They Want Me to What his What

Chapter II I believe y'all can remember the disclaimer, but in summary, I OWN SHIT!!!!!!!!

Storm came flying down the stairs. Literally. Her eyes had whited over and her hands were clenched in a motion of pent up anger and fury as her bare feet made contact with the smooth, wooden floors. Someone must die…

"Hey, Storm, are like, you all right? We saw your computer's unfortunate end."

"Was the porn not pleasing? Cuz I could probably recommend a few good sites-"

"BOBBY, God, you freak. Is masturbating all you do when you're not watching wrestling?"

"Well, a man's gotta eat, too, Jubes."

"Ohh, you're disgusting."

"Silence," Storm's regal voice ordered as she walked past them towards the danger room. After taking a few more steps, she turned around to add one more thing before she left the room. "If anyone interrupts me, I will kill them." Within a few seconds, she had disappeared from sight, leaving the room with an eerie silence, almost as if they were afraid that if they spoke they would incur the wrath of the goddess.

"Hmmph," Bobby finally muttered, as he stood up to stretch. "she probably ended up at a lesbian site. Happens to the best of us when we first start out."

"Just stop talking."

It had been three hours since Ororo had dawned her work out clothes and had begun blasting image after image of the X-Men's mortal enemies. Up until now, she had thought they were her biggest enemies also, but now she had made a far deadlier one, and it was perhaps scariest of them all, because the ugly world of fanfiction had no face. The soft, mechanical whirring of the Danger Room doors sliding open caught Storm's attention as she momentarily halted her attack on the Sabertooth image. "I told you two, and now I believe I will kill you." "Easy there, darlin', it's me." Logan slid into the room with her and began helping her fight Sabertooth. With a few quick swipes from him, Sabertooth was on the floor, defeated. "You've been in here fer quite some time now," he said, stepping over his corpse. Ororo took a deep breath. Out of all the people she had wanted to see today, Logan had not been one of them. Even as she looked at him now, her mind kept flashing back to what she had read in that story, about him and her..having…"Logan, I'm not in the mood to talk right now. Perhaps some other time, though." "And why aren't you in a mood to talk, eh? You couldn't have been too bad with your computer, although Bobby and Jubes did have some fantastic tale about it flying out of yer window." She sighed. How could she explain this…delicate situation to him. "It wasn't my computer…it was what I found on it. Apparently, someone has been plagiarizing my image and writing stories about me…err, erotic stories that is, involving me and you, and pretty much everyone else in the X-Men. What's next, one about me and Rogue getting it on? What the hell is wrong with those people to write stuff like that?" Her voice had risen, and now she yelled at Logan, her anger coming out. ______ Logan's eyebrows were so close to his hairline that they looked like bangs. "Stories about you and me? Now that's something I'd love to see. Well, I'd actually like to see you and Rogue a little bit more-" "And what the hell is it with men and lesbians? I don't go around fantasizing about you and Cyclops having sex." Logan took a step back, shoving his hands into his pockets, as if in deep though. "Whoa there, missy, now that's just disgusting. Maybe with Gambit I wouldn't be so opposed-" "That's it, I'm going back to my room." As soon as she was safely out of the room, Logan burst out in silent laughter, a laughter that consumed him so much that he didn't even bother to worry about his half schlumped erection he had gotten from picturing Rogue and Storm.

The cool waning moon swayed low in the sky as Ororo Munroe lay in her bed, unable to sleep. She turned over onto her side, trying to put her mind at rest, but found that she couldn't. "Oh hell, it's not like anyone reads those, anyway." With that, she shut her eyes and forced sleep to come.

Two stories below her, a dark room was filled with the soft light of a computer monitor and the steady sound of fingers typing. It had been a long mission for the weather goddess, and a confusing week for her as well. Only the night before had Storm tasted of Logan's fleshiest limb, of the nectar that made him a man, but now she harbored great regrets. 'Oh well,' the sex goddess thought to herself as she stepped into the locker room, 'maybe a nice cool shower will help me forget that wild man I tamed last night.' She made her way to the group showers, hoping that they would be empty so that she would have time to be alone with her thought. The sound of water running and the sight of steam crushed her hopes. "Who's showering?" Ororo called out, stepping into the steam that readily engulfed her. "Oh, it's just me, sugah. And I had kind of been hoping I could get you alone…if you understand what I mean," Rogue's sultry voice called out to her as she approached her from behind.

Logan sat back in his chair and smiled at the screen. This would be his best fanfiction yet.


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