Airwolf is somebody else's, probably Universal's or Bellisarius', and I freely admit that whoever's it is, I'm borrowing their show and they retain all rights, etc.

Author's note: When I left this series a while ago, I had two stories I felt I hadn't told around this universe; one was the story of Sarah and Mike, and one was the story of how Angelina, Michael's daughter, would find out that it had been Hawke who had shot her mother, Maria. So, missing my Airwolf series, I recently sat down to write the story. I finished it and then wondered whether I should post it...would anyone want to read about the series anymore? I loved the ending of And They All Lived...would this take away from that? I have wrestled with whether to post it or not but finally, the fact that Airwolf is showing back on UK TV - albeit satellite decided it for me; so I'm posting and leaving it up to the readers whether they want to take the chance on revisiting the universe or not. If you do, I hope you enjoy this addition.


This is an epilogue to the Lost Season Series (bridging the 3rd and 4th Season of Airwolf): Single Parent Hawke, The Jade Wolf, The Truth About Caitlin, Old Friends New Enemies, Hawke's Wolf, Father Figures, Personal Business, Hidden Truths, Homecomings, The Ex Factor, A Question of Loyalty, You Are Cordially Invited, The Odd Couple, Spirit of the Wolf, Ghosts, A High Price to Pay, Prime Suspect, Traces in the Mist, Duplicity I & II, A Child Friendly Date, Reality Check, The Other Blackjack and Closure.

And the Finding Family Series: Resurrection, Unexpected Backup, Torn in Two, Best Laid Plans, Adversaries, The Infamous Baby Test, Sibling Rivalry, New Beginnings, Sacrifices, Promises, Family Business I & II, And They All Lived.

If you haven't read either series, don't worry; here's a brief recap or you too can skip straight ahead…


During the period between season 3 and 4, Hawke found Half-Pint's mother and relinquished his custody to her. She confirmed that Saint John was not the father of Le. Hawke realised how close he had grown to Caitlin and when she was shot tried to cut her out of his life but finally realised she was too important. They began a relationship and eventually married much to the delight of Dominic. In the meantime, Michael had discovered he was a father to Angelina and had rescued her from Russia. Dom was later kidnapped by the Mafia hit man who had killed Hawke's grandfather - and he began to wonder if Hawke's parents were actually dead or in witness protection but as Caitlin found herself pregnant he decided to drop the search. Meanwhile, a government Intelligence Oversight Committee determined that the FIRM was to be amalgamated with another agency called the Company. Michael felt freed by the decision and told Hawke of his plan to build a successor to Airwolf and look after the embryonic artificial intelligence within the original ship. He reassured the pilot he still intended to honour their deal.

Caitlin was briefly kidnapped by John Bradford Horn but rescued by Hawke while Marella and Michael grew closer after she saved his life. But as Caitlin settled into her new job with Michael and Jo returned to assist at Santini Air, Dom was killed in a helicopter explosion just as they discovered details of where Saint John was. Jo, Mike and Locke all rescued Saint John who helped Caitlin and Hawke escape to a clinic in Switzerland where Hawke recovered. When they returned to the US, Michael and Hawke were able to stop Dom's killer from hurting Caitlin. The Hawke's celebrated the birth of their first child, Dominic Alan Hawke - Nicky.

Hawke, having been reunited with his brother Saint John, began to come to terms with the long absence of the other man in his life. But various jealousies and emotions ran high as the old Airwolf team were handed control of a mission to recover Charles Moffett from the Russians and where Hawke had a final showdown with his old nemesis. During the mission his brother raised the possibility that the Hawkes' parents, long considered dead in a boating accident when Hawke was twelve, were alive and in witness protection after going up against a Mafia family, the Cordelli's. The Hawkes determined to find out the truth and decided to ask their friends for help.

Both Airwolf teams supported the brothers but progress was slow and the team came under attack from an unknown enemy. Michael proposed to Marella much to Hawke and Caitlin's joy but soon after there was an attack on the cabin, led by the Hawkes' old foe, Angelica Horn. Horn revealed the mysterious boss was a man called Matt Sterling before her death but they had no proof other than her word.

Jo finally revealed how she felt about Saint John as Michael and Locke reported that their respective Airwolf projects were being combined and moved into a new division under the Department of Defence. Jo and Saint John bowed out opting to pursue their new relationship and work at Santini Air; Locke remained with the Company while Mike agreed to remain as an Airwolf pilot flying with Hawke and Caitlin under Michael and Marella's management.

Soon after, an old associate of Hawke's tracked down Hawke's sister, Sarah and her son, Chris, and the brothers brought them home. Unfortunately, Locke was brainwashed and fatally shot. Before he died he revealed the mastermind was never Sterling but Giovanni Cordelli. The search for their parents was put on hold when Michael and Marella wed but back home, Larry Mason drew out Seb, the youngest Hawke who finally led Hawke and Saint John to an emotional reunion with their parents, Alan and Jane. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived as Caitlin was horrifically injured in a helicopter attack, losing the second baby she and Hawke longed for and sustaining a severe head injury. When Caitlin was declared brain dead, Hawke embarked on a revenge mission against Giovanni Cordelli in the original Airwolf.

A ghostly Dom intervened and managed to convince Caitlin to fight for her life as he stayed with Hawke and helped him get Cordelli. Caitlin miraculously recovered and Hawke said another tearful farewell to the man who was a father to him for so many years. A final attempt by the real Matt Sterling to take Airwolf was foiled and a year later, Hawke celebrated his life with Caitlin, his children - Nicky and baby Amelia, good friends and the blessing of the family he had lost...

And now the sequel: Angel Wolf