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Summary: FIRST STORY: A junior at Archangel High, she is unpopular, nerdy and known to be poor. Outside of school she's known as Orb's princess, a pop princess and is the richest girl in Orb. Can she keep her secret from the world and keep up her grades at the same time?

In this story Cagalli and Stellar are sisters. Stellar is the younger sister and a freshman, so Stellar is two years younger then Cagalli. Kira and Cagalli are twins but they don't know because they were separated at birth. Now that I got that straightened up on with the story.

Chapter one:

"Come on Cagalli wake up," said Stellar.

"5 more minutes," mumbled Cagalli grabbing her pillow and pressing it against her head.

"Come on Cagalli," pleaded Stellar. "I don't want to be late for our first day of school. It's already 7:45.

"What!" Cagalli shot up from bed and ran to the bathroom while Stellar sighed.


10 minutes later Cagalli and Stellar were running down the sidewalk pushing everyone in their path. After running for another 5 minutes they made it in front of Archangel High.

"Wow it's so big," said Stellar. (Remember she's a freshman)

"Yeah yeah more walking and less staring," said Cagalli pulling Stellar toward the entrance. "Ok Stel go to the principal's office and get your time schedule cuz if I don't go now I'm gonna be late. See ya," waved Cagalli, leaving Stellar all alone to find the principal's office.

"Now where is the principal's office?" Stellar asked herself as she wandered through the halls.

"It's down the hall, last door to the left," said a mysterious man.

Stellar said thank-you to the boy and ran off to the hallway.

"She looks cute, I think this is going to be a good year for me," smirked the boy. "Hey what are you doing in the hallway! You should be in class now!" yelled a security guard as he was running toward the boy with a baseball ball (lol). "Oh crap," was all that the boy said as he ran away from the security guard.

"Here we are," said Stellar as she knocked on the door.

"Come in," said a voice in the office. Stellar opened the door and let herself in.

"Aha you must be Stellar Hibiki (Cagalli and Stellar's fake last name is Hibiki cuz I couldn't think of any other name so just go with the flow.) I have your schedule here. By the way my name is Gilbert Durandal. Now hurry along to your class. With that said Stellar left the office to find her first class.

Stellar found her class and entered. Her class had paper airplanes flying and people talking very loud. Stellar walked to an empty desk and took out a book to read.

"Hey how can you read in this loud room?" asked a girl next to Stellar. Stellar turned around and saw a girl with black hair and brown highlights in her hair. "My name is Sally, what's your name?

Stellar looked at Sally and then said, "My name is Stella Hibiki."

"Cool now I have someone to talk to," laughed Sally. Stellar continued to read her book until Sally asked Stellar a question. "What book are you reading?"

"Hmm? Oh it's a romance novel about a vampire and a human who fall in love but the both of them have to go through many challenges to get their love through."


"Ok class please open your books and begin to read page 5 and by the way by name is Ms. Gladys. After you finish read please look up and then we can introduce each other and get to know each other. (All the teachers each every grade so Cagalli and Stellar have the same teachers.) Another 40 minutes passed and everybody walked out of the class and went to their next class. Stellar met two other people aside from Sally. Auel Neider and Sting Oakley. Auel has light blue hair and seems to be arrogant and shows off a lot. Sting has light green hair and keeps Auel in check.

"Hey guys wanna go over to my house after school?" asked Stellar.




And Stellar, Sally, Auel and Sting all headed off to gym not knowing what would happen there.

Ok that was the first chapter of Archangel High and don't worry Cagalli will sing but later on in the story. I'll update soon only if I get 10 reviews. )