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- Part 11 -

DG squealed happily as she bounced on the bed before Cain's body moved to cover hers, the lower half of his body cradled comfortably between her thighs. He kissed her hard, once, before moving down to trail kisses along the length of her neck, across her collar bone and then, finally, traveling down the valley between her breasts.

DG practically purred as she ran her fingers through his short hair, her nails massaging his scalp as he continued his journey down her torso and over the concave plane of her stomach. His tongue darted into the indent of her belly button and she let out a laugh which turned into a strangled gasp when he slid further down and – using his fingers to part her folds – closed his mouth over her sensitive bud. He alternated between sucking at the bundle of nerves and flicking his tongue against it, every so often moving down to trace along the seam of her opening before returning to her clit.

Gritting her teeth, DG rose up on her elbows in order to look down the length of her body at him. When she tried to writhe under his ministration, Cain's other hand held her in place as he continued to feast quite eagerly.

"Oh, my God!" DG moaned when he did a particularly amazing trick with his tongue and fell back flat on the bed, her hands shooting down to clutch desperately at his head.

She felt him stop in order to rumble out a gruff order. "Don't," he growled against her sensitive flesh and she whimpered. "Don't think I'm going to let you go quiet now, DG. I want to hear you scream for me."

The sound of his coarse voice issuing such a curt demand was all it took to send DG over the edge. "Oh, Jesus Fucking Christ!" she screamed as her back arched sharply. She felt like she was flying and her hands shot out to clutch at his head, the bedding, anything to keep her grounded.

DG was still swimming in the haze of euphoria when Cain climbed back up her body, his arms hooking her legs as he went. He positioned himself at her opening, quickly plunging into her, deep and hard. She was instantly catapulted into another orgasm.

"W-wy-wyatt!" she cried out, unthinkingly using his first name for the first time ever and Cain growled in approval. He quickened his thrusts as DG clawed at his back.

He moved in her harder, spurred on by her frantic cries. He'd never thought his own name sounded as good as it did when she started to pant it out. It had been so long since he'd felt anything like this and her nails digging into his back was the only thing keeping him from completely losing himself inside of her. He hissed when she contracted around him, twisting his hips in response and dragging another moan from her.

Cain felt his body begin to tighten when she arched her back and bit his neck. He growled, moving one of his arms to reach up and tangle his fingers tightly in her hair in order to yank her head back. He kissed her hard, feeling her moan vibrate through his body. He began to move faster, wanting to hear her scream once more before this was over.

She fulfilled his wish a moment later when she tore her lips from his and screamed his name again, followed by a string of curses and an "Oh, yes!" that ended in a drawn out hiss as her body began to quake and her inner muscles contracted powerfully around him. That was all it took to finish him, with a growl of his own, Cain emptied himself deep within her.

"Great Gayle, girl," he panted in her ear as his body went limp over her. "Am I bleeding?"

DG laughed breathlessly. "Don't be a drama queen, Cain, you know you loved it." She panted against his shoulder before placing a kiss on the sweaty skin.

He moved off her just enough so she could breathe and nuzzled her neck affectionately. She tried to squirm out from under him more but he stopped her. "No you don't. This may be the only way I can keep you out of trouble."

DG smiled and snuggled into his side. "You just may be right."

Three days later, DG and her friends found themselves standing in front of her mother's overly-carved and decorated desk. It was quite imposing, to say the least, and she silently wondered if anyone would notice if she set the thing on fire. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and spotted a now-human Toto.

He'd probably notice,' she thought as she scuffed her foot on the marble floor, pouting.

Glitch and Raw were fidgeting nervously behind her and Cain was standing, still as a statue, next to her; arms crossed over his chest, staring straight ahead. Toto simply huffed officiously a few steps away, refusing to associate himself with them. She started to fidget as her mother simply stared down at the tickets DG had thrust into her hands without speaking.

Her mother started to sort through the citations, her eyebrows rising in surprise. Ahamo leaned over her shoulder to see what had caused the normally-spirited group to go silent. He reached down, gently grabbing two of the tickets before straightening. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Those tickets were so totally unfair!" At her outburst, both her parents looked up. "Gulch has been out to get me for years! You steal the guy's car one time and he labels you for life!"

Her mother gazed back down at the tickets. "DG, these are rather serious charges. Destruction of private property, public indecency, assaulting an officer. Why did you assault Tin Man Gulch?"

"They're not all mine! He went after them too!" DG protested, pointing in the direction of the other three. Glitch had a 'Who, me?' expression on his face, while he pointed to himself; Raw looked all manner of embarrassed, while Cain simply rolled his eyes. "They didn't even do anything! Plus, we were having, like, a really bad day."

Ahamo held up one of the tickets to the light. He started suddenly and moved his eyes, taking in the stoic Tin Man standing next to his daughter. Then, he started to laugh like a mad man.

Her mother reached up, taking the tickets back from him and reading them over.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and breathed deeply. "I have to ask... What could have been so bad about your day that would make these-" she indicated the tickets. "-at all acceptable."

Cain grunted in protest, but it was too late. "Cain and I got turned into pixies!"

Her mother's jaw dropped open and Ahamo practically stopped breathing, as he was laughing so hard. He leaned against her mother's chair for support. "You were turned into pixies?"

DG jumped up and down, frustrated. "How could I even make that up?"

Her mother got a sneaky gleam in her eye. "But you're no longer pixies?"

DG snorted. "Well, obviously!"

"And exactly why is that, DG?"

DG froze. Her mother knew? 'Fuck all.'

"Uhhhh... magical hedge maze?"

The queen smiled. "I see. Well, I do hope the 'magical hedge maze' was a gentleman."

DG smacked herself in the face and glanced at a badly-blushing Cain out of the corner of her eye.

"Are we done here?" Cain's voice asked levelly.

"Of course, Mister Cain. I shall see what I can do about these tickets. Why don't you all go and relax a bit. I believe you may have gotten a bit too much sun on your trip, you look a bit burned."

Cain's left eye twitched. "Thank you, your Majesty."

He exited the room with what dignity he had left. She just had to open her mouth, didn't she? And here he'd thought he had gotten her to shut up at last. Maybe he just needed to get her alone again. Cain snuck a peek at DG as they fled down the hall. Yes, that seemed to be an excellent plan. As they turned the corner, he grabbed her, yanking her toward the nearest staircase. He was pretty sure her room was closer.


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