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One of my main interests is the porn industry; how everything works behind the scenes and who is pulling the strings. I wanted to try story that is located in that word, although I focus on the relationships between people and not the industry itself. Anyway, tell me what you think! It means a lot to me :)

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Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: In the world of the adult film industry you are not free to love. You use people and they equally use you. Do not mix plain sex with feelings. Ever. What if you did just that[SasuNaru, rated M for SEX and language

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

I hear distant sound of the steps that walk away from my door. I know it, but I could not help myself. I am a fucking idiot. I have to gather my thoughts and find work, perhaps even leave the city. This air suffocates me.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I start my life as just Naruto. Although I fucking know it is hard to get a job when your face and shaft decorates the sex shop windows. I think I have to call my dad…he is so going to kill me.

I rising star at the age of twenty but in the wrong business. I better go to sleep…the sooner I go, the sooner the morning comes.

The sun shines through my curtains and I take out my phone with trembling hands.

Hey dad…no, I am not asking for money…I just called…well, do you still need help at the café? I ask him almost whispering. Yeah, I know…I am sorry, please...? I am sad and pleading. Okay, I come tomorrow by train…I gather my things first and organize everything, I say to him and I know he loves to see me bending.

I hang up the phone and exhale.

Now I just need to pack my things. When I clean the apartment, I find my movies in which I co-star with Sasuke. I look at the covers and remember the time they were made, how everything was fine.

Now I am going back to my father's café and Sasuke, well, the feeling was not mutual although I never thought it would be in the first place. It does not mean that it hurts any less. I take those movies with me and I decide to hide them in my old room, where the closet is spacious. A memory of the good times.

My mind is blank and I suddenly realize I am sitting on the train squeezing my backpack tightly against my chest. Home. It does not feel like it. Mother is standing on the platform and waves at me.

We walk side by side not talking too much, what is there to talk? Hi mom, your son is an ex- porn star and fell in love with his male co-star and had lots and lots of sex with him. I used to talk to my mom about everything, but now it seems we have drifted apart. Probably because of my "career choice".

My mother swallowed it, but to my father it was a slap against his face. I do not think he has ever seen my movies. I hope not.

The house is still the same - bright red with white window frames. Mom lets me in and I climb the stairs into my old room. It looks like the same; my parents have not changed anything. It feels kind of cosy yet distant; like I do not belong here, in this time.

I unpack my belongings and head for downstairs. One can feel up the awkwardness that fills the air, but it is fine. I deserve it. Dad takes me to the café and shows the place around. Here is the blaa and blaa, he babbles, but I feel like I am not there.

My first day went fine and now I am heading for home, or the house I used to call my home. I wish I had avoided the sex shop, but I did not since I was lost in my own mind. Sasuke's new movie "The Enchanted Cunt". I look at the cover and sigh.

Somehow I always find myself walking past that same sex shop without even realizing it. It has been two weeks already since we saw each other the last time. It feels like an eternity. I actually do not even miss the industry I thought I liked; I do not miss the sex with the ladies.

When I jerk off, I only think of him - I wish it was him touching me instead of my own hands. After I cum I just feel empty. I know it takes some time to get over this, but why does it have to hurt? Do I look like I love pain, enjoy it? Hell no.

I go and buy some smokes on my way home. I do not usually smoke, but now I think I need to do just that. I walk along the road my hands in my pockets and all the ladies switch to the other side of the road. Am I that terrible? The day of the living dead.

I decide to buy some candy and rent a movie too - it is not like I have friends here anymore. When I step on to our lawn, I see a black car parked in front of our garage. Dad's truck is white and mom did not say we have guests.

I walk as casually as I can to our door and open it with my keys I got yesterday, since dad needed time to trust me again. Mom, I am home…I shout but my voice drifts away as I see the supposed guest sitting and chatting with my parents in the living room.

Sasuke, what are you doing here, I ask amazement in my voice. Oh, hi Naruto, my mom chirps and continues that Sasuke just dropped by to see how I was feeling and that she did not know I had friends back at that other place.

Naruto, I need to talk with you, Sasuke says and stands up. You boys go and chat, I make some coffee, she says happily. Thank you Mrs. Uzumaki, Sasuke says smilingly. That sly bastard…We walk into my room and he looks around like it was the first time he has arrived in someone's room.

Quite cosy, he says and I reply with a grunt. I lay on my bed my hands behind my back and I ask what has brought him here. You, he says. I tried to locate you for the past few weeks, but it seemed like you had vanished from the face of the Earth, he continues.

That night at your place, I did not know what to do or what to say, so I ended up leaving. I went home to think things straight and when I was ready, you were gone, he says almost sadly. It is not every day someone says they love you and it confused me, he continues.

I like you or else I would not have had sex with you, he says to me. Do not…I do not want to hear it, I say to him with tears in my eyes. I know liking is not loving and I do not want you to tell me that, I almost let out a sob. Hey, your co-worker is gay, funny…hahah, I try to laugh.

I fucking cannot help it, so do not mock me you asshole, I now whisper since my voice has fled. Naruto, I am so sorry…I did…he tries to say but I shout back at him that I do not need his sympathy and he should shove it up his arse.

It is not sympathy you little twerp, he says now a little angrier. I try to slap him, but I do not succeed since my vision is blurred with salty tears. You are a feisty one, are you not? He asks viciously. You stupid fuck-faced bastard, go to hell, I scream but it is cut short with him pressing his lips on mine.

Now I got you quiet, he smiles evilly. You just did not do that, I say to him disbelievingly. Oh, I just did and I am about to do more, he continues. Why? I ask. Because you never let me finish telling you why I am here…I have come to claim you mine, he says huskily. What?!??

Are you a stupid or what, do you actually think I would sleep with someone in my free time, if I did not like the person? I can fuck at work as much as I want but my private life is just that -private, he says sternly. But you, what about the fucking reasons? What the hell! I shout back at him.

So you are that dumb…I wanted to fuck your brains out the second I saw you stepping inside the director's office, why do you think I took you as my apprentice? He asks. You could have said something, I say back at him almost embarrassedly.

Use your small brains if you have them, would you have agreed knowing what I was thinking? He asks again. No…but…I stutter. So there you go, he concludes. After that outburst we just sit silently, me not knowing what to say.

So, are you going to come back with me? He asks. You know I cannot…I cannot go back there anymore and neither do I want - that is our difference, so do not come here acting like a macho, when you do not even know what you are talking about, I tell him.

You are an arse again, he says. Do you really think I would come back and ask you to work like we used to; do you fucking think I would let you even work there anymore? Now he is shouting. That does it you shithead, he says and takes me by the hand. He drags me downstairs into the living room, where my parents sip their coffee.

Mrs. and Mr. Uzumaki, I have come before you to tell you that I am in love with your son and I plan to take him with me…so I ask your permission to take care of Naruto, he tells them and my mouth just gapes for air.

Father almost chokes on his coffee and starts to cough, mother's eyes widen and she looks like a frightened antelope. Fucking great, I tell you…My mother is the first one to show any signs of recovering.

She smiles gently and says that although it took her by surprise, she kind of guessed it. So my son is a cocksucker…could have guessed it, since you always painted flowers, dad grunts. Now I am horrified.

Mom shushes at dad and says to us that it is okay, if it makes me happy. Well, this came from behind the corner…my homophobic parents, geez. Sasuke takes me by the hand and tells my parents that we are going to go pack my things again.

I want you to come with me to New York, he says. New York? I ask. Well, did you really think I was going to live my life as a porn star? He asks grinningly. I just wanted to explore new territories before I became the head of my father's office there, the Night Glass Co., he tells me and my jaw drops all the more.

He kneels down and I just gaze at him in stupor. Uzumaki, would you come with me to New York and by doing so make me happy? He asks. I do not know what to say. Dear fucking lord, I love you, you asswipe, now you come with me and stay with me too, he groans.

That is the way I like it, I laugh back at him. Okay, I come, but on one condition - I want to be on top the next time, I tell him with a grin. Fine, you can be even sideways if you want, geez…he grunts.

It seems he really does love me. Hah. New York, here I come - let the streets be paved with roses and gold for my love shall walk with me!