Brennan's heels clicked as she walked down the halls of the Jeffersonian Institute. All day she had had something in particular hanging around her mind.


His smile, his laugh, the way he said her name, the way he smelled, the way- she mentally scolded herself. He was her partner and her friend and she wasn't meant to think about him like that. Think of something else like… shoes! Angela had helped her pick out these heels. Booth had complemented her on them in his deep, sexy voice.

"Aaarrrrgggghhhh!" she screamed, throwing her hands up into the air. Was the entire cosmos against her?

"That time of the month Bones?" a sly voice interrupted her mental and vocal screaming.

She froze… crap.

Whirling around, she looked Booth right in the eye. Time to find out why she couldn't stop thinking about him.

"No as a matter of fact that was last week! My problem this week is you!"

"Whoa, too much information Bones, you really ought to- wait me? I'm your problem? What did I do?" Booth asked with a hint of confusion.

Sucking in a breath, Temperance Brennan faced her fears and plunged into the ice-cold water that could possibly land her in eternal embarrassment.

"You! You talked to me in that sexy voice of yours and it makes me lose my concentration; you look at me with those gorgeous eyes and it makes me lose my concentration! When we are on cases, you body comes in very close proximity of mine and it makes me LOSE MY CONCENTRATION!! And that could possibly lead to me being fired because I can't concentrate on the case or the bones because I'm too busy concentrating on YOU!" she sucked in a deep breath and froze.

Booth just stood there, stunned.

Brennan took off at an amazing speed for a woman in heels. Only one thing flitting through her mind…

'What did I just do?'