My first Naruto fanfic! I'm so excited. I really like the character I created. Anywho, the whole background to how this fanfic was created is that I was on and saw some Naruto quizzes. In particular, there were a few quizzes title "Whose your baby's daddy?" (they were titled differently, but to the same effect). Well, I took them out of curiosity, and because I'm going through a Narutard stage right now. lol The results were so cute! The only question in the quiz let you choose the character that you would like to be the father or "You should know is the father", and they have short stories about yourself telling that character that you're pregnant with their child! I couldn't help but giggle with the results I got. Who did I get? You'll find out later in the fanfic. I'll just keep everyone guessing.

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Chapter 1

They raced through the forest, branches and other sorts of brush whisping by the two shinobi as they leapt from tree to tree. One man, his light grey hair fashioned to tilt to one side, was named Kakashi. His ally, who's coal, black, bowl cut hair and unnaturally thick brows, gave him the easily recognizable appearance as Gai.

"There's been a disturbance in a nearby village," Tsunade's voice ran through their minds as they prepared themselves for what was expected to be a dangerous mission, "Our client requested an urgent response. It seems that the Feudal Lord's life has been threatened by one of his villagers. He wants our strongest shinobi to protect him." Of course, Gai and Kakashi weren't the strongest in the Hidden Leaf Village, but everyone else had already been sent on missions. They were quite powerful, anyway. Surely these two could still handle the situation with little problems.

"Hm?" Gai glanced at a strange sight near the forest floor as he and Kakashi passed it by. "Kakashi, do you know of any spiders that travel in large groups?"

They continued to travel during their discussion - their misison was at stake. "Not that I know of."

"There's more up ahead. Should we investigate?" Gai noticed how more and more spiders of many different species began to head in the same direction. They were concentrating on getting to something. What, though?

Kakashi noticed a silluette of a human sitting on its knees up ahead, directly to where the many spiders were going. "We might have to."

Reaching the small clearing, the two shinobi landed a few yards in front of the form and realized what they saw. Insence, freshly burnt out, was lined up in front of the unconscious girl - eight bowls, to be exact. Tied to the large metal poll that the girl was also bound to, was a purification tag. A sacrifice? They studied the sight further on. The young woman wore a kahki, short sleeved, fishnet shirt that reached to mid stomach, a black strapless bra of sorts under it, and white wraps to cover from bra to hips. Her light blue shorts had two kahki pouches strapped to each leg, and kahki fishnets to allow her shorts to reach her knees. Long, curly, ocean blue hair was pulled back in three black ties to reveal her soft lips sewn together.

Shocked by such a sight, neither Kakashi nor Gai knew what to say. It took a few moments for one to react, Kakashi being the one. He studied the victim's darkly lined eyes. They had dried blood around them, some of the red excretion still seeping from any open pores that hadn't scabbed over yet. Was the black eyeliner tattooed on her swollen eyelids? The Copy Ninja walked around to see what the girl was bound by. He found metal links tightly wrapped around her wrists, tiny metal claws from the links dug deep into her bleeding skin like hooks as they held fast.

"Who...?" A stir from next to him stopped Kakashi from finishing.

"She's awake," Gai knelt in front of the girl, lifting her head by her chin to maybe gain eye contact. "This is sick. What monster would do such a thing?" He could barely see the grey eyes gazing at thim through the swollen scabbed lids.

Reaching for the binds, Kakashi ordered, "Cover her mouth tightly. I don't want her ripping her lips."

Gai nodded and did as he was told, whispering to the girl, "It's okay. You're safe now."

He found the main link in the torturous bind and unlocked it. "Ready?" Kakashi received a nod from his mission partner, who tightly covered the girl's sewn mouth with his hand.

It wasn't enough, though. One quick powerful pull, and they could hear the ripping flesh ride along with the metal claws. A blood curtling scream emitted from behind Gai's hand. He could feel her lips opening to allow her cry of despair to escape and the thread cutting through them. Blood trickled down from between his hand and her mouth. The coal haired shinobi nearly gawked, knowing that such wounds would leave terrible scars - it had already created tremendous pain. He lifted his hand once she quieted down, and found that the threads had only torn halfway down. Kakashi was already tightly wrapping her wrists with spare bandages to cease the heavy bleeding. They soon had her hoisted onto Gai's back and quickly began their journey back to the Leaf Village.

The girl had fallen unconscious during the two hour trip. Strangely, her bleeding had soon stopped within the first half hour. As Kakashi watched her wounds for excessive bleeding, he noticed tiny, sand colored spiders crawl into her body through the cuts on her lips and digging their way through the bandages on her wrists to get to the the deep wounds there. Were they gathering clot cells within her body to hasten the clotting process? He suspected so, realizing that she was more than likely a Spider Ninja.


"We'll hold her in the hosptial until her wounds fully heal," Tsunade assured the Copy and Taijutsu Ninjas. She turned to her assistant, Shizune, and ordered, "Let's have some gloves made for her. We can at least cover those scars so no one thinks ill of her." Shizune nodded and walked out of the hospital room to ask the village's seamstress to do as requested.

The Fifth Hokage stared at the blue haired girl lying asleep in the hospital bed. She studied the stitched wrists and lips. Ointments glaxed the thickly black-lined eyes to decrease the swelling. Tsunade would have to ask questions later. She quietly walked out, carefully shutting the door behind her, and returned to her office.


They had left immediately, returning to their mission after giving the mysterious girl to the Hokage. Trees rushing by even faster as they leapt from one limb to another. Kakashi and Gai prepared themselves for questions from the Feudal Lord unto why they were so late.

Soon reaching the small village within three hours time, the two shinobi found their way the client's home. Very few ninjas were raised there, but none remained for very long. Bowing with respect and taking a seat across the small table between themselves and the Feudal Lord, Gai and Kakashi began to question the situation.

"What, exactly, is threatening you?" Gai quirked a heavy brow as he made eye contact with the well dressed man.

Sighing, the Lord explained, "Not what. Who. There as been chaos in my village, all being caused by a single female shinobi. At first, we didn't think her bond with spiders would be troublesome, but many deaths from her pets have been occuring." The Leaf Ninjas looked to each other, suspecting something with the story, and let their client, Lord Yuki, continue. "My adviser's son had been killed by one of the girl's spiders while playing with her. That boy looked up to her so much," Yuki mumbled. "Afterward, the death rate increased - all by spider bites! With the other villagers attacking Kumo, we've begun to fear that she may attack me soon."

"Where is she now?" Kakashi questioned. He feared he already knew the answer.

Lord Yuki looked away, almost embarrassed for some reason, "A few of my villagers took matters into their own hands and captured Kumo while she was asleep. The girl didn't care to be awake during the day."

"But where is she?" The pressure was rising now. Gai rushed the Feudal Lord to answer them.

He was hesitant, but he soon answered, "Dead - as I've been told. They brought her deep into the forest and sacrificed her, hoping that the spiders would stop attacking us."

Looking to each other, Kakashi and Gai nodded. "So everything here is taken care of," Kakashi suggested.

"Yes. I'm sorry this was a waste of time."

"Not at all," the Copy and Taijutsu Ninjas stood and bowed. "We needed the information," Gai answered in assurance. Without another word, the two exited the room and began their journey back to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

"Do you think this Kumo girl will be a threat to our village?" Not bothering to look at his teammate, Gai continued to watch for obstacles ahead.

Kakashi thought over the matter. If she was a threat to the village, he and Gai would be in some serious trouble with Lady Tsunade. "I have suspicions about this whole scenario. When Kumo wakes up, we'll question her."

The thick-browed Ninja only nodded, knowing that it was always best to hear both sides of the story before making conclusions. They soon returned to their village and reported the results to Lady Tsunade. She, too, grew suspicious and waited to be alerted for when the strange girl had awoken.

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