Before you get into my story, I decided to post a little background. This is a fan-fic for the 1984-1985 CBS television series, Cover Up. In this story and any subsequent stories, I will be using Mac Harper, Dani's original partner for the Pilot movie and the first six episodes. I want to use this chapter to summarize the main plot of the show, because I don't necessarily go through all the explanations and background of the characters. I took the summary from the IMDB, but I was the one who originally contributed it. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the main plot; it's very simple and totally eighties!

Mac Harper is a former Green Beret who belongs to an offshoot team of the C.I.A known as 'Out Riders.' An Out Rider is a house expression for people put in a critical situation, with no outside help. They do whatever they have to do to solve the problem and help Americans in trouble. Mac is sent to Dani Reynolds, a famous fashion photographer. She requested him after she learns of her husband's murder and his secret life as a C.I.A. agent. Mac comes to Dani after having modeled a recruitment poster for the army. Due to his stunning good looks and expert training, she wants him to go undercover as one of her top models and begs him to help her solve the murder.

After they solve that dangerous case, which involved a stolen super computer, Dani wants to remain on the Out Rider team and asks Mac to be her partner. He agrees and they start fighting crime together. They travel around the world for fashion shoot locales and always run into some kind of trouble. Dani also uses her female models for some assignments. Mac and Dani make a great team and usually go above and beyond their specific assignment to bring guilty parties to justice. This is to the dismay of their boss, Henry Towler, an American Ambassador. However, he trusts them to get the job done and fast.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy the fic!

Just for a reminder, the main characters of Cover Up were:

Danielle 'Dani' Reynolds (Fashion Photographer)

Mac Harper (Out Rider/Model)

Henry Towler (American Ambassador)

The Models: Billie, Gretchen, Ashley and Lisa. Rachel appeared in only one episode.

Rick (Dani's Assistant)