Isabella left Luke and April for a few moments after he walked into the apartment so that they could talk. Isabella took the opportunity to run to the Crap Shack to check of Lorelai. She knew that Rory had gone back to New Have, and that there was no family dinner that night. Reluctantly she knocked on the door to be greeted by Lorelai who just chuckled.

"Did you run here?" she asked amused.

"Well I don't usually breathe like Paul Anka at the sight of you." Isabella retorted.

"Aren't you supposed to be having a movie night?"

"Father Daughter moment. They're chatting, I wanted to give them some time to just chat. I figured whilst I was doing that I would take a leisurely walk over here."

"I didn't know leisurely walks lead to such panting."


"Come in hon."

"Thanks, I won't stay long, I just wanted to check in, give you this," Isabella leaned over and gave Lorelai a hug.

"Thanks Kid." Lorelai said rubbing her back appreciatively.

"Anytime. You okay?"

"Yeah, we got to talk a little. It's a start."

"A start's a good placeā€¦"

"It is. It's something."

Isabella only stayed a few more minutes before giving Lorelai another hug before running back to the diner. She had literally had just sat down with a glass of pineapple juice when Luke came down.

"Like you've been sitting there the whole time?" he scoffed in disbelief. Isabella grinned innocently.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Luke."

"Well thank you all the same." He spoke softly and sincerely.

"You and April okay?"

"Yeah, we talked. She's taking a shower and then heading down for dinner. You going to wait for her?"

"Yep, you eating with us?"

"Umm, I was thinking you guys can bring your food upstairs. I think she may need to talk to you."

"Ahhh, got it. Sure. No probs. I love being banished!" she teased.

"Drama queen."

"And don't you forget it."

Isabella and April ate their burgers in front of the TV, Dvd playing, but not really paying attention. Isabella was mindful not to bring anything up, and allow April approach her on her own.

"You and Lorelai, you're pretty good friends aren't you?" April asked out of the blue.

"Um, I guess. I mean I've known her since I was three, and she's sorta been looking out for me since. An older sister person more than anything really. Why do you ask?"

"What she said, was she?"

"For real? Yeah she was. She meant everything she said. She was surprised to hear about you, but the moment she found out about you she was looking forward to getting to know you."

"So she doesn't hate me?"

"No Kid, far from it."

"Oh okay."

The rest of the evening was less drama filled than the afternoon, to the relief of Luke who felt drained from their afternoon exchange. However he was glad that he and Lorelai had finally gotten an opportunity to talk. They were in no way finished talking, but it was a start. At least now he could plan his next step.

For the days that followed Isabella was busy with school, the diner and the Inn. Sookie was teaching her how to bake and she was loving every minute of it. She was testing out her skills on Luke who by the time Jess arrived was grateful that Isabella would have a new guinea pig to test her bakes goods on.

"Jess!" Isabella said excitedly as she looked up and saw him standing by the door. She moved from behind the counter and into his wide spread arms.

"Hey Kiddo, miss me did you?" Jess teased.

"Nah, what's to miss?" Isabella answered causally.

"She has been waiting and waiting for your arrival since you finally gave in." Luke said coming from behind Isabella, pulling Jess into a hug.

"Hey Luke. How's it going?"

"Not too bad. Did you drive of ride the bus?"

"Bus, sold my car." Jess gave them a warning look when Luke and Isabella exchanged an amused grin. Jess' car was more than a heap of junk and Isabella has refused to ride it on more than one occasion. After Jess dropped his gear at the apartment, he and Isabella went for a walk around town-square and ended up at the pond, which was their favourite hideaway and hangout when they were younger.

"I'm glad you're here to visit Jess. I know Luke loves seeing you, and seeing how you've grown. I haven't seen him smile like that in awhile."

"It's good to be back and in all honesty I've missed you guys too. How are things with Luke?"

"Hard, I mean he tries to be all 'Luke' and composed about it, which really bugs me, but it's just who he is. I can see how much he's struggling, but he won't talk about it to me, which I don't really mind. I think he had a really good talk with Lorelai the other day, and hey you never know."

"That's the optimist we all know and love." Jess teased with a grin.

"Call me Pollyanna and I will seriously hurt you!" Isabella threatened.