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Blah OC thoughts


(The OC will always talk in either a monotone voice or a voice that makes her sound like a guy unless I say differently.)

"Hello team."

"You're late!" Naruto and the prep screamed at Hatake when he finally arrived after being 5 hours late. He looked around asking "Where's the other one?"

"Sleeping in the trees." Naruto said pointing to the branch that I was laying on.

Hatake put an alarm clock on a tree stump and said "I've set this to go off at 12:00. You have one hour to gets these two bells from me." he says while holding up two little bells. "If you don't get a bell then you will not get lunch and you will be tied to that tree stump while I eat it in front of you." Right as he said this everyone's stomach growled from the lack of food.

Then he talked about how he wants them to attack to kill and then he called Naruto a dunce and caused him to try an attack Hatake.

(I'm going to skip the fights and go straight to when Sasuke's body is below ground.)

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! His head's been severed!!" Sakura screamed before she fainted once again. I jumped out of the trees and walked over to where Uchiha's head was.

"Need some help Uchiha?" I asked mockingly.

"Hn, no." he said before trying to dig himself out.

I sighed before saying "Alright then." And I take out a camera and take a picture of Uchiha.

"Why did you take a picture?"

"Why else? Blackmail and I also can tease your horde of girlfriends as well." I said before chuckling. I walk over to Sakura and begin to poke her to get her to wake up. But when that doesn't work I sigh and say "You brought this upon yourself Uchiha." And transform into him.

I kneeled next to the prep and bent so that I could whisper in her ear "Sakura…will you marry me?" She shot up so fast that I barely had time to back away and stand up. "Yes I will Sasuke!!"

When she said that I just had to laugh and my jutsu broke as well leaving her confused. Once I had calmed down said "Okay prep you have two choices: 1) you dig up your little boyfriend over there or 2) I get to kicked him in the face while laughing my ass off at his attempts to dig himself out.

She naturally chooses #1 and I walked off saying "There's only about five minutes before the hour is up you two." Once I'm done saying that I poofed away to where Naruto was tied up and sat next to him humming. He looked up once he heard me and said "Could you untie me Haru?"

I put a finger up to my lips and smiled while I waited for the remaining time to finish. Once everyone had sat down around the stumps Hatake said "None of you need to worry about going back to the ninja academy." Everyone looked happy at this while I just smirked.

"None of you will be shinobi ever!" At this I threw something at him and he catches it just to see that it was both of the bells. As far as I could tell he was surprised and he said "How did you get these you didn't even fight me?"

"I may not have but Naruto did. We did what you wanted us to show you for this exercise but you just didn't know it." At this the Naruto that was tied to the stump poofed and the real Naruto came out of the forest and sat down by me.

"Haru what do you mean?" the prep asked me.

"Let's put it this way the only person that could get both of those bells without help here is me."

"That still doesn't answer my question!"

"Oh god, Hatake you tell these two idiots what the purpose of this other-wise pointless exercise is."

"She's talking about teamwork. If you four had worked together and attacked me you would have a much higher chance of getting the bells than by yourself."

"Then why were there only two bells if you wanted to us to work as a team!?"

"This test was to cause a 'disagreement' among you four. It was set up to reveal which of you would set aside your individual interests and propose to the others that you work together for the good of all."

"Pinky you ignored Naruto though he was right in front of you and focused on Uchiha even though you didn't know where he was. Uchiha thought that if he had teamed up with someone that they would just get in his way."

"Why didn't you include Naruto in your list Haru?"

"Because he was the only one out of the three of you that showed a shred of teamwork. Sorry if that sounded like an insult Naruto." He waved his hand and kept on smiling.

"It may be necessary that you have individual ninja skills but you also need teamwork!" Hatake walked over to a stone with writing on it and said "This is a memorial for the heroes of our village."

Naruto looked liked he was about to speak but I put a hand on his shoulder shushing him. "The names on here are names of people that died to protect the village. It includes the names of my best friends." He turned to them and said "I'm giving you three one more chance that'll be more difficult than our little bell game. If you wish to continue you can have one of the bento boxes but don't feed Naruto or you will fail on the spot." He turned and walked to the forest.

"What about Haru!?"

"She doesn't have to take the test because she was the only one to figure out the task and she was the only one that did something about it. So she gets to come with me so I can make sure that she doesn't help you three during you next test." I got up with a sigh and followed him into the forest.

Once we got far enough into the forest that they couldn't see us we poofed to the trees closet them and positioned ourselves so they couldn't see us and hid our chakra. "Who do you think is going to make the first move to pass Hatake?"

"Honestly, Lady Yuki, I don't think any of them will do anything remotely different than the others."

I smirk and say "How about a bet then?"

He shrugged and said "Conditions?"

"If one of the three, most likely Uchiha, makes a move that passes them then you have to treat all of us to ramen for……one month. And in that time span you must buy me what ever I want."

"And if they fail?"

I stared at the ground thinking about what his part of the deal. "I'll fight you." He looked shocked at this well at least I think he's shocked. You can never tell with that mask on.

"I'll agree to those terms."

"Good, now if I could only get you to stop calling me Lady Yuki. It's annoying and it raises to many questions that I am unable to answer."

"Or that you just don't want to lose anyone else." I growled at this and he said "I'm sorry Lady Yuki but I will continue to call you that but not in the presence of those who don't know about it."

"Fine. Now shut-up and watch them 'cause I'm gonna win that bet." He chuckled and turned to three that were down on the ground.

GROWL. Naruto looked down at his stomach and said "Hey this is a breeze I can go without lunch for days…GROWL" They all sat down but Naruto was the only one not eating with his head down as in defeat. Uchiha held out his bento to Naruto saying "Here" surprising both Naruto and the prep. "Bu…but Sasuke Kakashi-sensei told us--!!"

"I don't sense their chakras and we all need our strength if we're trying to get those bells again. Besides he's no good to me if he's just going to be a liability." Sakura looked down at her bento and gulped shoving it into Naruto's face. He looked shocked then he smiled while blushing a little and took it.

BOOOM!!!!!! Kakashi's face appeared with him yelling "YOU…Pass!" He smiled at the bewildered faces of his students and chuckled.

"How'd we pass!?"

"Until now you did everything I said without questioning me like mindless drones. A true shinobi looks for the meaning hidden behind the hidden meaning. Those that violate the rules and fail to follow orders……are lower than garbage." He looks up to the sky and continues "However……those that don't care for and support their fellows…are even lower than that!"

He started walking towards town and gestured for them to follow him saying "Come on I'm treating you to ramen."

Naruto jumped up and ran over to him screaming "RAMEN!" over and over with Uchiha and the Pinky following at a slower pace.

"Are you sure that is the one she spoke of Kyo?"

"Yes he is the one Lady Tsuki."

"Then we will have to make him see the truth even if it destroys him."

"Are you in position?"

"Naruto: point A."

"Sasuke: point B."

"Sakura: point C."

"Haru: HPT."

"What does that mean?"

"Holding purring target." A purr was heard after that and the rest of team 7 walked over to me. Naruto grabbed the target and it started to scratch him not liking the sudden and uncomfortable hold he had on it. I took the cat away from him after I believed he had learned his lesson, somewhat.

"Remember…our quarry has a ribbon on that says Tora…make sure there's no mistake."

Uchiha checked the ribbon and said "Target confirmed."

"Good. Mission: 'find the missing pet'…is accomplished. Let's get going."


"No wonder Tora ran away. That lady must give one heck of a bear hug." I say while cringing at the cat painful "MEEOWWWW!"

"Heh heh, stupid cat." Naruto said right before I punched the back of his head making him fall on his face. "OW! What was that for Haru!?"

"For making fun of Tora when you should be the one that gets a bear hug from that lady." I say while glaring at him.

"The next assignment for team 7 is babysitting for council of elders, run errands; help dig sweet potatoes……"

"NO WAY!! NO THANK-YOU--!! BORING!! Give us something different!"

"You idiot! You're only a beginner. You start out doing grunt work then work your way up to the bigger things."

(I'm going to skip the explanation the Hokage gives him. and go straight to when they're given a C-rank mission.)

"HMM…I had pork ramen yesterday so I think I'll have miso ramen today." Naruto was mumbling to himself with me and Hatake standing by him.

"I'm sorry." Hatake said rubbing the back of his head.

Naruto turns around still sitting on the floor. "I don't want to hear it! All the old geezer ever does is apologize and gives me a lecture. But it's not fair I'm not the same trouble making kid that you people think I am!"

"Very well. I will allow you to attempt a C-rank mission normally reserved for shinobi of the journeyman level……the protection of a certain individual."

Naruto shoots up at this and says "Who is it? Some great lord? The Daimyo!? A princess!?"

"Compose yourself. I'll introduce you straightaway. Please invite him in."

I turn around when I hear the door sliding open and groan when I 'see' who it is. "What's this? They look like a bunch of wet-nosed brats. Especially the midget. He looks to weak to be a ninja. It's a joke right; you kids aren't really ninjas are you?"

Naruto looks around and says "Who do you mean; which midget?" Everyone lines up from tallest to shortest: Uchiha, Pinky, Naruto, and then me. I growl and say "I hope you remember the last time you said that Tazuna; you were lucky that it wasn't serious." I appear next to him making him jump and yank the bottle out of his hand. "How many times have I told you not to drink old man; if you continue like this it will be the death of you not that damned bridge!"

When I had stopped talking the bottle was surrounded by a black sphere and an explosion was heard from inside it. The sphere disappeared and there was nothing left in my hand except some dust that I deposited in the nearest trashcan. I walked over to Naruto and saw that everyone was looking at me. "What? You've never seen someone disintegrate matter before?" I say before shaking my head and mumble "Honestly what do they teach these kids these days?"

"What'd you break my bottle for Kama? There was nothing left in it and I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the blonde one with the idiotic face." This time when Naruto asked who the short one with the idiotic face he rushed at Tazuna intent on killing him. I grabbed Naruto by the back of his collar preventing him from killing the old man "No Naruto; no killing the old man you've been assigned to die for."

"You will leave tomorrow morning." the Hokage told us before we all left. We all split up when we left the tower; everyone went to their homes to pack while I went to the forest. I went deep into the forest as far as I could without causing a disturbance. "You can come out now, no one followed me."

A black blur was seen as the figure stopped to kneel in front of me. Sighing I gesture for the figure to rise. "You know that I hate it when you do that Kurai."

The figure rose to reveal a girl in her early twenties that look exactly like Itachi except she had red steaks in her hair and her eyes were a midnight blue not black. She wore black cargo pants with lots of pockets and had a blood red skin tight sleeveless turtleneck on. A 5-foot katana was strapped to her side in a blue sheath and her kunai pouches were on her right thigh. Around her neck was a white choker with the Uchiha symbol on it. "Yes Tsukikage."