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Naruto was a bundle of nerves. A train wreck of nerves would be more accurate. Our hero was heading over to his beloved boyfriends house for the first time. He had met Temari on a few occasions, but Gaara lived with his sister and his brother Kankuro. Gaara had told him that he had no real reason to be nervous and that Temari was exaggerating when she said that Kankuro was a beast. Naruto took a deep breath as Gaara emerged from the doors of Biyori High and headed straight for his orange Camero.

"Hey babe how was your day?" Naruto asked the red head and he hugged him.

Gaara shrugged. "Not too bad Naruto, we had a test in math today."

The separated and slipped into the car, Naruto gave a little nervous giggle as he started the vehicle. Gaara rolled his eyes and sighed. "He's really not that bad, honestly. Kankuro is this stoner psychologist with a thing for fine art that cares less about anything but his patients."

Although he didn't say anything, Naruto visibly relaxed. Well, at the very least he had knew a few artists mainly because of Sachi and her 'bohemian' phase. He chuckled at the memory or Sachi and Itachi's fight over her refusal to shave. "I'm an artist I will not be stifled!" She had yelled. That phase of her life lasted about six months. Pulling up to Gaara's apartment building, Naruto gulped a littleā€¦ "Now or never."


Opening the front door Gaara and Naruto were engulfed in pot smoke and techno music. Walking into the living room Gaara was unsurprised, Naruto, not so much.

"Woah where's her shirt?!" Naruto squeaked out.

Sitting on the couch stock still with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders and a book in her hand pretending to read, was a blue haired chick. Kankuro sat in front of her sketching. "Yo Rikku take five babe."

Rikku shrugged off the shawl making Naruto gasp before he noticed the skin coloured tank top she was wearing. Rikku stretched her arms above her head, cracking her shoulders before smiling. "You must be Naruto."

Naruto smiled back. "Nice to meet you Rikku."

Kankuro nodded at the blonde. "Yeah you've really been putting a smile on Gaara's face recently."

Naruto shrugged. "Gaara's pretty awesome. He makes me happy."

"Good to hear, he deserves some happiness." Kankuro said. "Anyways Rikku back in position we're almost done."

"You know Kayumi is pretty pissed that you're stealing me on her day off." Rikku said while she slipped the tank top straps down and wrapped herself in the shawl again. "We barely have any time together as it is."

Kankuro shrugged. "Whatever she'll get over it. Temari's in the kitchen making supper Gaara maybe you should go say hi and see if she wants any help."

Gaara rolled his eyes and grabbed Naruto's hand. "Lets go Naruto."


Supper was an amazing event. He had learned that Rikku, a small time photographer, lived in the building with her girlfriend Kayumi, a baker in the city. Kayumi was a little rough around the edges and slightly intimidating to Naruto at first. She came in wearing a leather jacket (later he learned that she drove a motorcycle), and a little grumpy at Kankuro for stealing Rikku for the afternoon. Once they all sat down to a supper of Temari's famous chicken finger pizza, he saw how relaxed they all were and how comfortable with each other. He felt like he was at home, minus his brother and father.

After supper Rikku and Kayumi left for their own home, Kankuro went to his room to paint and Temari left for Shikamaru's house. Sitting on the couch Gaara reached for Naruto's' hand. "Well, what did you think of my family?"

Naruto smiled. "I love them all, really. Kankuro seems so cool, Rikku and Kayumi are pretty funny too."

"I'm glad you like them all Naruto, it means a lot because they're my family you know?" Gaara replied placing a small kiss on Naruto's cheek.

Naruto grinned. "You get to meet all my family next. Dad, brother, Iruka and Aunt Tsunade."

If Naruto's family where all as crazy as he and his dad seemed, he was sure in for some fun.


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