The rain was hammering down, and the thunder clapped with vicious loudness over the town of Port Royal. The visibility was tainted and blanketed by the very darkness of the night, and spray from the downpour. Trees threatened to keel over by the strength of the gusts of wind that attempted to pull and destroy anything in its invisible path, sounding almost like a ferocious fire blazing in the sky.

The Royal Navy's office was in total darkness, except for the flickering of a single candle, half spent on a mahogany table top, its wax trickling down, engulfing itself into a terrible mutated mess.

A cloaked hooded figure stood in the dim light, staring out of one of the windows, although not much was to be seen, but a partial reflection caught on the glass of himself. The black hood was covering most of his face, but what was exposed revealed severely scared skin, that was pulled tightly over the bones, painfully repulsive. The man looked at himself, and put one of his hands to the face he loathed to be wearing, and surveyed the damage with his fingers as he ran them over the roughness, making him feel sick to the stomach, but unable to stop, as if he had found a morbid curiosity with himself. He wished to remind himself constantly, so that he may one day fill himself with so much anger, that nothing would be able to stop him from getting the revenge that he so desperately seeked, and track down the persons responsible for his present condition. He was not content just to settle for the fact that he was still alive after what had happened. He wanted payback. And as soon as he had formed his plan, he was determined not to rest until it was executed.

The tavern in Tortuga, was a buzz of activity. Rowdy drunkards bellowing all around, and the wenches offering a night of fun to whoever may be intrested. Through the smoky atmosphere, a cocktail of odours could be smelt, none whatsoever of course, were very pleasant, glasses being smashed, drinks being spilt, in actual fact, a very normal night for this drinking hole.

Amongst all of the mahem, sat a group of pirates, settled with their tankards, enjoying a night that was free from their duties of the Black Pearl. All were busy in conversation, especially two, who seemed to be having a disagreement.

"Well how many more times would ye like me to say it!" Bellowed Captain Barbossa looking rather aggravated.

"As many times as I want you to Hector,and I think that's pretty fair considering what you did." replied a smug looking Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Oh!! Ok! But just this one more time! Jack, I am sorry for stealing the Pearl..."

"AGAIN" interrupted Jack, at an utterly dismayed Barbossa.

"Oh for goodness sake man!"

"Anyway..." continued Jack, "I know exactly why you came back for me, I know you and your intentions too well, and don't even try to deny what you are up to."

"Up to?" questioned Barbossa, and let out a deceptive chuckle, "Jack, my intentions be fair to all involved, I can assure you of that."

"So let me get this straight. You came back to find me, to make a fair proposition, which just happens to involve the map that will lead us to the Fountain Of Youth, and expect me to be assured that you are not going to deceive me in some way?" replied Jack

"I can understand why your confidence in me has been shattered, after the confusion over the Captaincy of my ship, but there isn't any reason at all why we can't all share in the delights that the fountain can give us, is there?" said Barbossa, looking hopeful.

"You seem to have gone selectively absent minded yet again, so let me remind you of something. The Black Pearl is my ship, therefore, I am the Captain! How do I know that once you get your hands on the map, that you won't maroon me just like you have done twice before?" said Jack.

"Well," continued Barbossa sighing, "You would just have to find it within yourself to trust me, and once we have drank from the fountain, there will be plenty of time to go after other ships..."

"For you to go after other ships you mean." said Jack butting in once more.

The two Captains were temporally interrupted by a drunk man knocking into the table as he lost his balance before tumbling to the floor, drink leaving his hands to free fall and splash all over them, adding to Barbossa's frustration.

"Alright," continued Jack, "heres what I propose. I lead us to the fountain with the map and my compass, you get to be immortal, and I get to finally take the Pearl. Bloody fair don't you think!"

Barbossa grunted whilst pondering the thought. "I suppose we could make that work somehow, but...if I agree to let you take the Pearl, you must first help me find another ship before ye set sail and leave me behind." he worded carefully, so not to be tricked later on.

"Deal!" exclaimed Jack, holding out his hand for Barbossa to shake on it. "We will set off first thing!" With that, he left Barbossa at the table, whilst he went off to conquer one of the female admirers he had there.

Barbossa looked slightly bewildered, but rather liked the idea that he was soon to be immortal, maybe giving up the Pearl was just a small price to pay for that.