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"Remind me again Dad, HOW are we going to get there?"

"Simple Angelina, your going to fly on a plane."

"But Mr. Johnson, me and Katie have never been on a plane before, won't the Muggles think we're acting a little, I don't know, odd?"

Mr. Johnson laughed and looked back at the girls, "It's okay, the only people on the plane are going to be wizards and witches. They'll all be going to America and will probably feel the same way you do."

"Well that's a relief at least." Ginny sighed and leaned back in her seat. "I just hope we don't have to sit next to the Slytherins." The word was pronounced like a curse, and felt like one to the three girls. They all just sighed though and stared out the car windows at the city rolling past them.

Two hours later

Angelina stared around the plane, praying for another empty seat. But the only one existing was right in front of her. And right next to Terrence Higgs who was staring out the window, unaware of her presence.

"Shit" she hissed. "Shit, shit, shit."

Giving the plane one last hopeful look she dropped into the seat and shoved her bag under the one in front of her. Hearing the small commotion Higgs looked around. And then immediately began looking for an escape path.

"Don't bother," Angelina snarled "I already looked or else I wouldn't be sitting here."

This stilled Terrence who had been about to flee, instead he simply fell back into his seat.

"Well you better stay away from me you filthy little blood-traitor" his words gave Angelina a certain amount of relief. At least he wouldn't be flirting with her the entire trip.

Three rows behind them

Draco Malfoy was staring with utter loathing at the seat in front of him. "Why, of all the places to sit here, do I have to be next to a Weasel?!" His voice was quiet but Ginny who had the misfortune to be sitting next to him snapped "Look you pureblood jackass, I'm not happy about this either, so just shut up and keep as far to that side as possible."

"Don't worry," came the snarled reply "I will."

Draco turned his face towards the aisle and shut his eyes.

"Damn you Voldemort." he thought "Damn you."

Another five rows back

Katie Bell shut her eyes and then opened them again, praying the vision in front of her would disappear. No such luck. Marcus Flint was still sitting there, still leering up at her. "God help me" she muttered.

"What wrong beautiful, don't want to sit with me?" For some reason she would probably never no Flint looked incredibly happy to see her, rather then Angelina, who had the misfortune to sit next to Terrence Higgs, or Draco Malfoy who was next to Ginny. In one last act of hope she looked around the plane for another empty seat.

"Please God, I promise I'll never do wrong again." Apparently God was in a good mood that day because a scruffy teenage boy walked up to her. He was tall, maybe 5'8 and had tanned skin with dark hair and a T-shirt with a tiger on it.

"Hi, I'm Mark, is that your seat?" he pointed to the one next to Marcus.

Katie nodded, holding her breath.

"Do you want to switch? I'm in the last row and the girl next to me keeps giving me death glares."

She smiled, "Sure, my name's Katie by the way."

Mark nodded, "Katie, nice name, thanks." She nodded and walked towards the back of the plane. A grouchy girl she could deal with for a couple of hours, Marcus Flint she could not.

But when she got to the back row she almost wondered if it was a good idea. The girl sitting next to the window had tanned skin, jet black hair, a black T-shirt showing the Muggle band Linkin Park, and identical tattoos on her arms, both which showed the necks of black dragons twisting around the arms and ending with the dragons heads on the girls wrists and hands.

Katie gave a small smile and sat down.

When the girl turned to look at her she spoke, "Hi I'm Katie Bell, I switched with the guy who was sitting here earlier."

To her great surprise the girl grinned at her and extended her hand to shake.

"My name's Elizabeth Tyran, but you can just call me Liz."

Katie gave her a real smile and then asked her "So, are you getting evacuated or whatever too?"

Liz shook her head.

"Nah, I've been going to Brinklan for as long as you've probably been going to the Hogwarts place. My parents hate what they call, the "domestic learning system" so they send me over to America as soon as school starts. The worst part is the jetlag but the school actually has a whole system where foreign students can stay for a week before school starts to recover from jetlag. The first years and the newbies like you also come a week early to learn your way around. But still, it's really fun and we've got the four houses like you do but their different. It's like this:

For your Ravenclaw there's Pierce.

For Huffelpuff there's Arcanum.

For Slytherin there's Cortana.

And for Gryffindor there's Jocko.

Quite simple really, at least once you get used to it."

Katie laughed and leaned back in her seat.

"I don't know I'm used to Ravenclaw, Huffelpuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor. I'll have to learn my way around when I'm used to Hogwarts and learn all your passwords that probably involve stuff I've never heard of!"

Liz grinned and patted her on the back "What do you think the extra week's for silly? You'll be fine."

The girls continued on like this for sometime, Katie asking and Liz teaching. On and on until they both fell asleep, exhausted from talking.

And the plane continued on it's journey over the Atlantic Ocean.

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