Eye to the Kaleidoscope
By: angelofire and pottersweetie

Author's Note: This story is our first Brothers Grimm story, and it was written purely for our own entertainment. If you like it, that's great, let us know, and if you don't, that's fine too. This story is set just after what happened in the movie. We hope you all like it! Enjoy, Read, Review!


The scream erupted within the grand manor house of the Lord Mayor Garoth of Bruinn. It echoed from one single bedroom, and it carried all the way to the front door and into the streets. This one violent vibration of vocal chords startled everyone in the house, and any innocent passersby within close proximity outside. It filled the room in which it had generated, creating a horrible ringing within the girl's ears who had created it. And it reached the victim it had intended to reach, the screamer's own sister.


Evelyn, the aforementioned victim, only jumped slightly at the sound of her sister's voice, but she rolled her eyes only moments after. She had been sitting by the fireplace in her bedroom, reading, when she had heard her sister scream, and she only continued doing this after the scream had ended. In hopes of avoiding an argument with her sister, she simply ignored the situation, nestling herself farther into her chair, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. But her luck ran short as she heard her sister stomping down the hallway, throwing the door wide open.

"May I suggest knocking?" Evelyn quipped, not looking up from her book.

Evelyn's sister, Apolline, stood in the doorway, fuming, her dark hair wild around her face, her blue eyes blazing, and she shot back, "May I suggest you leave my things alone?"

"What are you talking about?" she looked up now, confusion knitting her eyebrows.

"You stole another one of my brooches!" Apolline shouted in return. "My amethyst one now!"

Evelyn rolled her eyes, "What would I want with your hideous brooches? I have my own brooches to choose from, thank you."

Marching up to her sister, Apolline grabbed the book out of her sisters hands and threw it across the room, "Evelyn I have no brooches left!"

"Don't throw my book!"

"Don't steal my things!"

Shouting as well now, Evelyn said, "I didn't steal anything of yours! Search my room if you'd like!"

Apolline strode across the room to Evelyn's dressing table, where a shiny wooden jewelry box sat, she opened the top and peered inside. She slowly turned to her sister, "There's nothing in there."

"What?" Evelyn peeked inside the box and frowned. "Did you hide my jewelry to get back at me?"

"What are you talking about?" she shouted. "Don't pin this on me!"

Evelyn placed her hands on her hips, her chocolate-brown hair pinned intricately to the nape of her neck, "Well, all of my jewelry's gone, 'Polline!"

"Just give me my brooches back-"

"Give me all of my jewelry back!"

Apolline turned from her sister, "I'm telling father."

"Not if I tell him what you've done first!"

And before either of them knew it they were racing each other to the hall, where their father was holding a town meeting with some officials. They didn't consider that he was busy though, they only thought of getting the other sister in trouble for misplacing the other's things. That is, until they burst into the room without knocking and found it was filled with arguing townspeople and shouting officials that dropped silent at the sight of them. The girls froze.

"Girls?" Mayor Garoth looked at his daughters, glanced nervously at the crowd in front of him, and then back to his girls. "What is the meaning of this?"

Both Evelyn and Apolline felt immature and foolish for barging in the way they did, but they were too far gone in the situation to simply leave the room without so much as a word.

Apolline stepped forward, "Forgive me Papa, but I do believe Evelyn has been filching my brooches-"

"I have not! Papa, she's been taking all of my jewelry and hiding it-"

"Ah!" one of the townspeople shouted. "You see! It's ev'n 'appenin' in the Lord Mayor's 'ome!"

The crowd erupted into loud speech as they began to all talk at once. Accusations were being thrown between old friends and families were bickering with one another. Evelyn and Apolline watched the scene, confused as to why their problems were concerning the common people so deeply. Their father, on the other hand, seemed thoroughly concerned as he began whispering with one of his councilman. The noise mounted and, finally, Lord Garoth straightened himself up to his full height and tried to quiet everyone down.

When the room only grew louder, the mayor shouted, "EVERYONE BE SILENCED, PLEASE!"

"Papa, what do they mean?" Evelyn asked.

Apolline continued, "Yes, what do they mean by 'even happening' in our house?"

Lord Garoth looked tired but he put on a smile and said, "It's nothing really- Just a pickpocket in our town is all-"

"My Lord Mayor, 'tis not just a pickpocket!" a small woman in the front cut in. "If this person is breakin' into my house and even yours, than somethin' serious is goin' on!"

The crowd shouted with rounds of, 'Here! Here!'

Evelyn's eyebrows were furrowed as she asked, "They've all had things stolen from them?"

Everyone said they had.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Apolline approached the woman in the front and asked, "What has been taken from you?"

The woman looked surprised, but she replied, "What was left of my late cousin's silverware-"

"And you, sir?" she pointed to a stout man, standing off to the side.

"Me? Well, my son's sea-glass collection was stolen from him. I know it's not a lot, but-"

Apolline moved on, "You?"

The elderly man she was pointing to was trembling with age and his voice was raspy as he replied, "My family's old crest- I polished it good and bright everyday-"

"I lost my spectacles and the buttons on all my shoes-"

"I lost me old gold tooth- well, it was out of me 'ead, but it's still gone-"

Apolline managed to shush all the people and stood in front of the crowd, before her father.

"Papa, don't you see what it is?"

Evelyn carefully listened from the back of the room, as did the crowd in front of her. They all waited to hear what the mayor's daughter would say next, the suspense mounting with every breath and every shuffle of someone's foot.

Lord Garoth looked a little anxious, "See what, Apolline?"

"Who is to blame for all these missing things!" she pressed.

Someone from the crowd shouted, "Who is to blame?"

Her father stared at her expectantly, and then she said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Goblins!"

The hall was quiet, and then it began to hum as everyone began to whisper and talk to one another. In the back of the room Evelyn rolled her eyes and muttered, "Oh brother."

"Don't you see?" Apolline implored. "Goblins love to collect shiny or sparkly trinkets! That's probably where everyone's things have gone to! They're also very sneaky- which explains how they got into everyone's houses!"

Lord Garoth put his hand on Apolline's arm, "My sweet, now is not the time-"

"Maybe she's right!"

The crowd agreed loudly and everyone protested against the Lord ignoring this suggestion. Before long that was the only conclusion anyone could come to. All was forgiven, except now the goblins had to be gotten rid of. Evelyn and her father were both annoyed, as they knew how Apolline could get with her fairy-tales.

Evelyn called to the front of the room, "And how do you propose we vanquish these nasty little goblins, dear sister?"

"The brothers Grimm," she beamed. "They can cure any town, or building, or city, of magical pests! I've read all about them! They're very good! Hundreds of people would swear by the methods of the brothers Grimm!" And so it was decided these Grimm brothers should be called at once, to rid Bruinn of it's goblin infestation and settle the nerves of the rattled townspeople.

"All right then Charles," Lord Garoth said to his assistant. "Get me the brother's Grimm."