This note is to alert readers that in about a week, I'll be taking TDW down.

Why? It's rather complicated, actually, but a large part of it has to do with plot developments and the like being handled very, very poorly and the fic being unnecessarily bulky because of it. In addition, several future developments are being hindered because of the poorly handled past elements and the story overall is losing steam. It has reached a point where I feel it can no longer be ignored.

However, the story itself is not finished, and in an attempt to rectify the problems that are creeping into my most recent chapters, I've decided the best course of action is to reorganize my thoughts, ideas, and vision of the story before irreparable harm is done.

I have been working on the story for over two years, allowing my writing skills to be sharpened as time went on, with this story often serving as a training tool, and now I've reached a certain point where it's much clearer that some of my past ideas went awry and will slowly sour the rest of the story unless they are remedied.

I will promptly be restoring the fic after its removal and build it back up. But this is where I need you, the readers. If you still enjoy the fic, RETURN to it. Give feedback, make sure that I know I'm going in the right direction, or if there's problems to be addressed, that I can address them. My intention is a tremendous gamble, particularly after the disastrous attempt to rework Dark Eons. It is possible that doing this will completely obliterate my fanbase, many of whom, like with Dark Eons, won't bother to return to the fic.

This is a notice so that as many people as possible are aware of it and will keep an eye out for its return. The revived version will likely dispense with most of the severely unneeded plot points and some of the significant events will be handled differently, hopefully for the better.

This is a job far too big to consider an alternative option for. Once again, I urge readers to come back to the fic as I resurrect it. This is a story I'm quite keen to continue, so it shouldn't go the way of Dark Eons. It does need a fanbase to follow it, though.

If anyone has questions, suggestions, thoughts, or in fact anything to say on this matter at all, feel free to PM me or...I guess review this chapter, it makes no difference how you contact me. You can tell me your favorite parts, characters, or whatever, in case I planned to scrap them in the Phoenix version. This way I can laugh at you...I mean, assure you that your favorite moments will be preserved.

Tarot reminds you that the "Death" card means change and transformation.