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Chapter 2: Pheonix Blade

Take it from someone who was there when it happened; take it from the one of first three women ever created.

Kurama's POV

'Because Yoko Kurama died over 4,000 years ago protecting me.' Her words kept ringing in my head. I looked at her and said "But Yoko wasn't even close to being 1,500 years old when he died."

"If you truly are the Yoko Kurama that I knew then you would be about only a day younger than me. And there is only one way that I am willing to test to see if he really is my Yoko Kurama that gives you a chance to keep living."

"And what would that be?"

"Fight; if you are able to last against me...then you are him, plus you would have to fight in your demon form."

"Why would I have to fight in Yoko's body? Why can't I fight in mine?"

"Because I could kill you the second we started since your current body wouldn't last against even my weakest attacks. Your mind may know how to counter but your body won't but his will. If he has merely lost his memory then his body will still remember what to do with my attacks when his mind is to slow to comprehend them. If you wish to fight then tell me but in the mean time I'm going to find Kage." She then walked up the stairs to the second floor and after a few seconds I heard a door softly close.

I looked around the room to see that most of the children were gone and Koenma had woken up during Ryuu's explanation. I sighed before I sat beside Koenma and put my head in my hands. "What are you going to do Kurama? Are you going to fight her?" I heard Yusuke ask.

"Honestly Yusuke, I have no idea what I'm going to do. Yoko could care less who he gets to fight as long as they're a worthy opponent, but Shuichi doesn't want to fight his best friend even if she could kill him if she wanted to."

"Hn, she won't kill you fox."

"How do you know that Hiei?"

"She used to talk a lot about you fox; from your fighting style to what your favorite game was. Every person that has lived in this house for a least a year has heard more than their fair share about the original king of thieves."

"What do you mean by the original king of thieves, shrimp?" Kuwabara asked him.

"The only time I have ever heard her talk about her sisters she said that during her battle with them she had created a nine tailed silver fox. She had called him Yoko Kurama, the King of Thieves because she had him steel her sisters' souls." He said ignoring Kuwabara's comment about his height for once.

"Hiei how do you know this?" I asked of him.

He was silent for a while and I didn't think he would answer until "She is my master." Everyone but the Sohmas was surprised by his answer.

"Hiei did you just say that Ryuu is your master?"

"Hn." There was only silence after that for a while but it didn't help me make up my mind.

"Kurama come with us" the twins said. They walked into the hallway and when they saw that I wasn't following they came back in and grabbed me by the forearms. They pulled me to a door and let go of me when it opened of its own accord. An unknown force pulled me into the room and flung me down on the ground. "OW!" Then I heard a pure laughter from in front of me; I look up and I saw Ryuu except it wasn't the Ryuu that I know, she seemed much happier. I noticed that we were surrounded by a beautiful forest and I could hear running water somewhere behind me along with the voices of different animals.

Ryuu still had her long white hair but instead of midnight blue streaks she had purple and her eyes were green. 'What the! I've never seen her with green eyes before, nor have I heard her laughter sound so innocent.' Suddenly I saw a hand waving in front of me and I saw that she had a worried look on her face "Are you all right Yoko? Did you hit your head hard?"

When she said that I looked down at myself and what I saw surprised me; I had a black cloak over what I would normally wear when Yoko takes over except that the cloth around my waist was black and I had no shoes and the top had long sleeves that flared at the end. I had a messenger bag that looked exactly like the one Ryuu uses for school except the fox was replaced with a white & purple dragon with blue eyes. The cloak that I was wearing was held together by a black and a purple rose. My hair was also white with black streaks in it.

I looked at Ryuu to see she was wearing the same cloak except it was white with a red and white rose holding it together. Underneath that she was wearing something that resembled a tunic except with pants. It was a very light lavender with the bandages that she had under the top showing on the side without a sleeve. Around her waist was a small bag that was the same color as the 'tunic'. On her right arm was a black rose with white thorns and a blood red stem wrapping around it. On her left arm was a white dragon with purple eyes. And her hair was down.

After I noticed that fact I blushed madly because the way it framed her face made her look even more like a goddess than the Ryuu I knew looked with her hair up. 'Oh god, I can't believe I just thought that.' When she saw this she started laughing again and I smiled 'I like it when she laughs; it means she's happy.' Once she stopped laughing she held her hand out so I could take. I grabbed it and I tugged her down onto me laughing at the look on her face. The impact of having her falling on me made me lose what little air I had left in my lungs and once I had enough air back in my lungs I began laughing again with her laughing along with me.

We lay like that for a while after we had stopped laughing; Ryuu had her head over my heart listening to its slow pace. It looked like she was falling asleep so I just sigh and ask her "Wasn't there something we were supposed to be doing before I tripped?"

She sat up at that and rubbed her eyes saying "Yeah we were supposed to get some herbs so you could make something to get rid of the constant headaches some of the kids have been having. And you said that we had gotten all the herbs we needed for the medicine before you fell." At that she giggled again and I smiled. She looked up at me since I was still taller than her and said "Thanks again Yoko for doing this." Then she did something that surprised me; she kissed me on the cheek. My eyes widen in surprise and I blushed brighter than fire.

She giggled when she saw this. I stood up and gave her my hand to grab like she had done earlier and pulled her up to me. We began walking towards the house and I sensed something coming our way…fast. "So you feel it to Yoko?"


"I thought so." As soon as she said this two figures came into view; we were unable to see whether they were male or female but we didn't need to know that. As we already knew who they were. "Pandora and Lucifer how good it is to see you two again." Ryuu's voice was filled with hate but there was also something else that I could barely register. But I think it was either sadness or regret or both. "What do you two want?"

"You know what we want little sister." they said. Now I know that I saw regret in her eyes.

"You know that you will never gain what you seek."

"Well if you won't give them to us then we're just going to have to take them by force."

They jumped down to our level and faced each other then they shouted "VIRTUOUS SIN!!" A big ball of black and blue energy was headed straight for Ryuu and she wasn't moving. When I knew that she wasn't going to move I shouted "NO!" and pushed her out of the way and let it hit me. I was pushed backwards about 50 feet before I got a grip on the ground and started to push the ball of evil back towards them. I threw it back at them but it never did any damage because they just absorbed it into their bodies.

From the corner of my eye I saw that Ryuu was getting up from where I had pushed her. I started to cough up blood the minute she looked over to me and she began to run over to me when I held up my hand telling her to stop. I wiped the blood that was coming out of the corner of my mouth and ran at the soulless sisters. When I was about to reach them I took out the rose that I kept hidden in my hair and cried "Rose Whip!" and shot the very end of it at them.

It wrapped around the one in the blue cloak and it tore it to shreds to find that Lucifer had jumped out of it. My whip did the same to Pandora and she did the same as Lucifer. When Pandora had jumped next to her sister I just smirked and said "Barrage of the Dead, tear those bastards to pieces." The ground beneath their feet began to crumble and skeleton hands started to grab their feet. They tried shooting energy at them and they tried to kick them but nothing worked.

"Yoko, look out behind you!!" I heard Ryuu yell before I was kicked into the air. I twisted around in the air and saw that I was kicked by a black monkey. It was hanging from a thin tree branch and just as I wave bye at it the branch grows and wraps all around the monkey and squeezes it to death with blood coming out of the gaps.

"No, Sloth! I'm going to kill you!!" Pandora screamed at me. I coughed up more blood and I could tell that I wasn't going to last much longer because of what that Virtuous Sin attack did to me. She sent balls of energy at me while trying to get out of the death grip the skeletons hand on her. She started to build up a lot of energy and her black energy formed a sword that was 5 feet long with an image of a wolf engraved into the metal of the blade. She swung the blade at the hands holding her feet and she began running at me with it raised.

When she got to me swung it down at me and unleashed a wave of black and red energy while shouting "Crescent Death Wave!" I jumped into the air avoiding the attack and she unleashed the same attack at me except with a hell of a lot more energy in it. When it hit me I was propelled farther into the air and then I was suddenly hit from behind with a blast of energy. The blast forced me into the ground using my body to create a crater and I could barely move. I coughed up more blood and I heard "Yoko, Yoko are you alright!?" as Ryuu climbed down to me.

She saw me cough up more blood and she began to help me out of the crater and over to the trees all the while deflecting Lucifer's attacks. She put me down while saying "Don't move, your losing to much blood." She got up and started to walk towards them when I grabbed her wrist causing her to look at me "Be careful." Ryuu smiled at me when I said that and in turn said "Aren't I always?"

"No, that's why I'm telling you to be careful." She just smiled again and I let go of her hand. She turned to her sisters and disappeared. I couldn't see all of her fight because my vision was getting really blurry but the last thing I could see was Ryuu using the rose that I had given her that looked like the one on my cloak. She held it in the air and yelled "Dance!" and then black and purple roses floated around her and shot at Pandora and Lucifer.

That was the last thing I saw before I became unconscious. The next thing I knew I was on the couch with worried faces hovering over me and I had a huge headache. "What happened?" Yusuke and Kuwabara looked at each other then one of them says "We were hoping you could tell us that."

"The last thing I remember is being pulled into that room and then the rest is blurry. How long was I out?"

"You were in that room for about an hour then you were thrown from that room unconscious. You were sleeping for five hours fox." Hiei told me. I sat up and asked "Has Ryuu come back yet?"

This time everyone looked at each other with worried looks. King Enma said "Yeah she came back with Kage while you were in that room and she found out that the twins put you in there. I must say that I have never seen Okaa-sama so angry before; I guess she really cares about you. She told the twins that for putting you in there that they were grounded." I saw that he had shivered at the last part.

"King Enma who's Kage?" I asked him. He looked nervous when I asked him that and he took a while to answer.

"I'm not really the person to answer those kinds of questions. If you really want to know ask Okaa-sama but I don't know if she'll give you a straight answer."

"Oh. Where is she anyway?"

"She's out back. She said that if you wish to fight her that I was to so you to the backyard after you get ready."

"Kurama are you going to fight her?" both Yusuke and Kuwabara ask me.

"Yes, I'm going to fight her. King Enma, can you show me where she is?"

"I'll go get you some fighting clothes so you don't ruin your uniform. Follow me." He takes me to a room down the hall and he tells me to wait there. When he came back he handed me a bundle of light clothes and told me to change in the room that I had waited by. After I had closed the door I took a look at the clothes he gave me and they looked exactly like the ones I was wearing in that room that showed me a different Ryuu.

I put the clothes on and open the door to see King Enma waiting for me. I followed him outside and to where Ryuu was. She was wearing the outfit she wore whenever we weren't in school. It consisted of a black sleeve-less turtle neck with a gold-eyed silver fox with blood red angel wings on the back. Over the shirt she had a diamond with a dragon wrapping around it with different colored flames in it. She had fingerless black gloves with the kanji for dragon on right and devil on left in white. Under all that she had black jeans with red and white roses circling in opposite directions on the right leg under a white 'skirt' (I guess you could call it that.) that stops 2 inches from the waistband with a sleeping fox on the front. She was sitting in the middle of a clearing that was surrounded by trees except for were the lake was. "What is she doing King Enma?"

"Meditating." He motioned for me to walk towards her and when I got to her she pointed to an area about 10 feet away from her "Stand over there." I walked to where she pointed to and just stood there waiting for her to stand up. I waited for maybe an hour when she had finally stood up from her spot on the ground. She got in an odd fighting stance and said to me "Let the fox out." I did as she told me and fog began to gather around me; when it disappeared Yoko Kurama stood in my place.


Neither of them moved for about 5 minutes then Yoko took out the red rose hidden in his hair. He yelled out "Rose Whip!" and ran at Ryuu while making roots from the ground wrap around her binding her to the spot. Ryuu didn't seam fazed at all, instead she just let the rose whip wrap around her and pull her out of the root's grasp all the while tearing at her clothes. She was in front of Yoko when he said "If this is the best that you could do then Shuichi had no reason to let me out; he could have beaten you without trying." As if mocking him somehow she raises an eyebrow and disappeared into thin air.

The next thing he new Yoko was hurled into the air by his rose whip that was wrapped around his waist. When he was about three hundred feet in the air he was yanked back down with the whip tightening around his waist so he couldn't breathe. He was flung into the forest going through twenty trees before he stopped. Ryuu appeared in front of him and kicked him on the side of his face and he barely heard her say "Weak." She waited until he got back up from where she had kicked him and looked at the whip he had back under control and said "If you wish to fight with nature then so be it. You're not the only one that has an agreement with Mother Nature."

After saying that she reached into her hair and pulled out two roses, one for each hand; the rose in her right hand was black and purple while the rose in her left hand was red and white. Yoko's eyes widen when he saw her take the roses from her hair; he had seen the exact same thing as Shuichi in that room and he recognized them as the roses that held the cloaks together. If Ryuu saw his reaction then she must be really good at hiding her emotions even with her eyes. If he had been watching the roses instead of Ryuu then he would have seen that they had grown and shaped themselves to look like twin katanas. They were connected at the very end by five feet of demon ivy (black ivy with white thorns) and the colors of the original roses were swirling around their respective blades (right blade black & purple, left red & white). The guard consisted of petals from a rare pheonix ivy.

"If you are done staring at me, can we presume this otherwise demeaning fray?" Yoko snapped out of his daze just to widen his eyes at her weapons feeling a sense of recognition in the back of his mind. "Where did you get those?"