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"Who's there!?"

"I've come to personally deliver a message to your Hokage." I showed the guard my passport and he looked at Luna & Riku suspiciously before letting me pass through the gate. I entered the Leaf Village and began walking in a random direction before bumping into someone. From what I could tell it was a 14-year-old boy with a long-sleeved jacket along over a tee shirt with a pair of pants along with the regular ninja shoes.

"OW! That hurt. Oh sorry about that mister." He apologized; thinking that I was male. "Hey are you new around here? I've never seen you before."

"That's okay. Can you show me where the Hokage's office is?" I asked him hoping he would show me so I don't get lost. He looked at me curiously trying to see what my face looked like so I pulled the hood down even further. I repeated my question. "Can you show me the Hokage's office or not kid?"

"Huh, oh yeah. Sorry about that I guess I got distracted by not being able to see your face." I guess he could feel my glare even though he couldn't see it beneath my hood. "Heh heh, come on the tower's this way." He began running towards the big tower that I had 'seen' on my way in. I followed him all the way to the tower when someone began to shout what I assumed to be the boy's name because when he heard it I heard him whisper "Not good." He ran even faster towards the tower trying to get away from the voice.

We were about ten feet from the tower when the voice that I had heard caught up with us. The voice grabbed the boy and yelled at him "Naruto what are you doing out of class!?" I grabbed the arm of the voice and pulled him away from Naruto pulling his arm behind his back "I would suggest that you let go of this boy. He has done nothing wrong, he was merely showing me how to get to the Hokage's office." He let go of Naruto and said "I'm sorry that I jumped to conclusions, he just skips class a lot. Oh by the way I'm Iruka, his teacher." And he bowed in front of me.

The only thing I could tell about this man was that he was in his twenties and he was overprotective of Naruto. I said "If you wish I could personally make sure that Naruto makes it to class after my business with Hokage is finished; seeing as how he is my guide for the day." He bowed again and said "Thank-you sir." My mouth twitched when he said this and I guess he noticed because he asked "Is something wrong sir?"

I respond "Yeah I'm not male." I almost laughed at his and Naruto's face because their jaws just about hit the ground. Iruka apologized again saying "I-I'm sorry for mistaking you for a male miss." I growled "Don't call me miss and don't tell anyone that I'm a girl." They both nodded fearfully at me. "Now Iruka if you don't mind I've already taken too long to get to the Hokage. So I will be borrowing Naruto just a little bit longer then I will bring him to your class." He nodded again then he left the old fashioned ninja way: jumping around.

"Now Naruto please take me to the Hokage before I'm even more late." He began walking to the tower again and entered it with me still following him. He took me to the very top and stopped at a door "The old man's in there." He turned to go back down before he turned to me "Hey what's your name?"

I looked at him surprised that he even asked that and said "Call me Haru." When he turned back around I knocked on the door and heard "Enter." I stepped through the doors without opening them; when I did I saw an old man in the traditional garb for the leader of a village. He looked up when I said "I have a message from the Kage of my village to the Hokage of this village." and I hand him the scroll that I carried in my silver bag. He took it from me before I stepped over to the window to let him read it.

After a while he said "Do you know what this says?" I nod. He sighed before taking off the hat that he was wearing and looked out the window. "Have you read all of it sir?"

"No, only the top half."

"Then I suggest that you read the rest before you decide anything." He sighed then continued to read the scroll. After about five minutes he asked "Is there another?"

"Eventually sir."

"Very well I will allow it if you pass the test."

"I understand. May I leave now?"

"Yes I will have someone to show you around the village."

"There is no need for that." He looked confused at that and I smiled. "I already have someone to show me around."

"Alright then. Just hand this to Iruka when you see him." I took the scroll that he handed me and I jumped out the window just to land right next to Naruto. I took pleasure in scaring the crap out of him since he jumped about ten feet in the air. "Come on let's get going to your school. You're going to be showing me around tomorrow as well."

"What, why would I do that?"

"Because your Hokage said so, that's why." He pouted and began walking towards the school and asked me "What are you doing in the Leaf Village?"

"I can't really tell you everything but I can tell you this: I'm traveling through the villages becoming at least a chunnin or jonnin." His face light up in awe when I said that.

"That's so cool!"

"Just don't tell anyone okay, you and the Hokage are the only ones that know about that."

"Okay, your secrets safe with me Haru. Oh yeah, I never told you my name. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the next Hokage believe it!" he shouted the last part in my ear.

"OW! That was my ear Naruto. I'm sure you'll become a great Hokage Naruto, just tell me the next time your going to scream it in my ear." I tell him rubbing my ear.

He looks mad and says "You don't believe me do you? You're just mocking me!"

"Naruto what reason would I have to mock someone that I just met and don't know anything about." I said to him 'although that's not completely true'. I saw that he still didn't believe me so I told him "How about this if you can master you worst jutsu within two weeks then I will do everything I can to help you become the next Hokage."

"How do I know that you're not lying?"

"You have my word and I never break my word." I saw that he was still doubtful and sighed "How can I prove to you that I'll keep my word."

"Buy me ramen for two months."

"5 weeks."







He looked flabbergasted at what just happened "How did you….I mean how….How the hell did you do that!?"

"I've had to do the same thing to someone in my village at least a hundred times. Now how far are we from the school?'

"We're here." I 'look' up and see that we're at a building that could hold about a hundred or so people. "Alright show me to your classroom."

"Do I haave to? I don't want to go to class."

I glare at him and say "I am keeping my word to your sensei to get you to class. Now go!" He started pouting again and showed me to his classroom. I knocked on the door and grabbed his arm when he tried to get away.

Iruka opened the door to see me hitting Naruto on the head to stop him trying to get away. "Hello again; thank-you for bringing Naruto to class." I push Naruto into the classroom and walk in before giving Iruka the scroll from the Hokage. He read it and said "Well then welcome to the class……um what's your name it doesn't say on this?"

"Call me Haru."

"Well then Haru if you'll just come to the front with me I'll introduce you to the class." I noticed that the class was quiet when I had entered the room; most of them were looking at me while most of the girls were looking at a boy with blue almost black hair that had the Uchiha sigh on his back. 'So that's Itachi's little brother. This is going to be fun.' When we got to the front Iruka said "Everyone this is Haru. Haru has come from outside the village wishing to become a Leaf Nin. Now do you have questions for Haru?" The boy with the dog on his head shouted out "Why do you have a wolf and a fox with you?"

I look down at Luna and Riku before answering "Why do you have that dog on your head?" I heard the boy next to him say "He has a point Kiba." Kiba just sulked in his seat at that.

A girl with pink hair 'how the hell can someone's hair be pink. I had thought that my hair was weird but this girl takes the cake. A definite preppy; doesn't care about being a ninja, just wants to impress someone that hates her guts.' asked "What village do you come from?"

'They're gonna love my answer.' "Village Hidden in the Villages."

"That's impossible." The Uchiha had said this.

I smirked before I answered letting everyone see it "Why is it impossible?"

"Because it's only a legend." he said smugly.

"You poor naïve little boy." He glared at that and my smirk grew. "Some legends are true little Uchiha." I turned my head to Iruka though no one could tell "Can I sit down now?""

"Yes, just sit down in an open seat." I 'saw' all the seats were occupied except for the one by the only Hyuuga in the class, so I sat down by her. "He-hello." I heard from the seat that had the Hyuuga in it "Hello." "My-my name's Hi-Hinata." "Haru. There is no need to be nervous around me Hinata."

Iruka started to talk "When I call your name I want you to go through that door and you will have to create three doppelgangers in order to pass. The first person is Haru!" I followed Iruka into the room and saw that there was another teacher in the room. I kept staring at him until I found out his name. "Haru this is Mizuki, he's in charge of the other class."

There was a puff of smoke and there were three other me's: one was by Luna; one was by Riku, and the other behind Iruka and Mizuki. "I'm sorry Haru but you fail." He turned around when he felt someone poke his shoulder and he screamed right before he fell out of his seat. "You pa-pass." And I took one of the headbands and walked out the door. I stop just before the door to go back to the room and put the headband on my right arm then I enter the room making sure my cloak was closed.

The first thing I 'saw' was Naruto's big grin and he said "You scared Iruka-sensei didn't you Haru?" I only smiled in response to his question. I walked over to my seat and sat down waiting for the day to be over.

I walked out of the building with the other kids and noticed that Naruto wasn't among the 'proud and happy' but he was sitting on a swing about 15 feet from the group. On my way over to him I heard some women talking about him saying (1) "hey isn't he the kid who~~?" (2) "Yeah, that's him. The only one who failed!" (1) "Serves him right…" (2) "Can you imagine if they let someone like that become a shinobi…?!" I walk up to the women that said that and smacked both of them. "How dare you say something like that when you don't even know a thing about him!" I stomped away from them and over to where Naruto was the last time I saw him; just to see that he was gone.

I sighed thinking that he had heard the women talking about him and left. I was about to follow him but I changed my mind when I got a bad feeling in my stomach that was followed by a somewhat good feeling that whatever was going to happen would turn out to be good. I grin before saying "See you tomorrow……my Hokage." and ran into a part of the forest that was far away from what was going to happen that night to my Hokage.

When I walked into the classroom I saw that I was the first person there so I chose a seat and sat down (there are four seats to a row). Luna sat in my lap and Riku was sleeping on the floor next to me. About two hours later I heard the door open I knew that it was Uchiha without even looking up. "Hello Uchiha. You know when I had heard about you I thought that you would be much stronger. You're about as strong as a new born baby I don't understand why he tried to get you to hate him enough so you could kill him since it's never going to happen." I stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

He ran at me and grabbed the front of my cloak "Don't you dare say something like that again or I will kill you." He growled.

"I'm so scared. Is the WITTLE Uchiha scared that I told the truth. That the only reason Itachi kept you alive wasn't so you could avenge your family but to serve as entertainment for him. You are so pathetic; you couldn't even hurt a fly. So there is no way that you could land a finger on me."

"Oh really then what do you call this?" and he punched me. Only to find that when I hit the floor I turned to sand and the sand was working its way to the back of the room in the corner. I stepped out of the shadows toward him and said "See I told you that you couldn't lay a finger on me." He just glared at me and took a seat by the window. I took the seat that I was sitting in earlier.

The other kids started coming in about an hour later. I looked over at the door when I felt the familiar chakra of Naruto coming. When he came in Luna bounded up to him and jumped on his shoulders and licked his face. Naruto laughed when she did that and walked over to sit next to me. "Haru I passed, believe it!" as he pointed to his headband. "Now you have to help me become Hokage, believe it!"

"I do believe it and you're going to have to show me you worst jutsu by tomorrow. I'm just surprised that Luna took a liking to you so fast."

"Why is it surprising?"

"It usual takes her a couple months to warm-up to strangers. Maybe she doesn't think of you as a stranger but as a part of our deranged family, isn't that right Luna?"

"Yes mistress." Naruto jumped when she said that and Luna jumped as well not liking the sudden movement and she landed on Uchiha's head. Now I did laugh at that because of the look on Uchiha's face when she landed and Naruto's face when he found that she could talk.

"Get this thing off me." I growled when Uchiha said this and Luna jumped off his head and onto the desk in front of him. She extended her claws and swiped them at his face leaving four very red claw marks.

Naruto started to laugh at this and Luna returned to her previous position on Naruto's shoulders licking his face once more except in apology. "I'm sorry for scaring you like that master." she said to him.

"Master? Why did you call me that Luna?" he asked her as he sat down.

"You're mistress's friend are you not?"

"Well yeah but that doesn't explain why you called me master."

"Well since mistress considers you a friend I get to chose what to call you and I choose master."

Naruto was about to ask another question when a stampede was heard just outside the door before two girls entered the door at the same time arguing who was first. There was the pink haired girl from the first day and a girl with long blond hair in a ponytail. They ran inside and began to fight over who Uchiha would want to sit next to. Naruto did something really unexpected: he jumped onto the desk in front of Uchiha and was glaring.

The next thing I knew Naruto and Uchiha were……KISSING!! I started to laugh when I saw this and I fell out of my seat. Naruto was leaning against the wall coughing when the Uchiha's fan-girls gathered around him to beat the shit out of him. Riku and Luna jumped over the fan-girls and landed by Naruto and started to growl at them. I stood up and walked over to Naruto and held my hand out for him to take.

Once he was standing I turned to the fan-girls that had made perimeter around us but were staying a couple of feet away because of Riku and Luna. I stepped up to Sakura and backhanded her and said "If you ever try to hurt Naruto Uzumaki I will kill you on the spot." I walked closer to her and whispered in her ear "Got it memorized you selfish bitch."

I walked back over to Naruto and said "Now all of you idiots sit down." I sat back down with Riku now sitting besides my chair to make sure no one would try and hurt me while Luna returned to her perch once again on Naruto's shoulder. Iruka choose at that moment to enter the classroom surprised to see that everyone was in their seats and relatively quiet.

Once he got to the front of the room he gave a speech about how we're officially ninja and no longer 'students of ninjutsu'. He finally got to the part where he tells us our teams and said "Since we can't fit everyone into a three-man squad there will be one four-man squad." He says all the teams and then he got to team 7 "Team 7 is Haru, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha." Once I heard the Uchiha's first name I started to giggle then my giggles turned into a full blown laugh. Everyone was looking at me and Iruka said "Is something funny Miss Haru?"

"Hi-his name 'laugh' is ju-just 'laugh' so funny" I say while laughing then I realize what Iruka just called me. "Hey I told you not to call me that!" I growled at him.

"It must have slipped my mind, Miss Haru." he said.

"I'll get you for this dolphin boy." I promised him.

The class was looking between the two of us and finally Kiba said "Haru's a girl!" I banged my head on the desk and groaned while Naruto and Iruka laughed and said in unison "Yes!"

The class started to murmur while Iruka finished assigning the teams. Then Naruto started to yell about how he shouldn't put in the same group as 'that loser Sasuke'. Iruka said "Naruto I placed you and Sakura in the cell with the best students because you both need all the help you can get."

"Who is the best student Iruka-sensei?" Sakura asked. Inner Sakura 'I just know it's my Sasuke!'

"Well until Haru got here Sasuke had the highest scores in all the areas which was about a 99.5%. But Haru got over a 100% in every field: ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and she got every question right on the test I gave her in less than ten minutes."

"What…but that's impossible!" Sakura screamed.

The bell rang and Iruka said "I suggest you try and get to know your team a bit during recess."

"Naruto what are you doing!?" yelled Sakura. Naruto was standing on a chair by the door with an eraser in hand. Sakura was leaning against a desk and Sasuke was sitting in a chair. I was in the very back of the room 'sleeping' under a desk so no one could see me.

"That's what he gets for being late." he said while jumping off the desk.

"There is no way that a shinobi could fall for a trick like that." Sasuke said.

A hand appeared in the doorway and opened the one of the doors just have the eraser fall on its owner's head. The hand belonged to a man with silver hair that defied gravity and had his left eye covered by his headband. "How should I put this…I hate you." He smiled when he said that at least I think he did.

"Isn't there suppose to have been another one?" he asked looking around. At that there was a puff of smoke and I was standing above him on the ceiling.

"Can we leave already I'm getting bored and you teasing them won't help Hatake." I told him before jumping down.

"It's good to see you again Lady Yuki." He said while bowing to me mockingly. The others have confused faces when he said this and I growl "Don't call me that scarecrow."

"Let's just go to the roof." and with that said he poofed away to the roof.

"Come on Naruto let's go." I said before walking out the door and onto the roof. Once everyone had gotten to the roof they chose a spot. From Hatake's view from the left it went: Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, and then me.

"Now I'd like to all to tell us a little bit about yourselves." He said.

"How about you go first sensei, so we know what to do." The prep said.

"Kakashi Hatake. I don't feel like telling you my likes and dislikes. My dreams are none of your business. Hobbies, well I have lots of them. Now it's your turn starting on the left." (I don't feel like doing the idiots intro so I'll give a sort version and scarecrow thoughts)

Sakura: only thing we got was she has a crush on Sasuke and hates me and Naruto. Hatake's thoughts: It sounds as though young girls are more interested in love than ninjutsu. "You imbecile don't embarrass kunoichis that are actually serious about ninjutsu." I growl at her.

Sasuke: he wants to kill Itachi and revive his clan. Hatake's thoughts: nothing. I just snort once he's done getting a glare from him and earning him the sight of me sticking my tongue out at him.

Naruto: likes-ramen/Iruka-sensei/me, dislikes-waiting for ramen, dream-become the best Hokage ever. Hatake's thoughts: well hasn't he turned out interesting. I just smile.

"And now the last one lady Yuki." I assumed he smiled when he said that.

"Name: Haru not Lady Yuki. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams: there is no way in hell I would tell people that I don't trust at all. Naruto is the only exception to that rule. But I will say this: keep the prep away from me or I'm gonna kill her and if the Uchiha wishes to keep what little pride he has left he had better leave me alone as well because I can't stand moronic idiots." I say while lying down with my cloak still covering my face but allowing the others to see my clothes.

"Then why do you hang around Naruto?" the prep asked.

"Because all in all he has more sense than this entire village put together and he deserves the respect and friendship that I give him. While Uchiha can't take the stick out of his ass long enough to know that his blood family may be dead but the village is still his family. The prep can't do anything right and I wouldn't be surprised if she died on our first official mission. Or if she didn't do anything but stand around being protected by us."

I could feel the stares of my team while I was talking and I could tell that the idiots were coming very close to attacking me. I guess Hatake noticed because he diverted their attention by talking about our 'mission' tomorrow that turned out to be survival training. He handed us papers explaining the training and told us not to eat and poofed away.

"Sakura do you want to get ramen with me" Naruto asked her.

"No I don't Naruto!" She turned to Sasuke and asked "Sasuke will you walk me home?"

"No." he said right before he left. Sakura sighed then left as well.

I walked up to Naruto and poked him in the shoulder saying "You still have to show me around the village and the jutsu that you mastered." He nodded then jumped off the building with me following.