"Bren, as your best friend, I have to say, you and Booth cant keep denying it. The two of you are perfect for each other." Angela Montenegro said, walking in front of Brennan.

"And as your best friend I have to say that you're going insane. Booth and I are just partners. We're just friends." Brennan said.

"Bren sweetie, you and Booth could be the next TomKat or Brangelina." Angela said.

"I don't know what that means."

"They're Hollywood nicknames for popular couples. You know, Tom and Katie, Brad and Angela. You and Booth could be… uhm."

"Booth and I wouldn't be anything because we're just friends!" Brennan shouted.

Angela was silent for a few minutes before yelling one word out incredibly loud, making Brennan jump a foot in the air.


"Come again?"

"You and Booth would be 'Semperance' Seeley and Temperance! Aren't I awesome?" Angela said.

"Hmmm. Semperance. Doesn't 'semper' in Latin mean always?" Brennan asked curiously.

"All the more reason for you and Booth to get together Bren."

Brennan opened her mouth to say something but someone calling her name interrupted her.

"Bones! Bones! We've got a case!" Brennan's head whipped around.

"Coming Booth!" she called, running after him.

"Body thrown off the freeway and landing in a tree other agents say…"

Brennan wasn't paying attention, she was staring at him. His well muscled chest and arms, his eyes. She smiled and whispered to herself,


"What was that Bones?" booth asked.

"Oh nothing, just thinking out loud," she said with a grin. Maybe Angela was right, Semperance was a good name for them. Always.