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Grimmjow watched the sleeping orange haired teen beside him in the boy's bed. He looked peaceful yet somber. Grimmjow clicked his tongue at a stirring emotion within him and looked away. He stared out the window, watching the moon and the clouds above. Ichigo stirred beside him and Grimmjow could hear the boy make a noise in his sleep.

Grimmjow and Ichigo has had this secret relationship for a while now, ever since he first came to Karakura town and had a deep interest in the boy ever since they first fought. The kid had spunk and was feisty too, Grimmjow thought, and boy did he have a fine ass. Put up a real fight at first, but of course, the teen gave in eventually. Grimmjow smirked at the memory and slipped off the bed as quietly as he could so as to not awaken the boy and put on his clothes. God knows what the kid'll do when Grimmjow wakes him up from his beauty sleep.

Truthfully, Grimmjow wanted the relationship to just remain sexual, and they were to be fuck buddies and nothing more but he guessed the kid was doing him in. Grimmjow scratched his head and shrugged to himself, before he took a last look at the sleeping Ichigo and opened a portal and disappeared into it.


"…Grimm?" Ichigo lazily called out as he awoke from his slumber. He moved a hand to the other side of the bed and found it empty. Ichigo frowned. He hated it when the teal haired Espada fucked him senseless (and leaving him unable to walk for a while), leave a mess on his bed and just leave. Irresponsible prick, Ichigo thought. Ichigo sighed and sat up, ignoring the mild pain in his back from last night's session. In the back of his mind, Ichigo knew that wasn't the only thing he didn't like the Espada leaving him for.

The teen heaved himself up, showered, put on his school uniform and headed downstairs to start another normal day of his crazy father's ramblings and random flying kicks, boring lessons at school, fighting hollows and so on.

At school, Ichigo found himself daydreaming about a certain Espada. How that wolfish grin, slick tongue and skilful hands made him hot and moan anytime. Ichigo grimaced at himself for thinking such things, especially in school of all places! He forced himself to pay attention to the lesson and shoved away all thoughts of the teal haired Espada.


"Ichigo! You've been daydreaming a lot lately," Renji pointed out as they gathered for lunch on the roof of the school. The rest of his friends agreed.

"Are you sleeping well, Kurosaki-kun?" Orihime asked with her usual sincere concern for her crush. Rukia nodded in agreement.

"What are you guys talking about?" Ichigo replied nervously. How could he have given himself away this easily? "I'm fine!"

"You can't lie, Kurosaki. We can tell when you're out of it," Ishida said, eyeing the orange haired teen suspiciously as he pushed his glasses up his nose. "Did something happen?"

"Nothing… I think I'm just tired, that's all. You know how much Hollow activities have been rising," Ichigo said, hoping it was a convincing excuse. Fortunately, his friends seem to buy it, but as usual Ishida remained as suspicious as ever. Nosy fag, Ichigo thought.

"By the way, did you guys notice any Arrancar around?" Rukia asked suddenly. Ichigo immediately tensed, but hid it well. The rest perked up at the topic. It seems that some of them had noticed too.

"No, but I did feel the reiatsu of one. Faint, though," Renji replied. Rukia nodded sternly.

"We would have to be on alert then. I've been sensing it for a while now, but there seems to be no suspicious activity from them," Rukia said in that authoritative Shinigami tone of hers. "If you spot any, do not hesitate to call for back up and take him down." The group nodded; the atmosphere tense and serious. Ichigo nodded as well, but his insides squirmed nervously.

Stupid Grimmjow, Ichigo thought, Can't he hide his reiatsu fully? Sooner or later we're gonna get caught.


Ichigo lay uneasily in his bed, finding himself thinking of the teal haired Espada named Grimmjow. He knew it was forbidden to have a relationship with the enemy. Yes, they still fought in battles, but Ichigo found his emotions and strength waver slightly at the sight of him. Somehow he couldn't fight him with all his strength, as if something was holding him back from doing so. He noticed the same thing from Grimmjow too. The older man always gave him a serious beating, but he found almost no murderous intent towards him. Ichigo secretly worried his friends would notice their change as they watched the two fight.

Grimmjow had been visiting less now, and it made Ichigo feel somewhat insecure, even if Grimmjow's behavior remained the same rough, horny asshole that he was. That sadistic bastard who'd tease and make Ichigo moan for more every time they had their fuck sessions... Ichigo shuddered. He remembered the first time they kissed – or more like rip each other's face off with their teeth and lips. Grimmjow was the one who made the move, pinning him down onto the hard concrete and then crushing his lips against Ichigo's. Ichigo didn't know why, and he was absolutely revolted by the thought of the enemy violating him, mocking him and humiliating him with his body. But Ichigo, no matter how wrong and disgusting it felt, grew to like it. He found it sickeningly pleasurable, almost addictive, and also somehow comforting. Well, he hated to admit it, but Grimmjow is talented in bed and knew how to push all his buttons. His hatred towards the Arrancar when he first fought him for almost killing Rukia was now barely-existent. Instead, he was now yearning for the Espada's strangely warm presence in his bed beside him.

"Oi, Ichi," a familiar gruff voice startled the teen. That pet name for Ichigo was commonly used by none other than the Espada Ichigo was thinking of. Ichigo looked to his window to see the teal haired man standing by the window with his usual frown. "Open the window, berryhead."

"Ch', impatient prick," Ichigo retorted, but opened the window anyways. The foul-mannered Espada stepped in, his expression quite grim. Ichigo found it unnerving. Usually the Arrancar was loud, foul-mouthing at almost everything and usually by now, he would have pounced on Ichigo and ripping the teen's clothes off, but he didn't. Something was wrong. "…Grimm?"

The Espada didn't reply but just sat on the edge of the bed, his back facing the teen.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo repeated, this time not a question but a demand for an answer.

"Shut yer mouth already, I heard ya," Grimmjow finally replied, clicking his tongue in annoyance.

"What's eating you?" Ichigo asked in irritation. Grimmjow looked at him slightly, then seemed to sigh and pulled Ichigo into a kiss. Ichigo was surprised – the kiss was a little too gentle to be coming from Grimmjow, even if his tongue had forced its way into his and sliding over his own tongue roughly and Ichigo could feel the edge of his fangs on his tongue. It was a brief kiss and when they pulled away, Ichigo stared at his cold blue eyes, searching for an answer for his strange behavior. Grimmjow looked back at him, but his expression remained impassive. For a moment they remained in that state, and finally Grimmjow moved to push Ichigo back to lie onto the bed.

"Come on, let's fuck already," the teal haired Espada growled a little softer than he usually did as he worked his hands into Ichigo's pants. He did, however give Ichigo his trademark insane grin and Ichigo, strangely, relaxed. He preferred the usual Grimmjow, and though he was quite concerned with Grimmjow's behavior earlier, decided not to pursue it any longer. He knew it might be the issues and concerns about them being caught about their secret relationship. Grimmjow had Aizen to worry about, while Ichigo had the captains, especially that old man Yamamoto. Ichigo didn't dare to think of what would happen to either of them if they had the bad luck of getting caught.

And the stirring emotions within him weren't helping. Not at all.

Looks like we're stuck in the same boat, huh?


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