank robber do not shoot me, I do not want to die!

I will not shoot you…if you suck me.

- What the hell?!?

You heard me, suck. Suck my dick or you suck this gun.

- I am not gay, please shoot me instead!

So, you are saying that I am gay…?

- No, no, hell no! You are a magnificent and gorgeous hetero!


- What the hell am I saying...please someone give me a gun so I can shoot myself…


Our director wants to know why I stopped and messed up with the lines. Well, I fucking do not want to suck Sasuke. No way in hell. The director asks me if I know that I am in the porn business and that "gay" is the word of the day. The director says that he wants us to do this and that and we are supposed to do as he pleases.

I have my self-dignity - I only do girls. Why the fuck does Sasuke stand there like this is okay!?!! I have never seen him do guys before and now he is okay with this?!? It is just a job, he says. Still, I do not want a man's shaft in my mouth or shoved up in my arse.

You are such a whiner, he says to me when we go to change our clothes. Me, a whiner? You fucker, it is not you, who has to put a dick in your mouth! I shout at him. It is not a big deal, he continues. Everybody does it, he says. Well, I do not, and the plot of that movie sucked anyway, I say. Bank robbers and hostages my arse…

I have been in this business for over a year now and Sasuke has been like forever…not really, more like…well, longer than me that is. Sasuke is this pretty boy; slender, beautiful skinned and amazing abs - your wet dream basically. And I? Well, I am tall -although not as tall as him- and I have got a nice face. No, it was not a self-compliment.

Of course face is not the only thing that counts; you have to have something down THERE. Okay, Sasuke's got a humongous organ but I am not far behind. He is the number one porn star we have here, but I do not mind since he is nice to work with.

Sasuke is five years older than me and some sort of mentor for me. It is not easy to work your way through in this industry so his help has been very much needed. By "nice to work with" I mean purely hetero sex. As I said, I do not do guys, but it seems that he has had his taste in men - at least once, since he acted so experienced. It is not like I am homophobic or anything…I just think God wanted men to have women and vice versa.

The reason why I joined the sex machine, meaning porn industry? I needed the money just like everyone else here. Moving out on your own at the age of sixteen was not a wise decision. Working part-time at low-wage places kept me hanging between suicide and death by starvation.

To my luck someone had left a newspaper on the bench at the buss stop and there I saw an advertisement for "male models". Even a dumb child would know it was an advertisement for porn movies. I saw my opportunity and seized the day as they say in Dead Poets Society.

I was not a virgin when I entered the business and trust me - that helped a lot. It is not every day you have to fuck someone before everyone's eyes, including Sasuke's. I so fucking panicked the whole time until I drowned in the moment. It seemed to be the trigger, since after my stylish intercourse they hired me.

The beginners do not get that much money, but luckily Sasuke took me as his "student" - not in a perverse way you sick bastards- and made me his co-star in his movies. It was new and somewhat kinky to have sex with someone in a room where you were not the only ones. Couple sex meaning switching partners and stuff, double penetration…let us just say I have learned many new tricks.

I am glad that I work for an honest porn firm which is to say that we are not forced to anything we are not into, we have to use condoms -safe sex hurray!- and we have to undergo drug and AIDS tests. Basically all this means adult entertainment instead of porn. Of course I know of people, who are used in this business, but everybody has to make their own decisions and know who to trust - it is just the way of life.

The only problem in this business is that it is almost impossible to date someone outside the industry. Why would any woman with self-respect date someone who fucks for his living? That is what I thought too.

Then the only option is to go for the ones, who work in the industry and you have to ask yourself; do you want a girlfriend who has been fucked by all your co-workers? Again I would say I thought so too.

Porn and relationships do not go hand in hand. The saddest thing is that people think it is superb that we get to have sex with all the lovely ladies but guess what? Technical sex gets boring when you do it day after day with no feelings involved.

That is the reality where I live in. I might regret this decision later when I see happy couples and children, but now it is enough that I can pay my rent.

Someone shouts my name and asks if I want to go drinking tonight. Well, I might as well, since it seems everybody -even Sasuke- is going. I would not want to look like a loser for not going. I do not have anything better to do anyway, so I might as well go.

It is never a normal pub where bunch of guys usually go - we always find ourselves at a strip club. Manny's Tit Lounge and the Manny guy is such a greased slick that it makes me vomit. He always comes to our table like we are friends and asks about the films and stuff. He just wants discount and bang our girls.

The girls at Manny's are not that bad - they just do not give to Manny. The guy has to jerk off by himself. I can only laugh. I get mesmerized by the dancing girls on the tables, their big buttocks and tiny strings. My favourite is Mezia, who has long red hair and a perfect body. Her breasts are magnificent, oh, let me nuzzle between them!

Sasuke sits only a table away from me talking to our cameraman. I just do not get it how he can be so uptight and only talk about work, work and work. He does not even glance at the girls. Well, more for me.

I start with beer that turns into whiskey at some point. How that happened - I do not know. I am quite wasted, yet, I am still able to talk to none other than Mezia herself. Her eyes glint -or at least I think they are her eyes- as she speaks with those blush lips…

Bathroom, my blurred brains order me. No need to say anything out loud, since she starts to drag me into the toilet. We stumble and I hit my head but it does not matter. A normal girl - or at least as normal as a stripper can be.

She pushes me against the wall since I have difficulties to stand. I devour her lips and we start to make out with such ferocity that it makes my head spin. Se smells like spring and flowers, what a sweet girl…I want to drown into her.

Everything is hazy until I hear the door open. Like I have not done this in public before…and we keep on enjoying our own adventure. Suddenly a hand yanks her away and warm breath hits against my face. I know this someone, perhaps or even maybe?

Boy, you cannot even hold your liquor that familiar voice says. Not just the liquor, but you are just too sloppy with your kisses, did I not teach you anything? He asks and I can hear the smirk, although I do not see his face.

Sasuke…do not interfere, everything is in control, I mumble. In control my arse…count this as a free tutoring, he says and presses his lips on mine. Mezia, who stands behind us, starts to gape for air and says she leaves us be.

She buttons her sex goddess top and while stepping out sighs "gays, for the love of God - I am such a homo magnet". Homo? What the hell? Then my mind registers that I am making out with Sasuke in the bathroom.

Why the fuck am I kissing him back? Those plush, pink, perfectly formed, soft, amazing…lips. He moves on to my neck and sucks my skin so hard it leaves a hickey. Serves you right, he says and steps back saliva trail still binding us together.

He licks his marvellous lips, turns around and leaves. Now I am standing all alone in the bathroom huffing and puffing, my mind a complete mess. HOLY FUCK! I scream and outside Sasuke smirks. I know it.