'Breathe- breathe breathe!' Brennan thought, taking deep breaths and clutching the desk behind her. Her waist burned with the memory of Booth's hands.

Angela appeared at the door, "Sweetie is there any particular reason Booth just walked out of here grinning like a Cheshire Cat?" she stopped and took in the sight of her best friend breathing heavily, her cheeks flushed and eyes wide with a look of confusion and desire.

"Oh… My…God!!!" she squealed, throwing her sketches into the air and wrapping her arms around Temperance.

Suddenly she pulled back and looked at the desk behind her, not letting her friend explain what had happened.

"Oh God! I was waiting for this to happen! Hodgins owes me $50 and… Bren? Sweetie? Brennan? Tempe?"

Brennan was staring at the door frame with a faraway look in her eyes. Her breathing was back to normal but her entire body was numb.

She heard her name being called in the distance but ignored it as she exited the room and began to walk aimlessly through the corridors.

She was unaware that Booth was doing the exact same thing.


"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Booth yelled as he strode through the Jeffersonian, almost steamrolling anyone who got in his way.

In his rage he didn't see a familiar woman round the corner and crash in his chest.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE-" he began, only to find a dazed Dr. Temperance Brennan gazing up at him.

"Booth- hi! Um I was just… looking for bones to polish... I mean I was… and then you and I…we the corner… and… I have to go!"

Booth caught her wrist as she turned around and he pulled her forward.

"I meant what I said Temperance. You distract me… and it's becoming quite a problem."

She swallowed and looked at him.

"Well what do you propose we do about it?" she said with a small grin on her face, newfound courage was building up inside her.

Booth smirked at her and took her hand, leading her into her office.

"Well we could talk about it. We are partners and all and there is a line that has been drawn between us."

Brennan sighed and got up from the chair he had pushed her into and stood so they were nose to nose.

"I don't care about the goddamn line! You're distracting me and I'm losing my concentration! Everything I think about reminds me of you and my job is on the line so SCREW YOUR DAMN LINE!"

For the second time that day, she froze and silently cursed herself for her outburst.

Booth smiled happily and looked at her.

"I said there was a line Bones… didn't say we couldn't cross it."

It took the brilliant scientist all of ten seconds to realize what he meant before she crashed her lips to his.


Many years later, Dr. Temperance Booth was sitting in her office chair, chowing down on bagels smothered in whipped cream and chocolate. She was supposed to be writing her new book but it was rather hard because you see…

It is rather hard to concentrate when your husband is nibbling your earlobe.


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