Summary: Sasuke Uchiha; Student body president. Gaara Sabaku; Resident emo. Neji Hyuuga; Student body vice president. Obito Uchiha; Art school student. However different these four boys may seem, they are all drawn together by one thing; a mutual love for 'Shota' magazines top model.

Pairing: Naruto x Undecided

Authors note. This story is going to be extremely slow coming and I am only able to work on it when I have the time and access. I'm currently living in my ex's spare room and can't download any of my stories onto his computer or I'd work on the one's I've already got open. Well, enjoy!

Poster Boy.

Inhaling deeply, Sasuke sighed. Not that he's admit it, but the smell of an unopened magazine did wonders to calm him. Especially if that magazine containe pictures of his secret love. Known as Kyuubi to his fans, Sasuke liked to think he was the only one that knew better. Opening the magazine and flipping through the pages, he sighed at the site of his love. "Ah sweet Naruto, these pages do not do you justice." He brought the magazine close to his face. Staring at the glossy picture of the pouting blond, he sighed. "And soon you shall be mine."


Sasuke gave a small squeak, throwing the magazine up into the air and looked at the person that entered. "Yes Haruno-sa. What is it?"

Sakura rolled her eyes and walked into the room, closing the door behind her. Picking up the disarded magazine, she spsoke. "Sasuske, if you keep bringing it to school, someone is going to find out eventually."

Sasuke ran a hand over his face. "I know Saukra, I really do, but I can't help it."

"Then give it to me and I'll look after it. No one will be the wiser." Sakura said.

Obsidian eyes clashed with apple-green furiously. The look on Sasuke's face said enough. "alright Sasuke, I wont take it from you." Sakura said. "So, uh, who's this months centre?"


"Kyuubi look this way."

Click, click.

"Now tilt your head and pout a little more."

Click, click, click.

"Perfect! Smile a little more!"


"And give me a real sexy pose."

Click, click.

"And we're done! Good work everyone!"

As the photographer began to take the camera down, the blond in front of it sighed and took the towel offered to him by he pineapple headed brunette. "Thank's Shika!" He flashed Shikamaru a dazzling smile and wiped the makeup off his face. "So, what else is on the schedule for today?"

Shikamaru, dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, handed him some pants. "Your brother cancelled your five pm meeting because your father has a dinner meeting at the Yamanaka's tonight."

Narutop grinned as he did up the button on his pants."Wonderful! I've been meaning to get in touch with Ino, she wants me to meet her new girlfriend."

Shikamaru gave a small chuckle. "Who's the victim this month?"

Picking up his bag from the corner, Naruto waved at the photographer. "Her name's Tenten Cheung. She's this Chinese girl that is staying with Ino's family while she goes to school here this semester."

Shikamaru sighed and flipped open his vibrating phone. "Nara...Yes Uzumaki-san, I'll make sure he gets the message." Clicking his phone shut, he looked at the carefree blond. "Your father wants you to know that you'll be picking up your cousin from Biyori High in about half an hour. It's his first day and Kurenai asked you to do her this one favour."

Naruto nodded as he climbed into his bright orange Camero. "Do you know where exactly Biyori High is?"

Shikamaru nodded and gave directions. "Your father said that you'll be meeting Konahamaru with one of the students there."


"So if no one has any objections then the book club will change their meetings to Wednesday lunchtimes." Neji Hyuuga said, his opalesque eyes scanning the room. "Okay then, Uchiha-san, over to you."

"Thank you Hyuuga-san." Sasuke said. "Now, I do believe that Tsunade-sensei has something to say and then we can call this meeting over."

The busty blond headmaster stood up and smiled. "As you all know, today is the first day of the year and that means that there are young students running around and geting lost. As seniors, it is your job to make sure that they all get to the correct school busses and in a few cases, walked to their parents. Most of you have been assigned select busses, but we are still short two student escorts. We need escorts for Hanabi Hyuuga and Konahamaru Sarutobi. Who would like to escort them?"

Sakura stood up. "If you would not mind, I would like to escort Hanabi Hyuuga. I am to be her student advisor and it would be appreciated if I could get to know her a little better."

Tsunade nodded. "That is a great idea Haruno-san. Hanabi will be met at the entrance by her father." She picked up her papers and grinned. "That just leaves Konohamaru, who is to be met by his cousin."

Seeing that no one was offering to be his escort, Neji stood up. "I'll do it Tsunade-sensei."

"Thank you Neji." Tsunade smiled. "Seeing as the bell is going to ring any second, I suggest you all get to your assigned classes."

Neji and Sasuke left together and it was Sasuke who spoke. "So, why did you volunteer to escort?"

Neji shrugged. "I'm not entirely sure, but I have a good feeling about it."

The pair walked to Konohamaru's class and reached it just in time for the bell to ring. Waiting silently, the door opened and the students began to pile out. A small boy dressed in blue shorts and an orange tee shirt with what appeared to be a spiraled leaf on it made his was shyly to Neji and Sasuke. "A-are you my escort?"

Neji nodded. "That would be me. Nice to meet you Konohamaru, my name is Neji and this is Sasuke."

Keeping his head low, Konahamaru nodded. "Nice to meet you both. Thank you for meeting me. Do you happen to knw if it is my mother or father meeting me?"

"Actually, we were told it would be your cousin." Sasuke said.

Konahamaru's face lit up with a big grin. "Naruto's coming for me! Wow, that means I get to ride in the Camero!"

Neji chuckled. "You must really like your cousin."

Konahamaru nodded enthusiastically. "He always takes me out for ice cream when he meets me from school and he's the best at everything!"

As they approached the doors, the three noticed two things. One; Konahamaru's excitement escelated and a particularly large commotion was going on outside. Walking out the doors, a group of girls were screaming and yelling as they surounded someone. Konahamaru merely sighed. "This always happens when Naruto goes out."

Sasuke and Neji exchanged a glance as they fought their was to the centre of the crowd. Konahamaru ran to the blond in the centre as both boys gasped. Watching as Konahamaru hugged his cousin, they darted forward.

"Naruto, this is Neji and Sasuke-sempai, they're my escorts." Konahamaru grinned.

Naruto raised his sunglasses up onto his head as a few more girls screamed at him. Holding out his hand, his saphire blue eyes looked between the two. "Nice to meet you both and thank's for bringing Konohamaru to me."

"Kyuubi." They both said at the same time. Glaring at eachother, the two knew exactly what this meant.

It was war.


Well, I hope you all like this and please keep an eye out for more soon! It feels so good to be back in the fanfic game!

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