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This day has been nothing, but pure drama. I probably deserved most of it, though, since most of my attention has been more consumed into books about the second World War rather than the world outside of the house. Though, I didn't deserve having to try to manage Abigail's instablility every minute after we'd heard about the Omaha mall shooting. Now, I love her more than any single thing in the world. I wouldn't trade her off for every historical item to be restored in history, and I honestly mean that. It's just...women are tough to be around during the wrong time. Especially today with the breaking news about the shooting. Abigail's point of view on the event and the current state of America was too over the top to put into words. She even muttered something about Germany's present crime rate and the safety of that country. Honestly, I sometimes think she wants to get on an airplane and fly back there, even if her love for the U.S. and its history is great, if not greater than my own.

My eye lids began to slowly close before I jerked them back open, concentrating on the words in front of me. 'How much could there be on this?' I thought to myself. I know the war had been a event that lasted for years, but this much information? I sighed. I planned to myself I'd finish this chapter and then go down to our bedroom. But, then again, I questioned whether I should just stay up here or not. If I went down while she was alert, Abigail would critize me and fuss at the fact that we couldn't have a true relationship. Then, I'd have to dump that from my system and try to get some rest, but wouldn't get any. Or I could stay up here and make up in the morning. Although, that might not be too easy to do as well. But, I'd choose from my options when I have to.

I began reading the content again, my mind attempting to concentrate and take in the words on the page. But, it wouldn't. I sighed again, only this one came out with more weary. However, I wasn't just going to give up easily. Someone who found two treasures that redefined all mankind couldn't give up to fatigue. So, for the next half hour, my mind forced itself into learning mode, not stopping for a moment of break. Agony is all that described what my brain was going through, but I guess it was worth it.

My hands automatically closed the book and allowing my arm to hang over my chair, I released the book from my grasp. This gave my eyes the cue to shut instantly, forcing my system to loosen and relax itself. As soon as that happened, reality drifted away and all I could remember after that were the last thoughts I had about Abigail. Everything. Her beauty, her personality, and how I was too consumed in history to hold her in my arms.

"Why did she do this?" I could feel my mind crushing by the endless thoughts swimming through my head. "What did I do to-"

I paused, abruptly noticing I'd already gotten dressed. My eyes found its way to the time on the library's hickory clock. 8:13. Usually, I'm not this done by then. Plus, I didn't recall getting up and picking out an outfit to wear. Strange. I could always remember something as simple as that. But, that wonder brushed off quickly while one element conquered every part of my system.

Without control, I stood to my feet and went directly towards a secret compartment Abigail never had a single clue existed. Before, I committed to only go to it in case of a burglar since you never know what might occur when you're a world-known treasure protector. At the moment, though, my brain thought it was absolutely necessary. Pulling the latch, I eyed my prize that lied perfectly in its spot. I snatched the item quickly and placed it in a pocket inside my jacket. This was really going to say everything to her...

I silently slipped out of the library, checking to make sure Abigail wasn't right beside the door waiting on me. Luckily, she'd already gone downstairs, telling Riley for the tenth time about how we never have Reese's Puffs laying around in our cabinets. The perfect time to interrupt and get her in private.

My feet swiftly, but noiseless feet carried me to the staircase and halfway down the stairs when I paused. "Abigail."

She turned as brisk as anyone could've asked for, her coffee nearing the rim of her cup in the process. "Thank goodness." She appeared relieved to see me, probably thinking I was one of her ex-boyfriends who still had a key. "I thought-"

"We've got to talk."

"Okay." It didn't seem like she had any trust in me. But that wouldn't get to my head. I planned to get my mission accomplished, no matter the cost.

I finished my way down the stairs and headed towards the back hallway, most likely making Abigail question what in the world what was going on. Riley probably wondered some, too, but all that mattered was her. She didn't know we had a back room to have this discussion...

At last, after just several moments, we got to our destination. A small office with my desired distance from Riley, just enough space, and no air-conditioning. This would really put her in a worldwind of confusion. And probably in a heat stroke.

Turns out that I was right. A question mark masked her face, a priceless moment to see. No one was going to see the second, though. Or "the show."

WHAM! Her back went in the other direction, blue eyes more distinct than usual. I knew she thought I'd suddenly gone crazy for whamming a door in a manison that my heart loved so dearly, but it was going to be worth it all.

"Ben, why did you-?"

"Doesn't matter." It honestly didn't. What else was I supposed to reply?

"Why are we in here?" Her voice cracks under her emotions when she gets extremely scared. "Isn't this a little odd?" Drops of sweat was beginning to form on her forehead. Bright red cheeks also started to fade into existence from her cheekbones and down. This was getting better by the second, although Abigail couldn't see my pleasure, but rather my usual, practically furious face and the body language I used.

"We've got some business to take care of." The moment of truth finally came. My hand plunged in my jacket, and I clenched the weapon instantly, pulling it out and landing Abigail's whole mind and body into shock.

"Ben. What is that?" Her eyes had glued themselves onto the object, her body slightly moving back and stiffening up.

"What do YOU think it is?" I could feel the anger streaming through my veins every second that ticked by.

"It's..." Her emotions overpowered her speech, forcing her to stop in the middle of her reply. I had really frightened her now.

"You wanna take back what you did to me?"

Her question mark draped her face even more. "Did? To you? I didn't do ANYTHING!"

"Yes, you did, Abigail!"

"Ben, what are you talking about? I haven't done a single thing to you!"

"You know what you did. Admit it." Maybe before she would get a drip of her own medicine, she'd admit her affair with Connor.

"I don't know what you mean!" No chance. "Please, Ben! Just tell me, and we can work this out."

"No. Too late for that." She had her chance, but she blew it. Now, I got to have my turn to do what seemed right. So, I placed my item right in front of me, targeting her heart. "You cause me pain that I can never get rid of. Now, I'm giving you pain of your own."

"NO, BEN!! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!! PLEASE DON'T!!!!" Her plea for pity wouldn't work this time. My finger pulled the trigger one second, and my bait had been injured the next. Her facial expression screamed pain all over, but she collapsed briskly after that.

Abruptly, my eyes trailed down to my dying wife, the center of her blouse absorbing the blood and trying to do the same with the ozzing from her puncture. Abruptly, I realized something.

'I lost the one woman in my life who believed and cared for me so deeply, she was insane enough to marry me.'

I opened my eyes to see that none of my creepy fantasy happened. But, it seemed so real. My heart suddenly pounded with the thoughts of Abigail...losing her...never able to see her beautiful face...her character...

That nightmare was all so realistic. Too realistic for anyone to experience...

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