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Chapter 8

At the moment of Tsunade's discovery that Kumo had spied on Kakashi and Gai, she sent out two slugs to locate and advice Kaishaku, Lee, and Naruto to make a mad dash to the Bloom Village before Kumo was discovered. Surely, if a villager were to see the supposedly deceased kunoichi, there would be a sort of chaos to ensue.

The slugs did manage to find the three and informed them of Kumo's possible whereabouts. They did, indeed, make a mad dash to the Bloom Village. It would take them at least an hour and thirty minutes if they continued their speed. Kaishaku worried that with all the time that had passed since Gai and Kakashi had left to Bloom Village, Kumo was surely already in trouble.

"The spider girl has come back for revenge!" Villages and servants of the Feudal Lord panicked and ran around, afraid to be swarmed with the venomous arachnids that Kumo was able to summon.

Kusuke took this opportunity to shove Gai out of his way and disappear amongst the running citizens. Kumo realized that she had been noticed and tried to escape, but Kakashi spotted her as she appeared from behind the door, and stopped her. Gai darted passed them to chase after Kusuke, hoping he could see the man out of the gathering crowd, which he noticed was growing into an angry mob.

"Kakashi! We have a problem," Gai called to his teammate, who was pulling a struggling Kumo along with him.

In the back of the mob, Kusuke drove the people to continue hating Kumo for his own crimes, convincing them tat the girl should be killed on the spot this time. He was even turning them against Lord Yuki. "Our Lord has sided with this murderer! He wants to protect Kumo from what she deserves!"

"Please! My people!" Lord Yuki walked around to be in front of Kakashi and Kumo, "This Leaf Village ninja have explained to me that Kumo is not the murderer; Kusuke is! I've received a letter from the Hokage, herself." He held the pages high so all the villagers could see, but they didn't seem to back down. From what they could see, Kumo was a kunoichi who controlled spiders, the victims were killed by spiders, which added up perfectly for them.

"Kakashi, we need to get these two somewhere safe," Gai suggest. "These villagers trust Kusuke too much."

"I have a safe room further into the building," Yuki replied. "But, hiding won't persuade them to understand."

Kakashi turned around and rushed in the direction of the safe room, "We'll work that out when we captured Kusuke." He only took four steps before he was pulled back by Kumo's weight and startled by a yelp. Turning back around, he found a villager with a knife in his hand, stabbed into Kumo's calf. Just as the man pulled out his knife to attack again, Kakashi jerked Kumo toward him and lifted her into his arms. With one villager brave enough to attack, the rest gathered their courage to rush after the four who were trying to escape. Lord Yuki lead the team down the halls, closing and locking doors behind themselves to slow down the mob. Once reaching the safe room, Lord Yuki searched himself for the key.

"It's... it's not with me!" The Feudal Lord exclaimed in shock. "Kusuke must have stolen the key at some point."

"With your permission, Lord Yuki, we may have to fight off the villagers. I don't think your guards can handle all of those people much longer."

Yuki nodded and sighed. "Fight them if you must, but please do everything you can not to kill them."

They could hear the ranting and thudding of the villagers bursting open doors as they grew closer and closer. Yuki gazed at Kumo as she held her wounded leg, trying to keep pressure on it to slow the bleeding. He felt so horrible that he had let this get out of hand. It was even more painful that he now knew that Kumo had no idea why she was being attacked by a village that she didn't remember ever being to. As Kakashi set the girl down against a wall, Lord Yuki crouched in front of her and simple said, "I'm sorry, Kumo." He knew he couldn't tell her what was going on.

"Leaf Hurricane!" Came Lee's voice from behind the door, and it flew open and off the hinges, along with a few villagers who were in the way of his attack. He, Naruto, and Kaishaku rushed in, Naruto and Lee taking fighting stance near the doorway as Kaishaku ran to Kumo and Kakashi.

"She's injured; take care of it while we fight off the mob," the Copy Ninja commanded. Kaishaku nodded and knelt in front of Kumo with an apologetic expression on her face. Kakashi and Gai joined their students in defending.

After getting a taste of what Lee and Naruto could do, the villagers were hesitant to fight the four ninja, but they were determined to get the revenge that they were brainwashed to desire. First, two villagers attacked, then six, and the numbers continued to grow until all fifty-something of them fought to squeeze through the door and get to the ninjas. The four ninja defended against the people, knocking them down and out as quickly as possible before more come rushing in. Some would manage to get passed them, but were soon brought down. One villager recovered from a blow to the head and realized he was behind Gai, which meant he could sneak to Kumo and Lord Yuki.

Kaishaku had quickly finished cleaning and mending Kumo's stab wound, and helped the girl to stand by using herself as support. Yuki pointed out there was another exit from the room that they could escape from. As Kaishaku looked back to make sure the boys would be fine, she noticed the male villager rushing toward herself and Kumo, rearing up a kunai to stab the girl. The thought didn't even have time to process that she was risking her own life before Kaishaku swung Kumo behind her and stepped in the way of the rushing kunai.

Realizing his weapon had sunk into the chest of the wrong person, the man backed off and tried to gather his thoughts. Of course, he didn't even have time to do that – Kumo took action and lunged for him, beating her fists into his face and breaking skin until her knuckles became stained in his blood. She then crawled back to Kaishaku, who now rested in Yuki's arms as her mouth dribbled in blood. The woman's lung had been pierced deep, and there wasn't a thing anyone could do for her; Kaishaku was drowning.

"No, don't," Kumo tried wiping the blood from her caretaker's mouth. The tiny spiders that would heal Kumo came rushing over and entered the woman's stab wound. "Please don't." Kumo began to cry.

Kaishaku coughed and ran her hand through the girl's hair, keeping the warm smile that she always had for Kumo. Her eyes grew heavy as her body weakened from the lack of oxygen and blood. She coughed, just slightly, and then closed her eyes.

It was bad enough that Kumo didn't know why she was being chased and despised by the villagers, but for Kaishaku, the closest mother-figure she had since her newfound memories could remember, to be killed for the same unknown reason – this was a trigger that blew her mind so out of proportion, that her memories of why she was hated by the Bloom Village rushed back at her with one solid force. Her head ached tremendously; she screamed as loud as her lungs would allow, sending her stress levels to maximum, which caused masses of different spiders to crawl out of every available inch of the building and began to attack any living being in the way.
"Get the other two out of here!" Kakashi commanded Gai, Naruto and Lee. He charged up a chidori and fought off the swarming spiders, keeping close behind his comrades as the spiders literally disintegrated when they connected with his highly concentrated chakra.

Gai spotted Kaishaku in Yuki's arms and glanced back at Kakashi before taking the woman and nodding for the boys to gather the shocked Yuki. The five, directed by Yuki, escaped before the spiders ran out of villagers and guards to kill; Kakashi held back as many as he could as he followed behind. Kumo remained behind, the pain in her mind surging and sending her to the floor as the spider kunoichi curled into at tight, writhing ball and clawed at her head, trying to dig out the source of her pain by any means necessary.

Once reaching a safe distance outside of the village, the team stopped to collect themselves. Gai gently laid Kaishaku's body on the ground and cringed to fight back his tears. Sure, he didn't know Kaishaku too closely, but he knew the young woman enough to ache over her death. He glanced to Kakashi and noticed the masked man look rather disappointed as he absorbed the realization that eh woman who had confronted him only to days ago was killed after finally being in his team – though that wasn't planned. Naruto and Lee were confused, crushed, and even a little frightened; only Lord Yuki had seen that it was a villager, no Kumo, who had killed Kaishaku, which he soon explained once everyone settled down.

"Kakashi," not taking his eyes off of Kaishaku, Gai caught his rival's attention. "Take everyone back to Konoha and have a burial for her. I need to find Kumo."

"She's too dangerous, Gai, Kakashi replied, scowling at the black haired man. "You saw that she called those spiders to her. We can't get back inside the building."

With a sigh, Gai turned back to Bloom Village and began walking, "I'm her sensei; it's my duty to keep my students safe."

"Let me come with you, Gai-sensei!" Rock Lee chased after his teacher. "I am her teammate." Gai allowed him to come along.

Kakashi, Naruto, and Lord Yuki didn't bother to stop the two and began their journey back to Konoha Village, Kakashi carrying Kaishaku's body. They would reach their destination within four to give hours, depending on how quickly they moved.

The small palace of Bloom Village was quiet and eerie. A few spiders crawled away at the sounds of Gai and Lee's footsteps as they cautiously walked down the halls. Gai wondered if Kusuke was killed in the swarm, though he secretly hoped the man had lived so he could be imprisoned and get what punishments Yuki would bestow upon him.

Once the two reached the room Kumo was last seen in, they paused to take in the gruesome scene of bodies littered on the floor, their skin discolored and already rotting away due to the loads of venom pumped into their veins. If anything, the people didn't live long enough to feel the brutal effects. Lee spotted Kumo curled up with her back against the wall and ran to her, "Kumo-kun!" He was stopped in his tracks when his sensei grabbed his arm and spun the boy around.

"Don't look, Lee," Gai stared hard into his student's eyes until the boy nodded obediently. At that, the man walked passed Lee and slowly approached Kumo.

Gai had seen the blood stained in the girl's hair and immediately knew what she had done. He slowly moved his eyes over Kumo's still body, cringing at the sight of her shredded scalp; Gai could see the white of her skull gently peeking from under the still wet blood; he noticed some of the girl's hair and skin were trapped under her fingernails as the man's gaze moved to her face, and he crouched, brushing the messy ocean blue hair out of Kumo's face. If he hadn't been use to the frights of death and battle, Gai would have jumped back when he saw Kumo's wide, bloodshot, and teary eyes staring straight in front of her as if she were eagerly waiting for someone to come and save her from the internal pain. Sighing, Gai closed his student's eyes, uncurled her body, and re-braided what hair was still on her head; this hid the morbid sight from Lee and anyone else who would see Kumo. There was still blood, but her skull was decently hidden. He lifted Kumo into his arms and walked to Lee, "Let's get back home. There were no survivors."

Turning, Rock Lee glanced at Kumo's motionless body and nodded.

That afternoon, the sun was ironically bright for the event that took place in Konoha. Not many attended, simply because not many knew the two people who guest-starred for it. Tsunade, Shizune, Sakura, Naruto, Lee, Kakashi, Gai, Lord Yuki, and a few other people who knew Kaishaku from the hospital (her parents had died a few years back during a mission), were all gathered around two gravestones that lied next to each other in the Konoha graveyard.

"After all the effort of regaining the villagers' respect for Kumo, Kusuke still got what he wanted," Lord Yuki remarked. "Kumo never got what she wanted, though."

"She did," Tsunade replied. "We respected her; Kaishaku loved her. As far as she knew before she died, Kumo belonged to Konoha."

"Kaishaku didn't deserve her fate, though," Kakashi inputed.

"No," Gai agreed, "but I don't think she would have been happier with Kumo gone. When I carried her out of the palace, I noticed a smile frozen on her lips."

Tsunade turned to Lord Yuki and asked him, "What will you do now that your village is depleted of its people?"

With a gentle smile, Yuki kept his gaze on the gravestones and replied, "If you don't mind, I would like to remain in Konoha and work by your side. My experience as a Feudal Lord may come in handy for you."

This request was accepted, and Yuki discontinued the existence of the Bloom Village. Life went on in Konoha, just as it always did. A funeral was mourned, and soon it was also brushed aside to hide deep in the back of the minds of those who knew it happened. There wasn't time to sulk around over dark emotions, for Konoha still had to prepare for the battles with Orochimaru.