Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

A/N: A progression of the scene in manga ch 536.

Not Without Me

Kohaku was staring down at Shippo and Jaken. The two little youkai had been quarreling with each other about being left behind while their friends went into the final battle. Matching bumps adorned their noggins where each had hit the other with Jaken's staff.

"Go back inside, Kohaku," Jaken said, motioning with his staff authoritatively. "Shippo and I are flying into battle."

"Not without me," Kohaku said firmly.

"You are staying here. War is no place for children."

"Shippo's going," Kohaku reasoned.

"He is merely flying me there," Jaken said. "A pitiful runt like him wouldn't last five seconds against Naraku…"

While Jaken went on in detail about how weak and pathetic Shippo was, Kohaku and Shippo shared a look. Kohaku let out a sigh. He hated what he was about to do.

"Sorry, Master Jaken," he said, grabbing the staff out of the little youkai's hand and whacking him across the head, just hard enough to knock him unconscious. Jaken fell to the ground as another large bump formed on his head next to the one Shippo had inflicted on him.

Shippo transformed into his flying form, and Kohaku hopped onto his back, carrying the limp body of Jaken along.

As the three small warriors soared through the air toward the waiting battle, Shippo asked Kohaku a question.

"So how long have you been traveling with this guy?"

Kohaku looked down at Jaken just as the little youkai was beginning to come to.

"Long enough to know how stubborn he is."