A/N: Bleach and its characters, no matter how yummylicious, are not mine.

This is a companion piece to my other Aizen x Gin fic, First Contact. Some of the chapters will be linked, some standalones.

I'll be writing from Gin's point of view.

Hope you'll like it.

Below is a chapter breakdown of this very long fic. You might find it useful in skipping chapters :)


1. Encounters: Ch 1 - Ch 6
Gin meets Aizen for the first time. They begin a clandestine affair which Gin hopes will grant him and Rangiku protection.

2. Broken and Tamed: Ch 7 - Ch 22
Gin is tested to breaking point. After Gin wakes from his near-catatonic episode, Aizen finds Gin to have become what Aizen wanted him to be.

3. Triangle: Ch 23 - Ch 32
Gin deliberately breaks Rangiku's heart using Aizen's plan.

4. Independence: Ch 33 - Ch 36
Aizen sends Gin away from Soul Society. Gin is devastated, but returns as a more confident and self-assured shinigami.

5. Green-Eyed Shinigami: Ch 37 - Ch 42
Jealous of Aizen's 'official' partner, Gin uses the offered chance to humiliate and get rid of his competition.

6. Disillusioned: Ch 43 - Ch 48
Gin is sent to Fegefeuer to rescue his lover, but is rejected completely. Gin discovers that he is truly alone and there is only Aizen who accepts him for who he is.

7. The Stray Wolf: Ch 49 - Ch 53
Gin finds an interesting youth on the streets of Rukongai and uses him for his own pleasure.

8. War: Ch 54 - 56
Gin and Aizen perform their shinigami duties in the aftermath of World War Two. Gin also assists Byakuya and Hisana so that they can have the life he and Aizen will never enjoy.

9. Pledging Eternity: Ch 57 - Ch 60
Aizen shows Gin their future home, and then surprises Gin with an extraordinary present.

10. Aphrodite: Ch 61 - Ch 65
When Hisana dies, Gin feels even friends have abandoned him. He challenges Aizen who reminds Gin of the balance of power in their relationship.

11. Taking Wing: Ch 66 - Ch 73
Gin prepares himself to take on an entirely different role and starts 'courting' Kira Izuru.

12. This Way Comes: Ch 74 – Ch 76
Gin is ready to become a captain, but has to deal with decades of emotional dependence - in the only way Gin knows how.

13. Establishment: Ch 77 – current
Gin takes steps to grow into his new life as captain of the Third.


I watched him go, and then quickly moved to the corner where I knew he always paused.

It was gamble I was making – I wasn't sure how he would react.

Give me a good thrashing? Kill me with his sword? Report me to the discipline committee at the Academy?

Or – worst of all – ignore me?

He came round the corner impossibly fast, pinning me to the wall before I could even begin to pray for divine intervention.

"You found me," I tried to appear confident. Acting sometimes led to believing.

"Hide and seek." He ran his hand – his unbelievably smooth hands – down from my throat to my stomach. I almost cried out when his reiatsu spiked against my abdomen. "Nervous?"

Might as well be honest.

"Nervous." My heart was racing. "Agitated." My mind was spinning. "And now very, very turned on." Such smooth hands… and that reiatsu density.

He seemed entertained by me. I was relieved; this would make my task so much easier.

He thought I was a spy.

I wasn't.

Then he proceeded to demonstrate his mastery of the situation. I was already pinned against the wall, trying not to drown in his beautiful, dark brown irises, trying not to focus on the faint musk of cinnamon and amber emanating from him, trying desperately not to relax against his warm body so close to mine.

It was sheer torture, being so close and not daring to touch…

To my surprise he pressed up against me and slid his hands over mine.

Oh gods…that fragrance…

I knew my face was flushing red as he breathed his words into my face. His chuckle was deep and throaty, and briefly I wondered if he always laughed sexily. "I'm twisted like that…and I'm starting to get the message that you like twisted."

I faced him and faced down the desire to kiss him right there and then. Aizen-fukutaichou, the cold flame of the night, the one man that had attracted more than disgust and loathing from me, was right there with me. "Got it in one."

He mentioned his current relationship with the captain-general's great grandniece, one year my sempai. "I'm in a steady, rewarding relationship."

Was he saying what I think he was saying?

"I can seduce you if you want me to, sir." Please say yes.

Instead he merely licked my earlobe and whispered, "I have to want?"

He left without another word.

I stood rooted, leaning against the wall, trying to steady my pulse and still my thoughts.