Next thing Damien knew he was flying throw the night filled air beside Kyo, kai and yumi. But not just them, kids among kids and among kid's flying throw the night sky.

'Why is this happening? 'He thought. His mind scurried to get out of this trance like state, he didn't know ware they were going or why but he knew one thing

No good is to come of this

In a dark part of the forest of death (what am I talking about? the whole forest is dark), a pale man stood beside a young woman with long red hair was singing the tantalizing song

"This is the easiest way to get a new body" He hissed, his long purple tongue rolled down his pale lips

"Yes your right" A silver haired boy with glasses. He fixed his glasses and looked up "We have company" He said simply

"Take care of them Kabuto''

"Hai, Orochimaru" Kabuto jumped away into the sky. The red head looked up also and saw the children "Here they come" she smirked


Gaara and naruto felt there whole body's jump this time. They knew something was happening, But it was to late they couldn't get back thou they wanted to

"I want to get this stupid mission over with" Naruto cursed jumping from branch to branch, Gaara beside him nodded

"I have a bad do you naruto?" he asked turning only his sea foam green eye's to the Blond

"Yeah, let's get this over with and get back home!" The two nodded and set off at top speed. Sasuke and neji sped to catch up

Both now had bad feelings. They knew something was happening either at home or some ware in this area the forest of death. The thing is, it wasn't like Yumi waking up or Kyo falling out of bed, and it was something that was wrong Horrible horribly wrong.

'I feel like something's up...But I don't know what, Yumi, Damien...Are they okay?'

Neji Knew Gaara, he was being very defensive and less talkative (Not like he was ever talkative neji-kun)

He knew all to well that something was bothering him, maybe this feeling that he had was the same...something is wrong.

They all stopped at the branch and looked ahead, it was a bleak scene with nothing but a surrounding tree's and a dark fall below.

"Well well well look what we have here" They turned to kabuto who was sitting on a branch about a foot away

"What do you want kabuto!" Neji demanded

Kabuto chuckled "Nothing" He drew his kunai "Nothing at all

Damien some how got his body back, Thou flying was cool it wasn't cool to be drifting to a unknown place

"Kyo! Kai!! Wake up!!!!"

The two didn't even turn there head's...what could he do to wake them up

-Flash Back-

Damien walked over to his father and placed himself in his sleeping lap


"Hm?" Sasuke looked down at the boy

"Kyo and kai won't pay attention to me" Damien whined, smirking sasuke pulled Damien up so he was standing in his lap

"Want me to tell you a secret to get on Neji's and the twin's nerve?"

Damien nodded and smiled. Sasuke whispered in his son's ear

"Pull there hair, they'll hate that"

Damien smiled "YAY OKAY!" he jumped off his father's lap and back to his play mate's.

Naruto sat himself down next to sasuke holding yumi in his arms

"You know neji is going to get you right?" Naruto smiled "Yeah I know" Sasuke smirked kissing the blond

"It's my little joys in life other than you and the kid's" Sasuke chuckled, naruto laughed and shook his head and kissed yumi forehead.


Damien moved as fast as he could throw the air to the twin's. "Sorry guys" he grabbed the two's hair and yanked as hard as he could, so hard in fact that they spun in a whole circle

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH UHHHH-CHIII-HAAA!!!" the twin's yelled about to beat the living crap out of Damien

"Wait waits! Hyuga there something going on we have to get out of the sky and find out what's up"

"Okay Uchiha, but NEVER pull are hair again" The two said rubbing there sore head's. Grabbing Yumi, they began to look around "I know! We have to plug the song from are minds" The twins said in unison

Damien nodded his mind went throw a few thoughts and got it

"Do you still have those muffin's Hinata made?" he asked the twins, they blinked but soon nodded (You know kids store ANYTHING in there pocket) and took out the muffin's. They love there aunt but she couldn't cook to save her life.

"Okay gives me"


"Cause I fucking said so"


"So? Your mom dose it all the time"

"But he's grown up"

"So am I!"

"Is not"

"Are too"

"Is not!!"




"IS NOT!!!!!!!!!"

After about 4 minute's of this, the 3 just finally gave up

"Okay, just give me the muffins" Kyo and kai handed them to him. Quickly divideing the muffins in two's he gave them to the twins and took some for himself

"Plug your ears"

"But it's so sticky"

"Just do it!"

The two plug there ear's and in less than 5 seconds they went falling down out of the sky screaming there head's off

"Okay let's do it" Damien gulped and plugged his ears holding his sister's he was sent down to the ground at rapid speed behind the screaming twin's

Naruto dogged another kunai and did some hand sign's "Multi shadow clone Jutsu!!" he yelled, Millions of naruto's appeared and raced to words Kabuto. With great ease, kabuto destroyed ever single last one "damnit" Naruto cursed throwing a kunai to words kabuto throw the smoke of one clone that disappeared. This kunai cut his face just slightly

"GRRRRR" kabuto than jumped when he sensed the Hyuga coming at him, landing on a tree branch he charged at the boy a kunai in his mouth. Thou neji was ready to byakugan the hell out of him, t he was so fast that he sped past him cutting his side "eh!" he narrowed his eyes at the silver haired boy landed behind him (I made this up )

Kabuto did several hand sign's and slammed his hands into the tree branch. All the sudden million's of millions of small electrical beams aimed directly at naruto and neji

"Damnit all" Neji hissed. The beams came at them at speeds byakugan couldn't pick up, thou he was about to block the attack someone made it before him

Gaara stood there sand surrounding the area "Thanks Gaara" naruto smiled "Thank me later, kill this guy already"

He said, he didn't feel like killing the guy, he just wanted to get back to his twin boys at home.

Naruto was at kabuto neck again, punching kicking the silver haired boy, he managed to block a good few but seemed he hit more than anything. Some how (I know I suck at fight scene's) he had a grip on naruto neck over the dark hole

Clone were slowing neji and Gaara down

But let's not forget


Sasuke flew down and slammed his fist into kabuto face, falling back kabuto let go of naruto who got his footing back, standing next to sasuke he made a quick clone, sasuke began his chidori and naruto got his rasegan, Both nodding at each other they ran at kabuto at the same time

They have been falling for 15 minute's

Damien got an idea when he saw the ground getting closer and closer

He still holding yumi grabbed the twin's, they both turned and didn't see what he was saying being twins they understood each other without speaking or hearing

'Kyo? What's Damien saying?'

Kyo looked at Damien who was yelling franticly at them

'Uh...Somthing about UN take the seer's'

'I see I ate the pill's'

'Wait. He's saying...un...plug...your...dears?'

'There no deer's in the sky'

'Wait it's unplug the beer's'

'What?? Lets unplug are ear's so we can here'

The two unplugged there ears just in time, they were close to the floor they were floating just slightly on the ground, They watched Damien do the same, he looked stressed

"What were you saying Uchiha" they asked