"Thank you, by the way," Telemachus said as he got into the bed he was to share with Peisistratus. They were in the portico of Diocles' house, after a fine dinner with him and his wife and daughters.

"What for?" The tall boy frowned up at him, blankets pulled modestly up to his chest.

"For today – for talking to me, and listening."

"What were we supposed to do, be silent all day?" He grinned and shrugged. "Nah. It's alright. I learnt a lot."

"You did?" Telemachus smiled shyly. "Yeah. Me too."

"I've noticed."

Telemachus saw the brooding look he'd come to recognise by now in his friend's eyes. "What is it?" he asked.

"What's what?" The dark haired boy looked across at him, and Telemachus saw his gaze pass up and down the blanketed shape of his body before reaching his face.

"You have that look…"

"Which look, the 'you're so stupid' one?"

"No. The other one. The one that means you're thinking about something."

"Oh. That one." Peisistratus paused, for once uncertain of what to do. "Telemachus – you were watching me. Was it just because you want to learn from me?"


"Are you sure?" He looked at across at the boy, his face lit by the light of the dying summer sun. Telemachus's eyes were wide, deep pools of living brown under long eyelashes and a blonde fringe. Peisistratus rolled his eyes at the stupidity of it all, and reached over and kissed him.

Telemachus let out a muffled squeak of surprise. Then his hands moved of their own accord, twining into Peisistratus' dark hair and tugging him closer. He kissed back, timidly at first but with growing confidence, and pressed his body close to his taller friend.

The prince of Pylos pulled back, breathless. "It wasn't just because you want to learn. I knew I was right."

Telemachus smiled at him. "Maybe you were, this time. …And I surprised myself again."

Peisistratus laughed quietly and pulled him into another kiss. He was not so gentle this time, parting the lips pressed against his with his tongue, and feeling Telemachus respond, shifting his grip. One hand stayed in his hair, the other slid down to the small of his back. Their bodies were pressed together, from chest to belly to thigh. He could feel the other man breathe, and more.

Peisistratus smiled. He freed one hand and reached down between them, stroking the hardness he found there. Telemachus gasped and arched against him. His lips mouthed fierce passion, all inhibitions gone. His heart was racing. Barely thinking about what he was doing, he swept his left hand over Peisistratus's hip, down, down to his taut stomach and lower, pleased when he found he could make the dark haired prince shiver under his touch.

The Spartan pulled his hand away, ignoring his friend's murmurs of protest, kissing him harder, tongue delving into his mouth. His hand caressed the other boy's back, bare skin like silk over hardened muscle. He moved down his spine, further down his body like the body of a young god, and slipped two fingers into the cleft of his arse, pressing gently into him.

At that touch, dizzying heat swept through Telemachus's body, and he moaned, pressing himself closer to Peisistratus. The taller boy laughed softly, and pulled away to look him in the eye. "You like that?"

"Y-yes," he answered, almost incoherent with arousal. He couldn't look away, those pale eyes luminous in the darkness held him pinned in position.



A glimmer of approval showed in the prince's grey eyes. He rolled away and sat up.

"Where are you going?" Telemachus asked, confused.

"Ssh. Trust me. You trust me, don't you?"


"Then watch and learn." Standing up, he moved to the end of the bed, where the servants had placed their packs, and crouched down to look for something. Telemachus watched curiously until he stood up, holding a small jar.

"What -" he began as the taller boy slipped back into bed beside him. He was silenced by another kiss. Peisistratus stroked one hand down his side, shaking the jar with a grin, and he realised it was olive oil.

"Come on," the other boy murmured, guiding him up onto his knees. Telemachus gasped at his touch, eyes wide. The dark haired prince smiled, and shifted to kneel behind him, running a hand over his chest. He could feel his heart pounding. His other hand opened the jar, fingers dipping in and coming out covered in oil. He began to prepare himself, slicking the gold liquid over hardened flesh, and between the other boy's buttocks, slipping a finger inside him. Telemachus cried out and shivered against him.

Peisistratus bent forward, pushing Telemachus down, catching one of his hands and positioning it on the head of the bed. "Brace yourself," he muttered into his ear. The fair haired boy nodded, breath coming in short gasps as he arched up against Peisistratus. The Spartan moaned softly, and pulled away. He sat back on his heels, pausing before he knelt up again, hands roaming over the other boy's back as he slid into him.

Telemachus's breath caught in his throat. "Ow…"

"Sorry," Peisistratus muttered, voice thick and unsteady. He stopped, gripping his partner's hips, accustoming them both to the sensation. After a moment he started to rock gently back and forwards, in and out, thrusting deeper.

Telemachus cried out as he hit a tender spot, sending fire shooting through his veins. And then a hand crept round his side, stroking over his hip bone, caressing him, and he couldn't control himself any longer. He came with a cry that half the household must have heard. Dimly, through waves of pleasure, he heard Peisistratus laugh and felt him shudder, tensing. The dark haired boy thrust once more, harder, and gasped out an incoherent oath.

Telemachus could feel Peisistratus' heart beating. He pulled out from under the other boy, letting him sink down to the bed. He rolled onto his back and lay there, trying to get his breath back. After a moment he dared to look over at the Spartan, and saw him staring at the sky. Peisistratus noticed the movement and turned his head to look at him. He smiled.

Telemachus smiled back. "I've… never done that before. Not with a man."

"No?" Peisistratus didn't seem surprised. "New experience then. You liked it?"

"Very much." Telemachus blushed, as the words came out of his mouth without passing through his brain.

"Good." The dark haired prince smiled again, and rolled over. It seemed like nothing else needed to be said.

Telemachus gazed at him in silence for a minute or so, and decided he was right. He closed his eyes and sank into sleep, quicker than he would have thought possible.