"A mission? Now?" Naruto said looking to the 5th hokage, it was 10:00pm and him, sasuke, neji and Gaara got assigned a mission

"Yes, its short and sweet you should be done by midnight"

Gaara crossed his arms narrowing his jade green eyes "I don't think I want to leave my kids that long" He said in his normal cold voice, Naruto agreed completely

"They'll be fine" Sasuke said leaning on a wall yawing "There to young to be alone at home!" naruto yelled, he was cleery crossed

Naruto and sasuke had a 2 year old girl and a 5 year old boy, Damien and yumi. Naruto being over protective didn't like going on mission's unless Gaara would watch them for him, but now Gaara had to come on the mission too so that meant they had to stay home on there own.

As for Gaara and neji, they had twins 5 year's old Kai and Kyo Gaara didn't like any one around his children other than there father or naruto, now he was pissed that he had to leave the two alone at home

"It's a mission, you have to accept it"


"GO!!" The 4 jumped, notes to self: Don't piss off the hokage at 10:30.

Yumi clung to her mother

"Mama goes?" she asked, her blue eyes filling with tears

"Just for a little while, when you wake up I'll be back okay?" Yumi didn't buy this, she began to cry

Sighing naruto sat down in a chair and rocked the girl to sleep. As for Damien, he simply nodded and went back to his book.

"He's so much like you it's scary" Naruto chuckled softly and laid yumi in her bed

"Feh" sasuke huffed, naruto slapped him upside the head and kissed him quickly "shut up and come on" he smiled walking out of the room

"Im going to get you Dobe" he growled shutting off the lights

Gaara sighed watching the twins sleep in there bed's

"I still don't want to go" Gaara grumbled

"They'll be fine" Neji said softly in Gaara ear wrapping his arms around his waist, But soon let go feeling the anger reflecting off the red head. With a sigh neji ran his hand throw his coffee brown hair

"This is going to be a loooong mission".

Damien watched his parent's leave and sighed. Putting the book back on the shelf he laid down on the bed closing his eye's softly

This was weird

His mom and dad would not leave them alone he figured they were alone because Gaara didn't enter the room what so ever.

"So, were all alone?" he whispered to himself. Being sasuke child, he didn't want to show his sudden fear that consumed him alone at night with out his mom and dad; this was going to be a loooong night.

Kai woke up first, yawing and opening his gray eye's he looked around, it was quiet why?

"Kyo wake up" he nudged his twin

"5 more minutes Oka-san!!" he whined waving his hand in kai face

"Im not Oka-san! It's Kai!!" Kai yelled

Kyo blinked and looked at his brother "what??" he whined again

"Come on there's something weird about this, Oka-san and Otou-san I don't think there here" Kyo eyes closed again "So uncle naruto is-"

"he's not here either" Kai said, Kyo was awake now he sat up and looked at his twin, same idea shot in there head

Alone at home

"Oh no!!" the two yelled in unison and jumped out of bed. They ran out into the living room

"No uncle, no mom, no dad" Kyo said his eyes filled with disbelief

"Ware do you think they went?" Kai asked his twin

"Who knows, a mission maybe" Kyo said he ruffled his dark red hair, he was stressed. Thou they are the son's of Neji and Gaara they kind of had the stressed feature's of there aunt (I made Hinata and neji siblings) Hinata

Kyo and kai went throw the house, both hand in hand scared for there lives the house was dark

"I have an idea" Kai said turning to his twin

"I do too!" Kyo smiled

The two ran back into the living room and to the door, than they stopped

"Uh Kyo, how far do you think Damien house is from here."

"I don't know kai were just going to have to find out!" Kyo reached for the door knob

"But...Kyo..." Kai gulped "Come on daddy and mommy would have done this with no problem" Kai gulped but nodded.

The two entered the night ridden town it was scarier than anything

Hand in hand the two made there way down the path


"AHH!" the two jumped, both ready to run back to the safety of there house, but there pride as Hyuga children kept them on.


Kai and Kyo turned eyes widened, a big big black dog sat there, eyes gleaming red growling deadly at them

"K-Kyo...what did mommy say about really mean dogs?" Kai asked trembling now viably

"Uh...Uh...oh...yeah...don't run" Kyo gulped. The dog crept closer the kids stepped back

"A. are you sure?"Kai asked again. The dog began to run at the kids "I DONT KNOW BUT ITS TIME TO RUN!!! COME ON KAI!" Kyo and kai ran as fast as they could down the path of the dark town, the dog was close behind them

"What we going to do!!!" Kai yelled panicking "Were-going-to-run-as-fast-as-we-can!!!" Kyo said grabbing his twin's hand and turning a corner. Then he recognized something THE UCHIHA DOOR!!

"Kai hurry up that door right there!" Kyo screamed pushing his twin in front of him as the dog got closer. The two got to the door and began banging it.

Damien Blinked hearing banging at the door

What the mess?

He got out of bed, wearily went down the step's


Damien jumped trembling more and more," cant-be scared" he whispered to himself

"Cant-be-scared" he whispered softly reaching the door

"Cant be-" He opened the door, the twins shot into the house

"CLOSE THE DOOR DAMIEN!!!" They yelled in unison. Wondering why Damien looked out the door and saw the black dog about to tackle the door

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" he slammed the door shut and locked it quickly a bang at the door, and a whimper noticed that the dog got hurt in this process.

Naruto and Gaara flinched

"What are with you two?" Neji asked looking at the two

"I just got a horrible feeling "They said in unison (ever herd of spider senses? Well behold mother senses!! )

"What kind of feeling?" Sasuke asked cocking a raven brow at the two

"It passed..." Gaara said walking a head of them, Naruto took a deep breath and walked beside Gaara

"I shall near understand those two" Neji sighed "Neither will I" Sasuke agreed with the Hyuga

"Why'd you two come here?" Damien asked the panting twin's

"Are mom and dad aren't home so we came here"

"Why?" Damien said impatiently

"We were scared Uchiha!" Kyo yelled narrowing his eyes similar to his father's way "watch it Hyuga!!" Damien yelled back, kai broke this up

"Calm down both of you!!" Kai said crossing his arms

"So you two are staying here now?" Damien asked

"Yes im not going back out there without my dad" Kai said shaking at the memory of the black dog.

A voice woke Yumi from her sleep and it was the 3 5 year olds fighting.

A voice of a woman was singing a song, it was traumatizing, and she woke with a start, her blue eyes dazed over in trance.

She struggled to get off her bed but managed and made her way to the window the voice pulling her more and more out of the window.

Come little children

I'll take ye away

Into a land of


Come little children

The times come to play

Here in my garden

Of magic

Yumi was taken away by the song, climbing out onto the window seal, her small body was easily balanced on the small window seal

Come little children

I'll take ye away

Into a land of


Come little children

The times come to play

Here in my garden

Of magic

Kyo, kai and Damien headed upstairs to get ready for bed; Damien entered the room first seeing the window open

"YUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled grabbing his baby sister as fast as he could

"Yumi yumi!! What were you trying to do!?! Yumi!!? YUMI!?!" Yumi didn't hear her brother

"The song" She whispered" Follow the song"

Damien blinked

"What song yumi?"

Damien shook his sister, yet she wouldn't wake up.

"Kyo, kai help-KYO KAI!?!" The twin's were now dazed gray eyes lost in some invisible picture

"The song" They whispered together, holding hands they went to the window also. Damien couldn't hold Yumi any more, she got out of his grip and made her way to the window also

Damien than herd it the song...The song

He couldn't control his self now; he went to the window also

"The song..."

The kids stepped out the window but didn't fall, the floated among the night sky, towards the voice that drew them in.

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Oh no! the kids went out the window? wonder what there parents are doing ?