Uchiha or Kuchiki: The Rise of Kuchiki Byakuya

OK, so the prologue and this first of this story are a package deal. In this chapter, Sasuke changes his name and enrolls in the Shinigami Academy.


Chapter 2: My name… is Byakuya

Last time: "I hate to interrupt your chat, Samtaro, but I don't think we want to be this close to a Hollow, now do we?" interrupted Yamamoto.

"Quite right. See you on the other side, Sasuke," said the man formerly known as Uchiha Fugaku. He raised his sword and touched Sasuke with his hilt, and in a flash of blue light, he found himself in a different place entirely.

'Where am I,' thought Sasuke, but a sudden bang interrupted his thoughts…

A huge gate opened up where the noise originated, and out stepped Yamamoto and Samtaro. Samtaro raced toward his son.

"Father, where am I?" asked Sasuke.

"You are in Soul Society. This is where all the spirits of humans who have died go," said Samtaro.

"Next question, father," Sasuke said pointing at Yamamoto. "Who is that guy?"


"Relax, Yamamoto-taichō," said Samtaro. "He's new here. He doesn't know who you are." After telling Yamamoto to calm down, he addressed Sasuke. "This is none other than Yamamoto-Genryūsai Shigekuni, captain of Squad 10. He's next in line to become sōtaichō of the Gotei 13, or the 13 Court Guard Squads."

"What?" asked Sasuke. "The only thing I got was that I should respect this guy."

"OK, that's good enough. As long as you know who your superiors are, you can get far in this world."

"Fair enough. Next question. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman in your mind, but you didn't know why she was there?" asked Sasuke.

Yamamoto and Samtaro just looked stunned. Samtaro leaned toward Yamamoto and asked, "Is this possible? My son has not been dead more that four hours, and he's already contacted his zanpakutō?"

"I don't know," said Yamamoto. "He does have an awful lot of reiatsu for one so young. Do you think he could do it? Do you think he could achieve Bankai?

"Don't talk about me like I don't exist, OK?" snapped Sasuke. He disliked being left out of the loop immensely.

"We were talking about your future, Sasuke-san," said Yamamoto. "And I am going to give you a full ride to the Shinigami Academy starting tomorrow."

"What's a Shinigami?" asked Sasuke.

"Well, you'll find out soon enough, but Shinigami are the guardians of the spiritual realm. Your father and I are part of their ranks," said Yamamoto.

"You mean this Gotei 13 thing is all part of the Shinigami?" asked Sasuke.

"Yes, we protect the Seireitei, or the Court of Pure Souls, from Hollows, which are souls that have lost their hearts. We also protect the Seireitei from people from Rukongai, which is where most souls live. These Rukongai dwellers always try to get into the Seireitei and cause trouble. I cannot figure out why," said Yamamoto.

At that moment, they came across a wall. It only took a second for Sasuke to deduce that this was the wall that separated Rukongai from Seireitei.

The gate keeper, Jidanbō, jumped down to intercept the newcomers, but when he saw Yamamoto and Samtaro, he just opened the gate.

"Wow. That was quick," said Yamamoto.

"Well, this is my stop," said Samtaro, and he led Sasuke into his new compound saying, "See you tomorrow for the initiation, Yamamoto-taichō.

"Sasuke. There's something you need to do before we can introduce you to the rest of the clan," said Samtaro. "As you know, my name used to be Fugaku, but now it's Samtaro. That is because every Uchiha changed their name before becoming Kuchiki. So must you."

This was a shock. Sasuke did not want to change his name. He liked his name. However, seeing the name change card did not help his case. He grabbed it, defeated, and took a name that would fit the last true Uchiha.

He handed the card back to his father, saying, "Very well. From now on, my given name… is Byakuya."

And that was that. The man destined to be captain of Squad 6 was born.

Samtaro gave the card to a Hell Butterfly and led the newly christened Byakuya into their home.

"Byakuya, hurry up," came the voice of Byakuya's grandmother.

'Damn,' thought Byakuya. Maybe Itachi was right to kill these guys off. At least it was less annoying.

Ever since he got home, it was, "Do this please, Byakuya," "Stop that, Byakuya," and "Sharingan is forbidden here, Byakuya."

He had had it. He was so glad that this Shinigami Academy was a boarding school.

The only calm he had was when he talked to Senbonzakura. He finally figured out how to contact her inside his mind. She was the only one in Soul Society to call him Sasuke. This pleased him greatly.

He learned many things during his time with Senbonzakura. For instance, he learned that the Kuchikis were around long before the Uchiha Clan ever entered Soul Society, and that they took the Uchihas in because they showed great promise. He learned that his father was the 27th head of the Kuchiki family, having obtained the position after the death of his best friend, the former head of the Kuchikis, and the one who granted the merger of the Kuckikis and the Uchihas.

He learned several things about Senbonzakura. He learned that her favorite word in the dictionary was "scatter," she liked cherry blossom petals above all else, and her favorite color was pink.

As he was thinking about how much he wanted to see Senbonzakura again, the same voice interrupted Byakuya's thoughts.

"Hurry up, Byakuya. Yamamoto-taichō is here to take you to the Academy."

'Shit,' thought Byakuya. 'I slept too much.'

And he did. By the time Byakuya finally bolted out of bed, it was twelve o'clock noon.

He quickly put on his clothes he had died in yesterday and raced to greet Yamamoto, praying that he would not be killed.

"Ahh, Sasuke… err, sorry, Byakuya-san. Are you ready?" asked Yamamoto.

"Yeah, the sooner we get out of here the better," said Byakuya, obviously perturbed.

It only took them half an hour to get to the Shinigami Academy. Yamamoto said his words and left Byakuya at the academy. After a few moments, a grey haired kid came up to him.

"Hi. First day at the Academy?" asked the stranger. "Don't worry too much. It's not that hard, especially for someone as strong as you. I'm Ichimaru Gin, by the way."

"Hn," said Byakuya.

"I see. Oh well. I gotta go anyway," said Gin. "Hey, Sōsuke, come on."

"Coming, Gin," a boy with neck length hair and glassed ran up to Gin.

"Hello, newcomer. I am Aizen Sōsuke," said the kid.

"Kuchiki Byakuya," said Byakuya. Apparently, his usual "Hns" were getting him nowhere.

"Another Kuchiki?" asked Aizen. "Well, do you know where your room is?"

"Room 231," said Byakuya. This boy, Aizen, was the closest he'd had to a friend since Naruto.

Aizen led Byakuya up to his room and helped him unpack. The process took three hours, mostly because Byakuya had to talk to Senbonzakura along the way.

After Aizen left, Byakuya smiled. 'This place will be just fine.'

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I tried to make Byakuya really start to make friends with Aizen and Gin in order to make their betrayal at the end of the Soul Society arc more profound.

Next chapter, Byakuya will meet Yoruichi, graduate from the academy, and find out that Senbonzakura is his zanpakutō.

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