Uchiha or Kuchiki: The Rise of Kuchiki Byakuya

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Chapter 2: Sealing, Tag, and Hollows

"Another Kuchiki?" asked Aizen. "Well, do you know where your room is?"

"Room 231," said Byakuya. This boy, Aizen, was the closest he'd had to a friend since Naruto.

Aizen led Byakuya up to his room and helped him unpack. The process took three hours, mostly because Byakuya had to talk to Senbonzakura along the way.

After Aizen left, Byakuya smiled. 'This place will be just fine.'

That had been almost 50 years ago, by Byakuya's reckoning. In those 50 years, he'd learned the most basic forms of kidō from his instructors. He had also picked up on some more advanced kidō spells using his Sharingan.

One of the most important things his Uchiha eyes picked up, however, was the use of shun-po, or flash steps. Using this technique, Byakuya could push his body to the limit and increase his speed to the point of almost breaking the sound barrier, which in Soul Society was comparable to our light speed.

Soon, Byakuya got so good at his techniques that he decided once and for all that he would simply discard his Sharingan forever. It was useless against Itachi. Hell, that was what got him here in the first place. Use of it was forbidden in Soul Society as well, so he thought he would just save himself the trouble and get rid of it.

So it was decided. Byakuya performed a simple sealing jutsu on his eyes and the Sharingan was sealed away forever. Now his eyes looked completely normal, that is they had tiny white pupils in them instead of being pure black.

Later that week, Byakuya got some very traumatizing news. Apparently his world was destroyed by a creature that supposedly had the strength of all nine bijuu. On top of that, apparently some of Orochimaru's experiments had gotten into this creation, imbuing it with both Byakugan and Sharingan. And on top of that, this creature had obtained Mankekyō Sharingan from this destruction.

This news destroyed Byakuya. He could remember all of his friends. Naruto, the Last Hokage. He let Sasuke back in the village even when Tsunade would not. He was his best friend and even in death, Byakuya mourned his loss. Sakura. Oh Kami, why did Sakura have to die? Even after she had married Naruto and has a child, Sasuke always thought he still had a shot. And now she was dead. Kakashi. He was the one that taught Sasuke the Chidori, which as Byakuya; he later evolved into Hadō Number 4: White Lightning.

Unknown to Byakuya, a girl of around his age walked into his room with a note addressed to him. He was jolted from his reverie as the girl walked in. All his thoughts about his life as Sasuke were replaced with a single thought.

'Kami, she is HOT!!!' thought Byakuya. And he had good reason for thinking so. She had short purple hair, a nice round figure, and was way better endowed than most girls her age.

"Would you please stop staring?" asked the girl. "It's getting on my nerves."

"Ummm, sure," said Byakuya, immediately averting his eyes.

"I just came to deliver this, Kuchiki-san," said the girl while handing him the note.

"Thank you, err… excuse me, but what is your name?

The girl was taken aback, but answered, "Shihōin Yoruichi. I am in this year's graduating class."

Byakuya just barely nodded. He had heard of the Shihōin family before. They were one of the four noble families, just like the Kuchikis. They were renowned as great warriors, and they always had command of the Shinigami Special Forces, as well as command of Squad 2. According to Byakuya's father, a young girl in the academy was heir to the Shihōin family. He figured that this Yoruichi was the girl that his father had mentioned.

"Well aren't you going to open it?" asked Yoruichi.

"Fine," said Byakuya, folding open the piece of paper. It was signed by the Head of Shinigami Academy himself. It read:

Dear Kuchiki Byakuya,

After careful review of your academic performance and mastery of kidō, we at the Shinigami Academy have decided to allow you to graduate with this year's class. The graduation ceremony will take place tomorrow at noon. Your instructors have been notified.

Signed, Yamamoto-Genryūsai Shigekuni

Head of Shinigami Academy

"Wait a second," said Byakuya. "Two things. First, Yamamoto-san is the head of the Academy?"

"Yes you baka, he founded it over 1000 years ago. He's currently thinking about retiring in order to become the sōtaichō, or the head of Squad 1," said Yoruichi. "He taught some of the finest Shinigami to come out of this Academy. His pride and joy, however, are Kyōraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jūshirō. Both third seat officers in Squads 8 and 13, respectively."

"Wow, so that means that they are important, right?" asked Byakuya.

"Duh," said Yoruichi. "What's the second thing?"

"Apparently I am supposed to graduate with your class tomorrow," said Byakuya. "How did I get this honor?"

"Well obviously you did very well on your kidō classes and your swordsmanship. On top of that, you shun-poed into class one day when you thought you were running late…" said Yoruichi, but seeing Byakuya taken aback at the fact that she knew that, she quickly added, "News travels fast here."

"OK," said Byakuya, still stunned by this 100th year student's bold statement.

"Hey Kuchiki-san? I was wondering if you wanted to play a game of tag with me?" asked Yoruichi.

"Umm…" Byakuya started to say, but Yoruichi immediately disappeared.

'She's fast,' thought Byakuya. 'I wonder if I can even keep up.'

Byakuya struggled to keep up with his new friend, but she was always three flash steps away from him, and having sealed away his Sharingan wasn't making things any easier. Finally, after three hours of this, Byakuya sensed a change. He was soon able to reach levels he could never reach using his Sharingan. While it was not enough to catch Yoruichi, it was still an improvement.

Finally, Yoruichi stopped, thoroughly worn out. It looked like she had been put through the maximum possible strain in order to outrun Byakuya.

"Good game," she said to him, obviously impressed.

"Thanks. I'll see you at the ceremony," Byakuya answered before shun-poing back to his room.

The ceremony had come all too soon, in Byakuya's opinion. He had barely had enough time to pack. As of now, he was standing in the line of graduating students, ready to receive his diploma for graduating. Being a Kuchiki, he was the first in line.

At long last, Yamamoto came to the podium and began making his speech to the audience. It was long and boring, but it gave the students enough time to think about what was going to happen once they got their diplomas.

Finally, Yamamoto said, "And now, the Class of Graduating Shinigami from 1008!!!" A pause, and then, "Kuchiki Byakuya!"

Byakuya stepped up to the podium to receive his diploma. It was an odd looking thing that looked like a skull with glowing eyes.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Yamamoto asked. "Press it to your chest."

Byakuya did just that, and the diploma disappeared. Suddenly, Byakuya rose up in the air and was surrounded by a blue light. He felt himself spinning faster and faster as the light was absorbed by the skull, which now engulfed his body. There was an explosion, and Byakuya was gently lowered to the ground.

There was a noticeable difference in Byakuya's appearance. For starters, he no longer had hair that looked like a chicken tail. Instead, it was long and neat. Instead of his academy clothing, he wore the traditional Shinigami shihakushō, that is, he wore a white kosode,which was a short-sleeved under-kimono, a black kimono and hakama, and a white obi sash.

The most noticeable difference, however, was the fact that he was heavier on his left side than he was on his right. He wondered what might be causing this change, but upon further investigation, he discovered a sword. He noticed that it was the same sword he had wielded in the living world back when he was Sasuke, except that the high levels of spirit energy emanating from the sword were incredible.

He barely had time to think about this change when a hole burst in the sky and a creature with a mask and Sharingan appeared. Screams of "HOLLOW!!!" and "RUN!!!' were heard throughout the Seireitei. Byakuya knew right away what this creature was.

Itachi. Uchiha Itachi. Somehow he had managed to transform into a hideous beast and gain entrance to Soul Society. Byakuya instantly took out his sword, knowing full well that he could not fight Itachi with it. He needed a plan.

What was it that Senbonzakura said? When faced with an almost unbeatable opponent, always… that was it. Maybe Senbonzakura could help, but how?

It was at that moment when Byakuya realized exactly what he was holding in his hands. This sword was the manifestation of Senbonzakura herself. How he would use her to fight was another story. Then he remembered something about her favorite word. Would it be of any use here? It was worth a shot.

His mind made up, Byakuya spoke the two words that would change his life forever.

"Scatter, Senbonzakura."

At once, his sword turned bright pink and split into thousands of tiny pieces. The way they gleamed in the sunlight, these small pieces looked like the petals of a sakura tree. The only problem was that they were out of control. Byakuya knew it was dangerous to let these small blades hit him, but he knew who he wanted them to hit.

That very moment, the blades flew toward the creature Itachi and hit him square in the mask. At once, dark gates rose up and the purified body of Itachi was grabbed by devilish looking hands. The last words Byakuya heard from Itachi were, "Foolish little brother!!!"

Then it was over. The small blades returned to the hilt and reformed into his katana.

"Well done, Byakuya-san,' said Yamamoto in awe. "You seem to have already mastered the shikai form of your zanpakutō. You are dismissed."

Byakuya took his first steps off the stage as a full-fledged Shinigami, and his first steps as a free man. He was finally free. Itachi was in Hell, and Byakuya's duties as an avenger were over. He looked back on the graduation stage and smiled.

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