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Chapter One: Visions of the Past
Jaina Solo held her lightsaber aloft and thumbed the activation trigger, sending forth a beam of brilliant white plasma. The old emitter crystal had an electric-violet beam, but that crystal wasn't a Ginzoishou. It wasn't imbued with the Force itself.

She initiated a series of training exercises, going through the lessons taught to her by Kyp Durron and Dorsk 82. On her bed, a pair of yellow eyes followed her movements. "You're quite skillful with that," Luna commented.

Jaina deactivated her lightsaber and clipped it to the hem of her skirt. "Thanks." A sigh escaped her lips as she continued speaking. "I just hope I can find time to practice on the Headquarters Frigate."

She sat on the bed and cradled her lightsaber in her hands. Luna walked up to her and curled up in her lap while she continued on. "Jacen and Tenel Ka are leaving tomorrow for their honeymoon. Zekk's already left on the Lightning Rod, and you're going back to Tokyo along with the other Senshi and Master Durron today." She glanced to the window and her shoulders sagged. "I'm gonna miss everyone!"

At that, Luna let out a knowing chuckle. "Oh, Jaina. It's natural to want things to stay the same, but time changes all. Old friends disappear and new ones emerge. Familiar places give way to strange ones."

Jaina rolled her eyes at that and said, "Yeah, but I don't have to like it."

Luna twisted her head around and looked up at Jaina. "Things have changed quite a bit for you already. Two years ago, you weren't a Jedi Knight or Sailor Senshi." The feline thought for a moment, reflecting on the past events. "And things have changed since your previous incarnation, has it not?"

Jaina nodded and shifted a bit on her bed. "Yeah. I almost forgot about that." She remembered the stories of the Battle of seven priestesses against Xim the Despot from the spirit of her grandmother, Padme Naberrie.

25,500 years ago, seven primitive Force users defeated him on Tatooine and sealed his soul into a sword. They then forged a weapon that would be able to destroy his soul, but they were had put too much of themselves into it, and were too weak to finish the task. So the task fell to their reincarnated selves. Jaina, Tenel Ka, Tahiri, Lusa, Tionne, Sannah and Mara had to stop Xim's spirit on the moon of Yavin XIII. After that, Jaina never gave the priestesses much thought-until now.

She bent over, picked Luna up and deposited her on the bed, then stood up and paced around a bit before unclipping her lightsaber again and igniting it once more. Her brown eyes traced the white blade, and the hum almost hypnotized her. "I wonder how they did it," she murmured.

Luna looked over at her. "The Ginzoishou can give you a glimpse of the past. You need only concentrate, Jaina."

Jaina half-closed her eyes and she felt herself slip back through the mists of time. Her vision clouded, and a trance soon came over her…

25,500 years before the Battle of Yavin
Keope Tumu looked out the window and gasped at the bright colors beyond the transparisteel. She had been in hyperspace many times, but the thrill of actually traveling faster than light never escaped her. The reddish blur danced in her brown eyes, and she wondered once more how it was all possible to adapt the Celestial's technology like this.

The YT-10 Corellian freighter Decade of Peace was little more than an airtight tube with engines on the stern, a cockpit on the bow and three rail gun emplacements amidships. Keope looked over and observed her fellow passengers for a moment.

A serious-looking woman clomped over in her leather boots and took off her war helmet. Vipim Le Fuku looked up and down Keope before saying, "You will not be ready for Xim."

Keope's mouth dropped open at Vipim Le's rather harsh assessment. "Why won't I be ready?"

Vipim Le shrugged. "You are daydreaming instead of helping us plan for the attack." She stepped aside and motioned to a table set up in the middle of the room. Keope rose and followed Vipim Le over.

Five other women sat around the table-priestesses charged with the task of tracking down Xim the Despot, tyrant of the galaxy. Each one commanded a facet of power. When at peace, they could move objects with their minds or fire off energy bursts. None of them truly understood the full extent of this force, but they were the only hope to defeat Xim, for he too controlled similar powers.

The eldest woman, a fiery redhead in her thirties, looked up at Keope with jade eyes. "It's nice of you to join us," Nese Emerald said flippantly.

Keope smoothed the brown robes she wore and sat down. "Sorry. Hyperspace just fascinates us Corellians."

At that, the redhead let a smile play over her lips. "Just don't wander off when Xim's blasting us with one of those telekinetic pulses of his." Her face resumed a serious expression. "All right. We'll be arriving at Tatooine in two hours." Her eyes went to one of the other priestesses. "Vejoso, do you know what sort of resistance your people have been putting up?"

Vejoso Wiome, a young girl of only twelve, stood up. Normally you couldn't get her to stop talking. Today, however, the young priestess of the Ghorfa was quite taciturn. "I don't know," she finally squeaked out, her nose and whiskers twitching in equal parts nervousness and despair. She adjusted her breathing mask and continued. "Xim's powers are far beyond anything my people have seen before."

The young girl looked down at the redhead. "So, Nese, do you have any idea what to do?"

Nese , high priestess of the Thirteen Battalions of Zhell on Coruscant, pursed her lips and shook her head. "I say we just hit him hard and fast." She looked around. "Does anyone have any other ideas?"

A silver-haired woman in full combat armor raised her hand. "We should first do some reconnaissance and get information. That's the only way we'll defeat Xim."

Nese rolled her green eyes and sighed. It was typical of Vouppi to want to gather information first; such a bookworm! Before Nese could speak, one of the younger women spoke up. "Recon? Are you nuts? We already know what this psycho's capable of."

Vouppi looked over at Teppej of Yavin VIII when she finished her little speech. "Are you done, now?"

Teppej nodded, bouncing her curly brown hair up and down. "Yeah. And you know I'm right. He has to be taken down hard."

Nese sighed. Both Vouppi and Teppej had a point. "We'll just see when we get there on how to proceed," she finally stated.

All seven females suddenly looked to the end of the cabin as a hatch opened up, allowing two men to enter the cabin. Brothers Lucas and Handel looked over the women. "Hey, sweethearts. We'll be at Tatooine soon," Handel said.

Nese rolled her eyes. "We know, nerf-herder."

Lucas chuckled, but Handel swatted his younger brother upside the head. Despite herself, Nese let out a titter of laughter at the two men. She rose to her feet and walked over to Lucas. "You know, you're kinda cute," she said, running a finger along Lucas' jaw line.

The Alderaanian farmer and pilot felt a surge of electricity at her touch, and Nese felt it as well. "So, what are you doing after this little mission?"

Lucas swallowed in nervousness. "Well…I was planning on going back to my farm on Alderaan."

Nese licked her tongue over her ruby-red lips and leaned forward right up to Lucas' right ear. "I have something…better in mind," she whispered. By now, Lucas' brow was covered in sweat, and his short blond hair was looking a bit matted down as well.

Handel abruptly wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulders and guided him back to the hatch. "We'll see you ladies later," he said before closing the hatch.

Keope leaned over to Vipim Le. "And I'm not keeping my mind on the mission?"

Vipim Le's gray eyes seemed to frost over as she regarded her slightly younger colleague. "You are not keeping your mind on the mission, and that is the correct information." She shifted her body around and looked up at Nese, who was still standing at the hatch. "Then again, she does not have her full attention on the mission. And that too is the correct information."

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